Cosmic Thunderbolt

Cosmic Thunderbolt

Ruang Volcano High Level Eruption To 55,000ft With Volcanic Lightning – Giant, 82-Foot Lizard Fish (9 min)

Major Eruption from Ruang; Tsunami Watch, Stones Fall from Sky (4 min)

Cosmic Thunderbolt Will Strike The Earth – Thunderbolt of the Gods (4 min)

Geomagnetic Storm, Cloud Seeding Causes Flooding | S0 News Apr.17.2024 (4 min)

The Sun does its thing

The Sun does its thing

Even if humans did not exist you would still have climate change and earthquakes.  It is the sun (stupid) not 0.04% CO2.

7.4 Quake Rocks Taiwan, Collapsing Buildings And Causing A Tsunami – Major Spring Snow For The US (12 min)

4/02/2024 — M7.4 Earthquake at Taiwan West Pacific — Unrest will spread next several days

“Eclipse Conspiracy” (3 min)

Jacob Nordangård on the origins of carbon dioxide hysteria | Tom Nelson Pod #205 (45 min)




X5 Solar Flare, Big Earthquake Japan, Top Stories | S0 News Jan.1.2024 (3 min)


40 earthquakes M7.6, M6.1, M5.7 occurred in Japan in 2 hours! 300 k… (8 min)

Huge M7.6 Earthquake Rocks Japan, Evacuations Ordered As Over 40 Quakes Strike Western Coastline (2 min)

Powerful 7.5 Mag Quake Hits Japan, Triggering Tsunami Warnings – Major X5.0 Solar Flare And CME (10 min)


Massive M7.6 Earthquake

Massive M7.6 Earthquake

Magnitude 7.6 Earthquake Triggers Tsunami Warnings As Massive Coronal Hole Faces Earth = Quake Watch

12/02/2023 — Large M7.7 strikes West Pacific Philippines (49 min)

Massive M7.6 Earthquake Strikes Off the Philippines Coast, Tsunami Warning Issued! (2 min)

“we’ve lost control” (3 min)

Alex Newman: A real journalist on climate, censorship, freedom, and guns | Tom Nelson Pod #176 (53 min)

A 27,000 Year Old Pyramid? Controversy Hits An Extraordinary Archaeological Claim – Mayan Influence

Extinctions on Deck

Extinctions on Deck

Extinctions on Deck | Why Every Magnetic Flip Hits Hard (5 min)
No magnetic “flip” just a  magnetic excursion.

5 People Killed By Raging Floodwaters In SE PA – Geomagnetic Storm Watch – 7.2 Quake Tsunami Warning (10 min)

TSUNAMI Warning Issued After Massive M7.2 Earthquake Strikes Off The Coast of Southern Alaska (2 min)

Powerful M7.2 earthquake and tsunami waves hit Alaska, the USA (1 min)

7/16/2023 — Large M7.2 (M7.4) earthquake in Alaska — Seismic spread ongoing — West coast warning (22 min)

Every American Homeowner Needs to Watch This.(9 min)
 Are they using geoengineering?  Yes.  But of all the change that you are seeing most is natural.  Their attempts at geoengineering will be overwhelmed.  They can’t control what is coming but they will attempt to use it.

South Pacific Quake

South Pacific Quake

7.7 Mag Quake Causes Small Tsunami In South Pacific – Smoke Cast – Volcano Alert – Cosmology Trouble

Mount St. Helens Erupted Today May 18, 1980 – Wildfires Burn Millions Of Acres In Canada – M-Flares!(18 min)

Big Earthquake, Big Solar Flares, Record at Enceladus | S0 News May.19.2023 (3 min)

5/18/2023 — Very Large M7.7 (M8.0) Earthquake strikes West Pacific — Tsunami Threat Warning issued (12 min)

The “new hydrologic reality” (6 min)