DAYZ OF NOAH very weird

DAYZ OF NOAH very weird


I caught the last two and a half hours live and it was excellent. I will go back and watch the first two hours now (lolz).  AI will select your partner. You are being programed by algorithms. Health system being used for transuhumanism. Terraforming, meta-material, bio-forming, bio-mimicry,bio-digittal convergence. AI was a UK-USA project that started in the 1950s Spidey sense metaverse internet of trees and shrooms. 


The Death of Empire

The Death of Empire

You are watching the death of Empire.  The fall of Rome 2.0.   A small elite is crafting policy. They are detached from reality drunk on hubris and now they are panicking.  They see their power slipping away and are becoming desperate and reactive.  All human empires fail.  It is the nature of the beast.

Hitler was a theosophist and Germany was set up to be the fall guy (like it is now). Hitler was the creation of the bankers as much as Communism was the creation of the bankers. Hitler was no hero but Germany was deliberately destroyed in the same manner that they are now destroying the West.  So many lives wasted.  So much blood and treasure.  It is about to happen again and there is nothing you can do to stop it.  The USA is printing a trillion dollars every 90 days and BRICS is about to dump the dollar.  World War Three starts soon.  We had their pandemic and their climate fear now comes WW3.  They want you dead or broken.  Don’t let them.  Hold fast. Keep the faith.

Look who is back (4 min)

Full Movie lolz:

Claudia wins. Biden does not want WW3. Elensky, Trump is potential loser. Greek F16 pilot in Ukraine (38 min)

Rus Encircle Chasov Yar, Repels Kharkov attacks; Zelensky Angers Chia; Saudi Pulls Out Swiss Summit (1:23 min)

Larry Johnson: View of Ukraine from St. Petersburg (27 min)

Alastair Crooke: How the West Must Change (38 min)


Target Trump

Target Trump

Showing you how the left and the right are reporting this:

Trump’s Lawyer Throws Him Under The Bus (15 min)

Trump Prosecution Shows System Has Gone OFF THE RAILS! (4 min)


No Good Guys

No Good Guys

Just a quick reminder that there are no good guys.  I believe that the “beast” is now dying (the Anglo-Zionist control system) but what replaces it (the image of the Beast) will be worse. Trump is not a “good guy” and the coming control system will be worse.  It will be worse because many people will cheer it on.  It is not the Great Awakening it is the Great Deception.

Biden Good Over Evil (3 min)

Taiwan Next

Taiwan Next

Trump, No CBDC. Drone hits Russia nuclear radar. $320M pier breaks. Elensky, victim dictates terms (44 min)

Big Rus Missile Strike; Lavrov West Desperate; Duma Rus Wants Kiev Regime Change; Yanukovich Return (1:26 min)

Neocon China hawks; Ukraine failed, focus on Taiwan (21 min)

This is anti-China agitprop…remember….the truth always lies somewhere in-between.  Would I like to live in China?   No.  Then again the West is becoming more and more dystopian. 

Fake Protests

Fake Protests

The protests were filled with agitators.  They were not spontaneous. Both the left and the right benefit from the chaos.  That does not mean that there were not genuine protesters trying to stand against genocide.  The right benefits by bringing in more draconian antisemitism laws. The left gets to shape the next generation of Marxist leaders. 


The Lie of Planned Spontaneity (20 min)


The next video shows the influence of Soros on the protests.  Do you see how that works?  The suffering of the Palestinians is used by the “right” to push back with draconian laws that are anti-free speech.  That benefits both the left and the right.   The left hand and right hand path working together.  Magic.  Meanwhile as the magician distracts they build a port in Gaza.

The U.S. is Building WHAT in Gaza???!!! This explains EVERYTHING | Redacted News (25 min)

And now we get to Israel-firster Donald Trump.

Trump Chooses Isr@el! Over Americans & Their Right To Protest War! (18 min)

What a mess.  False narratives and confusion. Lies and manipulation.  They want you to chose a side. ANY SIDE.  Well, I chose to stand with Christ.  A pox on all your houses.  A pox on the left hand and a pox on the right hand.

Prof. John Mearsheimer : Genocide, Free Speech, and Academia (37 min)


The Jewnited States of Weimerica

The Jewnited States of Weimerica



The descent into chaos and dictatorship is deliberate.  The antisemitism Bill that has just been passed will cause more resentment and antisemitism especially as most people know that the Jews run the show.  We are being played.  The riots were a PsyOp provoked and penetrated by agent provocateurs in order to get the bill passed.  In essence the bill says this:

1. The Jews did not kill Christ
2. They do not control media,finance or government
3 No Nazi memes about IDF
4 No Holocaust denial

Maybe it is meant to shut the public up so that the Zionists can enter Rafa and complete the slaughter without any push back. Maybe it is meant to encourage a surge of antisemitism.    Who knows?  All I know is that they are pushing racial hatred, gender hatred, division etc.  They want people fighting in the street when they collapse the financial system.  They also want war and small scale (tactical) nuclear engagement.

This all fits the techno-Gnostic agenda and the Hegelian dialectic.  They create the problem then offer the solution.  The problems are obviously race, gender,nations, climate change and corrupt governments.  If we can remove these “boundaries” (limitations) and be governed by Artificial Intelligence then we solve all the problems.  They are deconstructing God’s creation so that they can build it in their own image. They are also leveraging the natural cyclical climate change and ongoing magnetic excursion to their advantage.

The solution they offer will be everything governed by A.I. and everything on the blockchain tracking all carbon etc.  Some sort of CBDC and UBI.  A tokenised economy.  A one world religion. All races mixed.  No more nation states. Gender fluidity.  It sounds crazy but all the signs are there.  It is doubtful they can achieve that on a global scale but people will cry out for some sort of savior figure.  This could be when Orange Jesus (Trump) or another “messianic” figure steps in.

Trump (and Musk) supported vaccines and are both Zionists.  Trump wants to build a wall but it will be a “digital wall” with face scanning and ID to keep the “bad guys out” (and you locked up). Trump was “persuaded” by Lindsay Graham the gay ghoul to flip Johnson on paying $95 billions to Ukraine and Israel.   None of them are good guys.  They all want different versions of the same thing.  They want to use technology to ground their boot in your face forever.  How can any of these psychopaths build a better world?  They all represent either the right or left hand path of the Masonic-Gnostic-Kabbalistic world  parasite.  They are deceivers and liars.  Behold Satan transforms himself into an angel of light.  Make no bones about it this is a Spiritual war.


Protesting Genocide

Protesting Genocide


Student Protests for Gaza Spread Like Wildfire Around the World (17 min)


Even Trump is jumping on the bandwagon (until after the election….if we have one).


So THAT’S What’s REALLY Behind These College Protests | Redacted with Natali Morris (14 min)

Ana DISMANTLES Lies About Pro-Palestinian Protests (6 min)

Bernie HITS BACK After Netanyahu DEMANDS Campus Protesters’ Arrest! (15 min)


Max Blumenthal : Palestinian Hostages in Israel (31 min)

Israel First

Israel First

Not America first but Israel first.  America dances to Israel’s tune.  Everybody can see it now.

Student Protests for Palestine Erupt Across College Campuses in America (33 min)


This video is by the Young Turks (they are left-wing) but this report is balanced.

Trump SLAMS Netanyahu (18 min)



Student Protests for Palestine Erupt Across College Campuses in America (33 min)

Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski: Who Will Stop the Gaza Slaughter? (28 min)

Reporter FED UP With Israeli Spokesperson’s Lies (10 min)