Close Encounters of the Retard kind

Close Encounters of the Retard Kind

It seems to me that we are on an accelerated course to Idiocracy.  You are being programed but at least the music and movies are good (lolz). Latest video (Episode 2) by Matt Ehret and his missus Cynthia on how the UFO phenomenon is a rebirth of the occult for the “modern” world (lolz).

I thought a deadly virus was meant to kill the Martians but instead the humans are dying???  We need new script writers.


Hidden Hand Behind UFOs Ep. 2: H.G. Wells’ War Of The Worlds and the Dawn of a New Age


Predator is here

Predator is here

We should nuke Peru just to make sure. Predator is here. It happens in the hottest years. They come to hunt men and take trophies. The demon who makes trophies out of men.

Be very scared.  They will peel you face off.

The aliens have been Geo-located to the square mile of London.  They have egg-heads, a reptilian visage and hooked noses.  Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.


Green Fireball and Green men

Green Fireball and Green men

Tagged this under Psyop, woo-woo and conspiracy.  I feel that I have to report on this simply because it is so prominent in the news.  When the senate holds a hearing and we have “disclosure” from the CIA you know something is up. Especially when the previous Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper attends. He was DNI under Obama (the current DNI is Avril Haines) and was exposed as a liar in 2013 with the leak of documents detailing the NSA practice of illegally collecting telephone metadata on millions of Americans’ telephone calls. The fact that all these agencies are pushing the little Green men stuff so hard demonstrates that it is important to them.

Something is definitely going on and it connects back to the Kennedy assassination, billions in missing money (a trillion now?), new technologies and Operation Paperclip. Paperclip was the recruitment of Nazi scientists and the projects that they were working on (including rockets and the atom bomb etc). The UFO story is a coverall which can be used to introduce new technologies and emergency laws to ensure Continuity of Government (COG).  After all, if the little Green men are coming to get us we will need the Government to save us (lolz). They are very keen for us to believe this, therefore it is important to them.  Will they pull off a huge hoax?  Who knows?   Perhaps “The War of the Worlds” scare by Orson Welles  (an adaptation of H. G. Wells’s novel) in 1938 was a dry run?  But people are much more sophisticated nowadays (sic).  They would not line up for an experimental treatment and believe a bunch of lies (lolz).

Why do UFO sightings happen mostly in the USA and the UK?  Granted that those countries have advanced radar but it is rather suspicious don’t you think.  And people reporting abduction etc…is that the CIA doing MK Ultra (mind control) experiments?

So I place here the latest Dark Journalist video knowing full well that some of this stuff is misdirection but DJ seems on point with a lot of his connections.  I think  that UFOs is cover for new technologies that they have kept hidden from the public view.  But first “green fireballs”:

Mysterious Green Fireball Triggers UFO Invasion Fears (8 min)

Dark Journalist & Dr. Joseph Farrell JFK Assassination & UFO File Revealed! (1:38 min)



Alien PsyOp

Alien PsyOp

All your Woo-Woo in one place.

The report below looks pretty good….


Below we have a video by Christopher Jon Bjerknes (CJB) who I debated in the past. He does a hatchet job on the Old Testament and on Christianity equating it all as a hoax.   Here he is correct in calling UFOs a cult but he uses it to push his biases.  I left this comment on the Discord (and a similar one under his video):

The aliens are Jews😂 I knew it! The problem with CJB (as usual) is that he is partially right and he conflates everything in one big mess. Gnosticism is not Judaism it is more akin to Kabbalah (which is different to orthodox Judaism and has Gnostic elements). Christianity rejected Gnosticism and Judaism. UFO is a cult linked with Gnosticism and technocracy. CJB throws everything together in one big mix without differentiation. Some of what he says is true mixed with garbage.

Exposing the UFO Scam and the Dangerous Religious Agendas of the UFO Industry


Obviously all the PsyOps are the Jews fault 😂… (there might be some truth in that 😂)

And here is the Dark Journalist who is always worth watching for the connections that he brings up (not watched this yet).  The UFO program has connections with the technocrats and theosophy.  I think it has been used by the MIC as a cover for introducing new technologies  or experimenting on the public going as far back as operation paperclip and the recruitment of Nazi scientists.  Many of those scientists were occultists.

The Cosmos Club: UFO Bilderberg Revealed! (2:44)



This is the most recent stream by Dr McCairn in which the geopolitics is discussed but unfortunately there was not enough time to look at any scientific papers.  During the stream a speech from Trump is highlighted in which he talks about children’s health and his commitment to a healthy nation.

The territory of Children’s Health Defense is one that is owned by John F Kennedy Jr. and I believe we are seeing a convergence of political agenda’s in the typical Hegelian approach.  On the Ukraine JFK Jr comes across as both hawkish and a peacemaker.

Here is his hawkish side:

Here is the Peacemaker:

Full transcript of the tweet including the anti-necon video JFK linked to:

In 2019 actor and comedian Volodymyr Zelensky ran as the peace candidate winning the Ukrainian presidency with 70% of the vote. As Benjamin Abelow observes in his brilliant book, “How the West Brought War to Ukraine,” Zelensky almost certainly could have avoided the 2022 war with Russia simply by uttering five words — “I will not join NATO.” But pressured by NeoCons in the Biden White House, and by violent fascist elements within the Ukrainian government, Zelensky integrated his army with NATO’s and allowed the U.S. to place nuclear-capable Aegis missile launchers along Ukraine’s 1,200-mile border with Russia. These were provocations that senior U.S. diplomats like post-WWII foreign policy architect George Kennan, former U.S. Defense Secretary Bill Perry, and former U.S. ambassador to Moscow Jack Matlock had long described as “red lines” for Russian leadership. Let’s face it, the Neocons wanted this war with Russia, just as they wanted war with Iraq. Listen here to NATO Supreme Commander General Wesley Clark describe how White House Neocons justified the Iraq invasion: General Wesley Clark Wars Were Planned Seven Countries In Five Years (3 min)

What you are seeing here is a pincer movement from Trump and JFK towards the center where they will converge and synthesize the capture of left and right. They are both Zionists and anti-communist and Chabad has hooks into both of them.  The whole idea is to make the alternative (Joe Biden and globo-homo, woke penetration, forever war neocons) so unpalatable as to force a new solution.  However, at a climate rally in NY JFK Jr voiced the extreme position when he said he wanted “climate deniers” to get “three hots n a cot”. He is in deep with ESG (just not the woke stuff) which is about the new commoditized economy. So called impact investing and tokenism.  The sacred economy (See Alison McDowell on this). This new economy will reinforce a Gaia cult as the central “sacred” point of all religions which will eventually be administered under Noahide precepts of justice and Tikun Olam healing.  Mark my words. 


Deliberate Flooding By Ukraine, UFO Psy-Op?, Myocarditis, PASC & Hippocampus (2:40)

ALIEN craft in our possession

ALIEN craft in our possession

Tagged under Woo-Woo.  The little green men are coming (lolz).  I needed a good belly laugh.  

“We have ALIEN craft in our possession” – Govt. UFO whistleblower admits BOMBSHELL | Redacted News (14 min)

X-steganography Woo Woo

X-steganography Woo Woo

Steganography is the practice of representing information within another message or physical object, in such a manner that the presence of the information is not evident to human inspection.

In other words Steganography is a type of Code or Cryptography. I have featured this Dark Journalist video not because I believe that UFOs are alien visitations but because they are being used as a cloak to hide things.  It is quite plausible that UFOs hide secret technologies that link back to Nazi Scientists. If you think that is fiction then remember that 1,600 Nazi scientists were recruited by the CIA in Operation Paperclip including the famous Wernher von Braun who invented  the V-2 which became the first artificial object to travel into space on 20 June 1944. He was also pivotal to the space race and NASA. Interestingly he wrote a fiction novel in 1953, in which he said the title of the leader of a Martian government would be Elon which brings us to Elon Musk the self styled Imperator of Mars (lolz) who has set landing on Mars as his priority.

This introduces X-steganography as Elon Musk has a company called SpaceX , has called his son X Æ A-12 Musk or X for short (lolz).  Elon says that the A-12 was his contribution, a nod to the Archangel-12 plane. The Lockheed A-12 was a precursor to the SR-71, which Musk called the “coolest plane ever.”  I am sure it is coincidence that the word Archangel reduces to 3 and also that  X AE A-12 = 333 [X(3) AE (3) 12 (3)].  Nothing occult or esoteric going on there (lolz).  And the reference to an archangel? Hmm. What about Grimes and her ostracon inscribed with syringes etc and UFOs (see under Scene of the Grimes We might put this all down to eccentricity but there is an agenda being rolled out which includes Space travel, Artificial Intelligence and remaking humanity.

Elon Musk on how to pronounce Son X Æ A-12 (1 min)

And Musk changed the logo of twitter temporarily to the symbol for Doge Coin (a crypto currency) represented by a dog which reads backwards e-God but has now changed it back to the bird logo but he has renamed Twitter as X: –  Twitter Rebrands as X in Move Toward Becoming ‘Everything App’.    Added to all this X-steganography is the fact that his electric car company is called Tesla, obviously after the inventor Nikola Tesla who died in 1943 and whose 80 odd boxes of scientific notes kept in his hotel room were intercepted by FBI agents (who subsequently died in a plane crash) and inspected by Donald Trump’s uncle John G. Trump who himself was involved with radar, microwaves and the magnatron,and who declared, “Nothing to see here…move along” (lolz).  It was Donald Trump who created Space Force as an independent agency on 19 February 2019 which date reduces to 33 but I am sure that is one of those coincidences (again).   Are you starting to see how deep the rabbit hole goes?

Now we know that JFK “Jack” Kennedy who was assassinated wanted to abolish the CIA and the Dark Journalist believes that the UFO files were part of the reason behind the murder. Kennedy launched the Space Race in 1961 which resulted (if you believe it) in the moon landing of 1969 but we had the Roswell incident in 1947 and the mysterious Area 51 which was a base in Nevada that had CIA involvement for the U-2 program and exotic weapons. This all roughly coincided with the flying disk hysteria.   In my opinion this is CIA programing to cover the development of new technologies, much of it coming from Operation Paperclip. Trump wanted to release the Kennedy files but was told not to probably because they could expose the ongoing black projects disguised as UFO files.  Who knows?  However I do know that the cover of George magazine predicted UFO’s among other things and there is definitely a connection between Trump and the Kennedy clan.  Why am I not surprised that JFK Jr. is now running for President as well as Trump.  Some have even proposed that they should unite (key word in Gnosticism) and form a dream ticket giving the USA a third way forward beyond partisan lines.  My Spidey Alert is tingling as I detect some ju-ju magic.

I suppose we should ignore the fact that the great and the good are obsessed with Atlantis and “Atlantean technology”  Charles Hapgood was a CIA agent brought in to muddy the waters about pole flip and he was supported by Einstein. Then there is Janet Atlantis Marshall aka  Ghislaine Maxwell and all the “scientists” and their Atlantis Woo-Woo.   So something occult and esoteric is going on….that much I know.

They don’t build a 27 km particle accelerator (CERN) for nothing. They don’t dig km of tunnels and make bunkers for nothing (Elon Musk and the Boring company lolz). They don’t build AI and collapse the system on a whim. Elon Musk’s grandfather was a leading technocrat in Canada.

My contention is that many of these scientists are driven by Gnostic-Hermetical belief systems.  This is theosophy and alchemy.  Some of the most influential scientists  including John Dee and Newton were alchemists.  So you think it is ridiculous that you can transmute one substance into another?  The alchemists were obsessed with sulfur and quicksilver (mercury). Well it turns out that you can transmute them into gold (lolz). Cinnabar is a bright red ore of mercury (II) sulfide (Hgs) that the ancients used to grind and treat with vinegar to make mercury with they thought was liquid silver hence quicksilver.  So, you can make a few atoms of radioactive gold (lolz).

The point is that Chemistry finds its roots in alchemy. Now I am a bucket chemist (but not a wizard) and if I had the philosopher stone I would not be writing this article (lolz). But, however crazy it sounds Gnosticism-Heremeticism is the religion (ideology) driving this and sorcery is the Greek word pharmakeia (magic mRNA to prolong life) and the “spells” that these wizards cast is NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), propaganda (Bernays) and Freudian psychology (all ju-ju magic).  Any connection with Musk’s Neura-Link ?? – you can have the latest directives download to your brain.  This is all woo-woo crazy stuff but we are living in a woo-woo crazy world in case you haven’t noticed.

John Dee was involved with his own “angelic language” which some thought was spy code cryptography. He was employed at the court of Elisabeth I and signed himself as 007 (the first James Bond lolz). It seems that Dee was influenced by Steganographia BSB 1608 and Master cryptographer and magician Trithemius.

The Dark Journalist also mentions Casey Warwick (this one?) and George Gurdjieff and Rudolf Steiner. Steiner had his roots in German idealist philosophy and theosophy. His teachings have been described as similar to Christian Gnosticism. Steiner attempted to find a synthesis between science and spirituality.Gurdjieff thought of people as “asleep” more or less zombies that need to awaken to a higher consciousness. Sound familiar?

The Nazi Bell theory postulating an anti-gravitational wonder weapon is probably nonsense however the Nazis did make rockets and jet engines and were working  towards an atomic bomb. Who knows what technology they continued to develop in the USA?  And then there is the human experimentation that they did (Mengele). Do you honestly think the allies destroyed that data?  Now we know from The Report from Iron Mountain that they possibly want to leverage the “alien invasion” trope to unify mankind against a common enemy (something even Regan suggested).  The long and the short is that something very strange is going on.


UFO invasion

UFO invasion

Is it time for the aliens yet?  I was looking forward to that bit.

Former FBI agent EXPOSES the truth of the UFO invasion | Redacted Conversation (58 min)

Gigi Young: The Alien UFO Deception & Atlantis Automatons Revealed! (1:13)

False Religion

False Religion

This is a bit Woo Woo but Jacob-Israel has some gems.  I loved the comparison between deSantis and Trump hand movements and the stuff on Grimes.


Jesus Revolution

Scene of the Grimes

Elon’s -ex is one weird chick.  She is now going out with Chelsea Manning.  I looked up her ostracon and it was from 5 Sept 2019.