Turkey left-overs in the New Year?

Everybody knows that left-over Turkey can be dry and stringy. You look in the fridge and find what is left from XMass or thanksgiving and make a sandwich. You should probably add some pickles. It seems that the relationship between Turkey and NATO (US) has also gone stale. Perhaps that is what you get when you try and depose Erdogan with a coup? Will the president of the US pardon this Turkey? Will this Turkey learn to love the farmer who wants to chop of its head and eat it?

Turkey wants to control the oil fields in the Med

Turkey Declares Ownership On Half Of Eastern Mediterranean Waters


Turkey wants to control the water in Iraq and Iran



Turkey has purchased Russian S400



With friends like Turkey who needs enemies?  They have one of the largest standing armies in the world. No wonder Macron called NATO “brain dead”.   Then again, anything that upsets the god king Macron is OK in my book (LOL).  Turkey, please send some more rapeugees refugees to France.  You reap what you sow.  Even little Napoleon cannot stop the consequences of blow back.