Baby killers and Dictators

Baby killers and Dictators

We deserve better leaders than this (or maybe we don’t)   they are all so foul and stupid. It really is clown world.

Blinken’s reaction, priceless. Biden calls Xi a dictator. Trudeau warns Israel. Cameron in Kiev. U/1 (40 min)

Biden Angry, Calls Xi ‘Dictator’, US Business Applauds Xi; US Isolated UN SC; Sullivan Sleepless (1:24 min)

The Fall | Crazy Iskander Hit | Ukraine Sends Women Into The Trenches. Military Summary 2023.11.16 (22 min)

“Stop Killing Babies!” Trudeau tells Netanyahu in STUNNING Gaza warning | Redacted News (20 min)

MBS positions himself as leader of Arab world (25 min)









Offensive Stalemate

Offensive Stalemate

Stoltenberg surprises Elensky. NYT, offensive stalemate. BBC simps for Trudeau. EU Fico fear. U/1 (35 min)

NYT Ukr No Gains, Budanov: Continuing on Foot; German MSM: Rus Army Stronger; France Out of Niger (1:09 min)

The Fall | The Russians Are Gaining Momentum In The Bakhmut Direction. Military Summary 2023.9.29 (18 min)

Trudeau & Zelensky VICIOUSLY Heckled By Canadians (6 min)

Canada Minds Applauding Ukrainian Nazis but Not Arming Them (3 min)

October Surprise? SITREP 9.29.23 (29 min)




Applauding Nazi’s

Applauding Nazi’s


Rota takes the fall. Trudeau pivots to Russia. Power in Armenia. Abrams in Ukraine. Lowercase russia (38 min)


First American M1 Abrams Tanks Arrive in Ukraine: Will They Make a Difference? (11 min)

US Looks For Zelensky Ouster, Criticise Tactics; Shoigu Ukr Sept Losses 17K; UK Admits Oil Cap Fail (1:23 min)

Canadian Parliament Gives 98-Year-Old Ukrainian N@zi A Standing Ovation! (18 min)

Thunderous applause and a fist pump (17 min)


West Despairs

West Despairs

Blinken, Wagner eyes Niger. Shoigu warns Poland. Ukraine’s Lancet problem. Trudeau Oppenheimer. U/1 (29 min)

Summer Operations | The Ukrainian Northern Flank Collapsed. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.08.09 (22 min)

West Despairs Ukr No Breakthrough; Rus China Fleet Aleutians, Nigeria Cools Niger Intervention (1:22 min)

Ukraine’s Offensive Remains Stalled: Western Media Begins Admitting Failures (41 min)

Ukraine true to form? (2 min)



Pentagon freaking out

Pentagon freaking out

China will be building a base in Cuba (lolz)

Poland, Nord Stream and Budanov. Trudeau gifts stolen Antonov. Elensky, if you see and feel it. U/1 (28 min)

Ukr Offensive Standstill, Rains Clog Attacks; Pentagon “Freaking Out” over Possible Defeat by China (1:07)

Putin and China just dealt a KNOCKOUT blow to the U.S., game over | Redacted with Clayton Morris(14 min)

The Offensive Offensive

The Offensive Offensive

Any images of destroyed tanks means the Ukrainians are winning  and anyone getting sick for vaccines is a sign that they are working.

Trudeau in Kiev. Leopards destroyed. Putin, more than 3 to 1. Elensky curse hits Boris again. U/1 (44 min)

Ukraine’s Offensive Begins: Burning NATO Equipment vs. Layered Russian Defenses (27 min)

Security guarantees, then Polish troops, and finally US troops (32 min)

Putin Confirms Ukr Offensive, Big Ukr Losses; Leo2s, Bradleys Destroyed, Realists Call Peace Talks (1:21)