Not Bluffing

Not Bluffing

“NATO is TESTING Putin’s red line and he’s NOT bluffing” Redacted w Clayton Morris (16 min)

Rus Prepares Kharkov Battle; Rus Jams US Black Sea Drones; Ukr Troops Untrained; Turkey Wants BRICS (1:19 min)

Biden, Russian military decimated. US/NATO, 5 land corridors to fight Russia. US $50B Ukraine loan (42 min)

Kyle Anzalone: Antiwar Latest (30 min)

Patrick Lancaster: Latest on the Ground in Russian Ukraine (22 min)

đź”´ America is preparing for war with China over Taiwan! (3 min)


This is definitely pro-Russian and it is four days old but pretty good. The Aussie Cossack Show:

NATO’s Thirst for WAR Exposed! With RT’s Chay Bowes (1:43)

Defenses Disintegrate

Defenses Disintegrate

SnowStorm | The Second Line Of Defense Collapsed | Sarmat Is In Full Combat Readiness. MS 2024.02.29 (26 min)

Ukr Defences Disintegrate, Rapid Rus Advance, 3 Key Villages Fall, Syrsky Blames Commanders; ATACMS (1:18 min)


McConnell resigns. Russia direct threat to France. Transnistria protection. Meloni wanted to meet MJ (33 min)

Col. Douglas Macgregor: How Close Is WWIII? (29 min)

Why Erdogan’s Turkey Turned Against Assad’s Syria | Syriana Analysis (1 hour)

Israels failed propaganda

Israels failed propaganda

This is live….don’t know if it will stay up:

LIVE CHAT: LUCAS GAGE Lets talk Gaza , Israels failed propaganda and true casualties, UN useless




SHOCK For Israel! IRAN Launches Horrifying AI Drones! (12 min)




Regime changing Zelensky

Regime changing Zelensky

US inches closer to regime changing Zelensky (28 min)

The Fall | Wagner Autumn Tour. Kupiansk Supply Collapse. Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.9.27 (25 min)

Elensky curse hits Rota. US cuts Ukraine aid. Menendez, Turkey F16s & Sweden. G20 Trudeau high. U/1 (38 min)

Shoigu: Ukr Self-Destructing, Assaults Senseless; Budanov: Ukr Fight to End; US Demands Kiev Reforms (1:16min)

“Republicans For Ukraine” Commercial Pushes Endless War (18 min)

Beginning of birth pangs

Beginning of birth pangs

People either blame this on CO2 (fossil fuels) or on geoengineering or on natural cycles. What if I told you that they are all contributing it is just a matter of scale.  The biggest contributor by far are the Natural Cycles. They can be rapid and catastrophic.

Pity the people who perish. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.  Brace yourselves. It will get much worse before it gets better. The earth is overdue a good cleansing.


Libya Death Toll Rises To 5300 as 9000 Still Missing – Geomagnetic Storm Watch -Crestone Energy Fair (17 min)

Unexpected Solar Storm Impact, Africa Disasters, 2 New Planets | S0 News Sep.13.2023 (3 min)

Hiding The Decline In Hot Days (9 min)

Maui Horror Told In Their Own Words! (16 min)

U.S. Military Is ALREADY Controlling The Weather! (13 min)