Fauci the mini God

Fauci the mini God

This is an email from Brendon for patreon’s.  Hope he does not mind.

What’s interesting about this great Carlson piece is not the ao called “lefts” worship of the lying cretinous traitorous clown Fauci, but the fact it’s a specially crafted psychological warfare operation.

Do you really believe MSNBC and CNN don’t know what a joke Fauci is? Have you seen their fawning worship of him shown by Fox? It’s not real, it’s a script.

We need to cease calling “The Left” insane, crazy, unfathomable…and understand that this is not madness or a bad joke, but a crafted psyche warfare program.

You can’t fight madness, but you can fight psychological warfare.

Everything broadcast now is dedicated to one thing – dividing America. I thought they might back off. No such luck.

Watch and read Francis Stoner Saunders and her book on the CIA Culture War, the co-opting of books, magazines, conferences, music, news media and news papers.


While one might argue bringing down the Soviet Union a worthy goal, others argue this process simply morphed into what we now know as Shadowgate. Psyche warfare, data analytics, A.I machine learning scripts, crisis actors, larpers and fake social media influencers.

I’m basically settled again and the next video will be voice overed and well worth watching. Till then…enjoy the show.


American politics

American politics

American politics, the “Jewish question” and the Pandemic are all tied in with the upcoming election.  There are many Christians on the right of the spectrum (many Qanon supporters) that see Trump as a savior.   That is understandable in some ways as a backlash against the Marxism, racism and other crazy stuff introduced by the left.  But they are being played using the Hegelian dialect.  The Biden and Harris team is hardly credible.  Anyway, Adam does not fall for the ploy. The only objection I had was some of the remarks he made about the OT so I left this comment:

Adam, great show....but you are starting to hold the same ideas on the Torah and Yahweh as Christopher Jon Bjerknes. The Torah is not the Talmud or the Zohar/Kabbalah. Unfortunately Christopher Jon Bjerknes has fallen prey to the mistake that many Christians make, which is rejection of the Old Testament God. I understand how this has happened and in some ways it is a natural reaction (over reaction). However, the jealous God of the OT is the same loving Father of the NT not a different being. The revulsion comes from the spin that traditional Judaism has put on the Torah. The jealousy of God should be understood within the covenant relationship (marriage to Israel) who were made to drink the waters of jealousy for their infidelity (Ex 32:20 compare Num 5: 24). It is not to be understood as genocidal impulses (Bjerknes) just as the war against Amelek from generation to generation is a metaphor for the war against sin which was typified by Moses stretching his arms out in the symbol of the cross (Ex 17:10-16). I place Bjerknes video on my website because he has an extensive knowledge of the Kabbalah , Zohar etc…not because of his knowledge of the Torah. See=https://www.biblaridion.info/blog/the-depths-of-satan/

Adam talks about the Mark of the Beast at the following timestamp=https://youtu.be/jWFtEYGFaaw?t=880

Although Tucker Carlson is considered “right-wing” (Trump supporter) nevertheless his remarks regarding getting back to normal are valid: