Resistance Canada

Resistance Canada

It is not just Canada but major protests are happening everywhere. The main stream media is suppressing information but people are starting to wake up from their stupor.

Gravitas: Truckers protest turns into Anti-Trudeau movement (5 min)


These people are criminals

Now come the memes


Keep on Truckin’

Keep on Truckin’

The protests in Canada are not being televised but they are picking up steam. Trudeau condemned them as a “minority” and then went into hiding.Β  A false flag is probably being set up to discredit everyone. I have placed Brendon O’Connell’s video here which is meant for patrons only and is due for release next week but I believe the issue is too important to wait.

I think O’Connell is correct in saying we must adopt a balanced view between hope and cynicism.Β  We know that they game plan everything and now with the incoming AI data they can nudge and direct people to the desired outcome.Β  We know they want the current financial system to crash so that they can replace it with CBD and this is a good way of achieving their goals.Β  The question is what comes next?

The “defeat” of the “commies”? Β  The break up of the USA?Β  The appearance of a savior and a new religion based on Noahide laws?Β  Temple worship in Zion? There is some crazy stuff going on be alert.


Alternative Narratives

The Last Truck

The Last Truck (9 min)

With Canada / U.S cross border COVID vax proof starting January 15, 2022 reports of 31,000 truckers will quit their jobs or not deliver across the borders. "Expect a supply chain meltdown" were words used by transport heads in both countries. The burn rate of raw food products jumped 40% but the refill rate at these feeder pools / bulk warehouses is no where that replenish rate. Hope you have made ready. 


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