What would the prophets say now?

What would the prophets say now?


When Jesus encountered the Samaritan woman he told her that salvation belonged to the Jews. Although Jesus told her that the Samaritans were basically confused in their beliefs he treated her with compassion and held out messianic hope to her.   Jesus even used the Samaritans as an example of the despised outsider who did the right thing – the Good Samaritan.   Jesus himself was abused as a lowly (mixed race) Samaritan.  Now substitute the word Samaritan with Palestinian and what do you get?

Here is Saeb Erkhart quoting the prophet Jeremiah to the Jews:




Erekat is a senior Palestinian politician who negotiated the Oslo Accords with Israel and remained chief negotiator from 1995 until May 2003, when he resigned in protest from the Palestinian government. He later reconciled with the party and was reappointed to the post in September 2003. Erekat is one of the more prominent Palestinian spokespeople in the Western media.


Historical Tweets

A number of historical tweets and short videos showing the formation of the state of Israel:

Deal or no Deal?

Deal or no Deal?

Initially we will just post a few tweets about the peace deal. When more reports (and time) becomes available we will post an in depth report.



So Funny (but true)

So Funny (but true)



Peace Deal

Peace deal to be revealed soon.  We will be reporting as soon as we know more about “the Deal of the Century”

Trump Welcomes Netanyahu To White House; ‘Deal Of The Century’ To Be Unveiled Tuesday


Will it be “Deal or no Deal” (LOL)

Trump thinks he is back hosting a game show and a big bag of money will make it all OK.




It looks like Trump is backing down (apology for video disappearing).


I am full of admiration at the amount of propaganda that he managed to jam into this address.   He must have some good speech writers.   Of the top of my head (I could not endure the whole charade) – the reference to the money that Obama (and I am no fan of the globalist Nobel Peace Prize winner LOL) gave Iran is nonsense.  It was their own money. Their assets had been frozen because of the sanctions. And that stuff about terrorism and Yemen…..didn’t mention Saudi Arabia’s role did you?   And Iran wanting a nuclear deterrence…..nothing to do with the fact that Israel has nukes?  (Yes, we know…it is a very badly kept “secret”).   Iran has looked around and seen that the Anglo-Zionists have demolished any country that does not have nukes.  If Julian Assange had a nuke would they have jailed him? (LOL).   I could go on but see how many lies you can spot. Actually I might doctor this video and put a lie counter in the corner but I don’t have time.  Don’t get me wrong I am not partisan….I have equal (or more disdain) for the Globo-Bolsheviks.  Anyone who chooses either side is a sucker.    So, WW3 has been avoided/postponed.  Don’t worry it is still coming just not today.  The ground is being prepared.   Trump and his generals look very worried and stressed.  There is obviously a lot that we do not know.  For the moment both sides have allowed the other side to “save face” and have stepped back from the brink. But they will maneuver for advantage behind the scenes.  I smell a Very Big False Flag coming.   If three buildings got taken down last time how big is this going to be?   And will people be just as stoopid and believe everything? 



This is interesting.  MEK was helped and sponsored by Neoconservatives like Bolton and Pompeo but now they are being designated as Fake Opposition Groups??   (which they are).   This tells me that Iran must have threatened the US very badly (perhaps together with China/Russia???).  They have been told to dismantle the CIA structure and Pompeo is complying?   They must be afraid of getting their butt kicked.

Trump and the Middle East peace deal after the midterms

With the Democrats winning the House the only way Trump will get anything done now will be by Executive Order. Perhaps a “nice little” war will help the President focus the country and allow him to exercise more executive powers….otherwise he is a lame duck President and will get little done internationally.

This article on the Unraveling of Netanyahu’s ME project is worth a read:

The Unraveling of the Netanyahu Project for the Middle East


NOTE: JCPOA= The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, known commonly as the Iran nuclear deal or Iran deal, is an agreement on the nuclear program of Iran reached in Vienna on 14 July 2015 between Iran, the P5+1, and the European Union.

The Ultimate Deal

Nothing seems to be happening with the “ultimate deal” (the Trump peace plan) but that is to be expected with the up-coming mid-term elections. If Trump wins “bigly” taking both the house and senate he will have destroyed the Democratic Party. His strategy of divisiveness and confusion seems to be working and he has chalked up big wins with the appointment of SCOTUS and the negation of the Meuller investigation and “Stormy”. The wobbles in the stock market effecting assets values will do little to harm his core constituents.   With a reasonable win under his belt we can expect the peace process to proceed.  Both Trump’s backers and his opponent’s backers are Jewish billionaires with seemingly different agendas.


The big picture emerging in the Middle East is that we have an Israel-America-Saudi Alliance supported (at least in part) by other Sunni states (Egypt, Jordan etc) versus Syria-Russia-Iran-Hezbolla (a Shiite alliance). Of course allegiances are complex and often shifting (cf. Turkey). If Israel is “removed” from the equation by making peace with the Sunnis then expect either regime change or war with Iran.  In order to “make peace” the Palestinian problem needs to be neutralized.

Peace is being negotiated by Kushner (Trumps son-in law) with his aide Greenblat, both are Jewish and pro-Israel and no Muslim representative is on the team. Meanwhile the Palestinians are being starved of funds in the lead up to the “peace process”.

According to Robert Fisk, one of two of the Western World’s best journalists on Middle Eastern affairs, the Donald’s big beautiful peace deal with the Palestinians came down to the Saudi’s bank rolling a buyout of Palestinian land.  The question is whether MbS (the prince) and his father are in agreement with this proposal.   It seems that the father of MbS refused and pushed for the original Saudi package which hinged on two States with the 1967 borders dividing the two.

However, after the recent fiasco in Saudi with the journalist it seems that a Saudi Coup is “imminent” as the Crown Prince’s uncle arrives to oust “toxic” MbS.[1] We obviously do not know what is going on behind the scenes but recent actions have put MbS in an intolerable position and he already has many internal enemies in the Royal family. Perhaps this reckless, cruel and precipitate action was orchestrated deliberately to damage MbS? Either that or he is incredibly stupid and arrogant. Who knows? What we can say is that everything can change in a moment.

Details of the plan that have “leaked” are (according to Fisk) as follows;

For the drip-feed of detail which is emerging about the Trump-Kushner “ultimate deal” in Israeli newspapers – the venerable Haaretz in the lead – is that Palestinians will have to “abandon East Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestine”, that Israel will withdraw from a handful of villages east and north of Jerusalem – the measly Abu Dis among them – to create a Potemkin “capital”, but will remain forever in the Old City. That a Palestinian state will be completely demilitarised (so much for “security”), but that every Jewish colony constructed illegally on Arab land – for Jews and Jews only – will remain, and that Israel will control the entire Jordan Valley. Right of return? Forget it….All this nonsense depends on the largesse of Saudi Arabia – whose bungling crown prince appears to be arguing with his kingly father, who does not want to abandon the original Saudi initiative for a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital – and the feebleness of King Abdullah of Jordan, whose country’s IMF-imposed financial suffering has provoked unprecedented riots and the fall of his government, and the support of Egypt’s field marshal/president who will supposedly be happy to impose law and financial benefits on the Egyptian-Gaza border. Oh yes, and there will be no real contact between Gaza and the West Bank. Hamas has been forgotten, it seems…..no East Jerusalem, no end to colonisation, no recognition of the right to return, no state, no future. Just cash.[2]

It is unlikely that the Palestinians will give up their desire for their own state for a “fist full of dollars” even if Gaza can be turned into a “new Dubai” (or Singapore). We shall see what happens, perhaps starvation of funds and humiliation is intended to provoke an all out war that will justify further expulsions.  Who knows?  Everything in the Middle East is up for grabs and things can change very rapidly.


[1] EXCLUSIVE: Senior Saudi prince flies home to tackle MBS succession



[2] The ‘ultimate deal’ that Jared Kushner is proposing for Palestine would strip the people of all their dignity