Tweet Digest: Clown World

Tweet Digest: Clown World

The internet has caused the “elite” to lose control hence the drive to more and more censorship. The only way they have of countering it is by producing misinformation and blaming it on “conspiracy theorists”.ย  Here are a few tweets from some of my threads:

Tweet Digest

Tweet Digest

A rather eclectic ensemble but you get the idea:

Build Back Bieber

All or nothing

They knew

Eat yer bugs…no ice cream until you finish your plate

Netherlands and China (they were all at it)

Bilderberg Smilderberg

They knew part 2 (infinity)




Just a message to my readers regarding some of the “tweets” embedded on this blog.ย  Yesterday the tweets and video’s stopped displaying properly.ย  They appeared as a grey block with text and links. I thought I had done something wrong regarding the embed process but looking back at previous tweets I found that they ceased working as well.ย  I thought this might have been due to a Word Press “update” but searching on the internet found that it was a browser problem.ย  I checked with the Chrome browser and it displayed OK but not in Firefox (my default) or Explorer.ย ย ย 

I disabled the Tracking Protection e.g. made my own website exempt:










You click on the “shield” in Firefox to get into the content protection.ย  It turned out that it made no difference because another Tracking Protection was installedย  and I can’t even remember doing it!ย  I think it happened when I added Duck Duck Go as a search engine as it was their privacy tracker which I then disabled in Firefox tools (add-ons).

ย Long Story Short

To sum up……..if you have display problems it is probably YOUR BROWSER not the website.ย  All the browser are becoming more complex regarding protection/encryption etc. Always check using other browsers.

P.S.ย  The Virus Cure blog has greyed out tweets but the links all work and take you to the relevant twitter pages. The reason for this is that I copied and pasted from Zerohedge via word etc because I could not figure out what was wrong. Turns out nothing was wrong except my browser blocking the tweets!ย