The beginning of sorrows

The beginning of sorrows

This appeared first (20 minute video)  Dutch had warned for a M5 or greater in the area of Cyprus but the Island of Lesbos of the coast of Turkey got hit.

10/30/2020 — Massive M7.0 earthquake strikes Europe / Turkey — Major damage across region

Cyprus was warned for upper M5.0 to lower M6.0 range for this past week… and now….. Turkey / Greece were hit by a magnitude larger than expected… M7.0 . This is the largest earthquake in years for Europe and the Mediterranean region.

Not only that but this from Dutch’s community page…..the Senate calling for the resignation of the head of USGS because of his treatment of whistle blowers!  Karma What goes around comes around.

Oct 29, 2020.. USGS director is BEING ASKED TO STEP DOWN BY CONGRESS over retaliation against a whistleblower employee at the agency!!!!! Yes this is really happening. Wow.… And the step down requests here:…


And now the updated video – the earthquake caused a small Tsunami.  This is obviously the second video.

10/30/2020 — Europe struck by Tsunami and M7.0 Earthquake — Greece Turkey — USGS ignores tsunami!

A tsunami has struck Greece and Turkey in the Agean Sea of South Europe.… Professionals and average citizens in the area have reported, recorded and first hand witnessed a full fledged multi meter high tsunami. USGS and US agencies are deliberately ignoring the tsunami in Greece. Additionally they have no buoys in the direct area, and all buoys off in the whole region to top it off. (no buoys in europe where we have so many assets and allies?! weird.) View the LACK of tsunami warnings here: has nothing To add insult to intellectual injury , the USGS earthquake page on the M7.0 in the Agean Sea is deliberately leaving out the ocean wave section normally included in all earthquakes worldwide which occur in an ocean.… All buoys either off or non-existent in the area: