UFO Drug Mass Initiation Ceremonies

UFO Drug Mass Initiation Ceremonies

Sarah Westall and I Talk about the fraud of quantum mechanics, and UFO Drug Mass Initiation Ceremonies

What do UFOs, drugs, and mystery sects have to do with the breakdown of the financial system? In this episode of the Sarah Westall Show, I was invited to discuss my research on the subversion of Keplerian science and the emergence of a new occultism masquerading as science during the 20th century AND how all of this ties into the UFO disclosure movement.




This is the first episode by Matt Ehret and his wife Cynthia exploring the subject of UFOs and seeing it as a continuation of the occult and the mystery religions.  Matt is obviously Christian and has previously argued that Christianity saved civilization from occult dystopia.   I will be posting the remaining episodes as they become available.

Very Weird

Very Weird

Version 1.1  Highly Recommended

Not watched this yet but I will.  A video stream from Dayz of Noah.  I put a couple of tweets underneath that will probably be appropriate.


I have watched the stream and it is truly excellent.  After the first hour or so we are shown the advert for the Apple vision pro immersive technology which mimics the movie Ready Player One.  This immersive technology is about creating a different world which your avatar (alter ego) inhabits. It is  the meta self.  The self no longer exists (they say the  same thing about God not existing).   They want you to see the physical, material self as a prison (the Gnostic idea) and the adoption of an avatar as liberating and convenient. When this is introduced from a very young age (and this technology will become more and more realistic) the line between reality and simulacrum will become blurred and young developing kids will suffer split personalities or a distributed identity disorder as they inhabit many roles and many worlds.

This is why they are pushing so hard for the non-existence of free will  and for so called fluid (trans) identity.  They do not want individuals with a strong sense of self , sovereignty and free will.  However, it gets worse because with AI they can now outsource your executive function. You become a node in the machine.  We are talking cognitive distribution -human machine distribution which at @2:18 becomes human digital twins.  These can act independently from you in the metaverse.    They have gleaned that much data and even the voice printing has (very recently) become that good that you can’t tell the difference.  So your avatar could with the help of AI act like you, sound like you and look like you.  It can even cross the boundary into the real world and with AI make phone calls and act on your behalf.  This is all already possible. We are talking about @2:22 autonomous social systems not NPC bots but avatars that have agency. This is an ontological change and a dehumanization of man who is made in the image of God.  The education system is going to be at the forefront of introducing  pedagogic methodology that will acclimatize children @2:40 we are entering the age of Web 3.0 where even drones will be AI guided to monitor farms for ESG targets (He mentions Alison McDowell @ 3:55).  Overal a very informative and frightening show.

They are reshaping reality and reforming humanity. They are attempting to wrestle God to a halt.  We all know how that will end.

VERY WEIRD | LIARS, FIRES, AND ALIENS OH MY, Agent Orange, Tucker, Virtual LSD, Zeen-Age Wasteland (4:36)

FRANK and Jim

FRANK and Jim

Just parking this here (not watched it yet). Interested to hear what Jim has to say about the UFOs and earthquakes.

“The Quickening: UFOs, Earthquakes, and Ohio” ft Jim Lee 2/13/23 (2:06)

Deja Vu! They did the SAME thing to get us into WW2 and WW1 | Redacted with Clayton Morris (31 min)

Catherine Austin Fitts

Catherine Austin Fitts

Former Assistant HUD Secretary and Wall Street Dillon Read & Co. Partner Catherine Austin Fitts returns to the Dark Journalist show and reveals how the Central Bankers and the Deep State have implemented a worldwide surveillance and transaction tracking infrastructure to harvest humanity physically, financially and spiritually. Catherine sees this as a time to choose between freedom and tyranny and suggests we have a limited time to restore the Constitution and Rule of Law.

Dark Journalist & Catherine Austin Fitts: It’s Happening Now! Global Control Coup (1 hour)


TURKEY – UKRAINE Crisis Accelerates COLLAPSE in Turkey. LIRA Falls 5% and INFLATION now above 50% (22 min).

When news of the Russian invasion of UKRAINE broke the TURKISH LIRA fell 5% and the exchange rate against the US DOLLAR fell to 14.6 to 1. Turkey is highly dependent on Russian NATURAL GAS but there are also a variety of other issues that will impact upon the Turkish Economy. In this video I review all of the issues affecting Turkey and asses the likely impact of this conflict on Turkey. For more details check out the list of Chapters below. Thanks for watching and please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE. If you like this video and are would like to buy me a coffee please click the link below. THANK YOU it is very much appreciated. https://www.buymeacoffee.com/JoeBABL Chapters:


I like Catherine Austin Fitts and she talks a lot of sense.  It is quite clear that the financial system is on the brink of collapse and about to be replaced with something.  We know that a digital bock chain currency has been planned for decades.  We also know that many people are pushing to get away from a debt based system and they want sound money. All the problems that we are seeing (virus,climate agenda, war) are related to two things:

  1. Financial system
  2. Incoming catastrophic physical changes

They need to secure and reduce the populations before this happens otherwise they loose their power. Everything that you see now (including geoengineering) has been done to achieve this end. Now these people are not stupid and they have run the financial system for 500 years.  You don’t think they plan decades ahead?    You don’t think that they know that huge physical changes are incoming?  They control everything.  They even control the opposition.  Do you think these people do not understand that such vast changes cannot be made unless they are accepted by the public?  You cannot force your will on 8 billion people. They have to chose it as the lesser of two evils.   So they offer you something unacceptable and then they offer the solution.  It is called the Hegelian Dialectic.  Like they  say, “we will change your behavior and you won’t even know it.”    Frightened people make bad choices.

Is Catherine Austin Fitts controlled?   Are they all controlled? Perhaps.  More likely that their opposition is genuine and is being indirectly promoted to further the banker agenda. They now use A.I. to measure and qualify the public social responses and they can direct policy accordingly.  Call me cynical but they will get you where they want you and you will think it was your idea all along (lolz).  Place your faith in God any other substitute is false hope,