Jan 20

Cyrus the Virus

Cyrus the virus






Will the real Cyrus stand-up?   Cyrus seems to replicating like a virus.





Trump as Cyrus:

Has Yahweh Grasped Him By His Right Hand?

A good article by Laurent Guyénot  (January 7 Unz review)  of particular interest to me because I have written extensively on Cyrus.  For my comment (at the Unz review comment section) look under secondElijah.










Aug 18

Video's on the temple and Trump

Below are links to two instructive video's.  While not in complete agreement with everything that is said -the points about the temple are valid.  The Trump video is also instructive (for obvious reasons);


Trump has been planning this for 35 YEARS!

Shocking Revelation on the Prophetic Third Temple