UK Column News – 21st October 2020

UK Column News – 21st October 2020


Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today’s UK Column News.

00:29 – The Fake Rebellion in the North – Where’s the pandemic? ONS figures showing no current excess mortality


Andy Burnham Press Conference: –…

Dan Jarvis Statement: –…

Office OF National Statistics: –…

05:59 – If Not Mortality what is driving the government’s claims of a pandemic? The issues of non infectious RNA and massive over amplification of PCR cycles.


HPSE: –…

WHO Protocols: –…

12:30 – Roll Up for your COVID 19 Test: – A look at claims about so called rapid testing. And how it reveals the globalist origins of policy.


Collinson: –

Grant Shapps Statements: – “…

19:52 – Scotland Yard Acting as the Stasi – terrfying article spun in the Mail. Is it a news report of fear inducing propaganda? The constant bleeding from law into policy into guidance.


Mail Article: –…

Crowdjustice: – The Coronovairus Act is null and void –

Crowdjustice: – Simon Dolan Campaign: –

27:20 – Cressida Dick (head of the Metropolitan Police Potential Links to Israeli Police?


Jewish News Article: –…

34:23 – Monitoring What’s left of the Fishing Fleet. 


Victoria Prentis statement: –…

36:54 – Facebook censorship

39:57 – Patrick Henningsen U.S Election coverage

41:18 – New START Treaty extension – Alex Thomson analysis


Russian Foreign Ministry Statement: –…

Morgan Ortagus Statement:-…

45:30 – The Atlantic Future Forum on the Queen Elizabeth floating conference centre.Mark Sedwill’s comments reveals the deep state reality.


The Atlantic Future Forum: –

50:07 – Undermining of the U.S. Democracy – highlighting how the rediculous Russiagate narrative potentially exposes an effective coup inthe U.S.


Consortium News Article: –…

54:14 – Media and Military Job Cuts


Forces Net Article: –…

59:34: – Attack on “Covid Conspiracy Theorists” – Is it written by a member of the public or government propagandists?


Anonymous Telegraph Article: –…

UK Column News – 14th October 2020

UK Column News – 14th October 2020

Another excellent show and recommended viewing.  The UK is becoming a dictatorship. I find it incredible that people still believe that this is about a virus.  Rather depressing how easy it is to fool the masses. Common purpose has spread its poison through all the institutions.   The cabinet office now holds sway even over security.  The prime Minister effectively holds all the reins of power as the MP’s have nothing to say.   If there ever was democracy it is dead now. However, remember that Boris is only a front-man – a puppet.   The real power is still hidden.   Immunity passports and tyranny are coming.  The stupid churches say that this is God’s doing and we must obey the law.  They kiss beast-ass and will end up in the lake of fire.  And three cheers for Vanessa – may God watch over all truth tellers.


Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson are joined by Alex Thomson and Vanessa Beeley for today’s UK Column News.

00.24 – Why were the UK Passport Office giving medical advice – a look at Common Pass and World Economic Forum backed bio-security travel restrictions.


ONS & HM Passport Office Medical Advice: –…

Tobias Ellwood Statement: –…

The Commons Project (Common Pass): –

Sunderland Echo: –…

04:41 – Breakdown of the UK: looking at the centralised power and control being built by the Cabinet Office. 

07:40 – Red Pill Germany (RPG) – analysis of excess mortality comparing flu to COVID 19


RPG-Video: –

12:25 – The Big Vitamin D Mistake – look at another peer reviewed paper highlighting the importance of Vitamin D to immunity


Peer Reviewed Paper: –

14:11 – Amnesty International Report Lockdown failures which increased the risks to the most vulnerable. 


Amnesty International Article: –…

Link To Report: –

16:11 – The Great Big Dutch Hammer – looking at how the same disastrous policies are adopted across Europe. The impact on the economy and unemployment. 


Dutch News: –…

17:15 – European Economic News – economic destruction continues.


Eurostat: –…

Andrea Enria Statement: –…

20:44 – Working from home – the tax, health and safety and social implications of the new work from home economy. 


UK Gov Tax Relief: –

HSE: –

22:53 – Vanessa Beeley – A clear, proposed propaganda attack on independent media and academics by the BBC. The threatening of journalists with legal action by the BBC. 


Middle East Eye Article: –…

Link To Leaked Documents: –

Chloe Hadjimatheou – Questions and statements to Vanessa Beeley –

The New Jihadism Paper: –…

Saving Syria’s Children Robert Stuart Report: –

BBC Media Action Country Case Study Syria: –

Telegraph Article – BBC Fake News –

44:46 – Failure of Government Ministers to respond to the important questions from the electorate – Responses are being fielded by Cabinet 


COVID 19 Hub (HCID??) –

47:06 – Exeter’s Igloos (dining pods) – looking at the breakdown of democratic processes and disregard 


Devon Online: –…

East Devon News: –…

They Work For You Notice: –

Earl of Devon Statement: –

54:00 – Have MP’s Lost the Plot? The pernicious impact of the party whip system. The reneging of parliamentary responsibility by MP’s. 

63:41 – Devon and Cornwall Police Video – looking at use of public funds to make transgender awareness cartoons. (A tomatoe is a fruit btw)


Devon and Cornwall Police Video Tweet –



UK Column News – 25th September 2020

UK Column News – 25th September 2020

0:44 Conflict of interests
Patrick Vallance has 6k shareholding in vaccines
4:20 Big Pharma advising government
They are all compromised
Imperial college and Welcome Trust
funded (or connected) to the Bill and Melinda gates Foundation
Sir Patrick Vallance CSO former head of GSK
Chris Whitty CMO board member of Gates funded CEPI vaccine coalition
Kate Bingham on board of DDF investment
9:02 T Cells Immunity
We already have herd immunity
11:52 Matt Hancock- THEY ADMIT
Government strategy all about vaccines
12:59 Conversation in the United States
Dr Scott Atlas head of CoronaVirus task force
There is T Cell immunity
15:05 Believe the science
16:52 Nest of Vipers….Chris Whitty
18:15 NHS app -track and trace
21:46 The contact tracing app is not mandated (yet)
mixed messages
23:17 Rishi Sunak
Chancellor of the exchequer
Job support scheme from November
Only 22% paid by gov
Institute for Government
Only save some jobs
27:29 Mark Carney former Governor BOE
If you are on the wrong side you will go bankrupt
No credit extended
29:42 2 Trillion debt
100% of GDP
33:00 Students lockdown for Xmas
37:33 Updated infection fatality -survial rates for Covid19.
39:42 90% of Coronavirus tests are not fale positives
41:40 false Positives
Prof Carl Heneghan – false positives could be as high as 50%
42:45 Are they right? Yes…but…(ha, ha)
Being disingenuous
47:39 Hospital admissions
51:27 When is covid Covid?
54:24 Boris Johnson

Two minute out takes for Twitter

UK Column News – 16th September 2020

UK Column News – 16th September 2020

Another great show highlighting the fascist takeover of the UK, the necessity for “daily” testing and immunity passports. At about 30 minutes they discus the threat to burn down a church because of LGBT remarks.  Also the regionalization and fragmentation of the UK which follows the EU model and the subjection of common law etc to treaty law (so much for Brexit). Lastly the pending case against Loyds Bank Corruption is exposed.


UK Column News – 4th September 2020

UK Column News – 4th September 2020


Britain is supposed to be leaving the EU but has ever closer ties to military union. Watch from 15 minutes onward.  Of particular interest was the remarks on…… 


Covid Hot Spots

covid Hot Spots=

Covid hot spots are being modeled by Imperial College:

Using data on daily reported cases and weekly reported deaths and mathematical modelling, the team report the probability (%) that a local authority will become a hotspot in the following week.


Now far be it from us to criticize any modelling that comes from Imperial because we know they have an impressive record established by Ferguson.   One cannot help but see something sinister in this approach because it is also being discussed in Australia:


A feudal system of control?

As the UK column points out this fits the wider agenda of  “devolution” of power which sounds like a good thing. However just as with the word “sustainability” (which also sounds good) it is about power and control not about the environment or decentralization. Even more sinister is that common purpose is involved with this agenda.

The idea seems to be the formation of city states -fragmented feudal areas under the control of tin pot officials (Mayors).  The real power will still reside with the supra-national institutions and the nation state as such will cease to exist.

Predictive modeling allows the targeting of troublesome areas so that we do not get dangerous outbreaks.    Do you see how that works?   Do you see how readily the language of “safety” and “quarantine”  fits the martial-law narrative.  Do you remember how they locked down those flats in Melbourne?

They are combining police and military or at the very least the police are becoming a paramilitary unit – being armed with automatic weapons to combat “terror”.

If one thing is clear, the whole drive towards diversity etc is about fragmentation.  In essence nations are (or used to be) big “families”  or “tribes” of people who are genetically and culturally similar.  This explains why they detest nations and the family unit. It is difficult to control people who have a natural affinity towards each other.  Of course this has overtones of the Kalergi Plan which is described as a “right-wing conspiracy theory” (isn’t it always?) , however, the result of untrammeled and unassimilated immigration without limits is not diversity but mono-culture. The result is  a homogeneous genetic and cultural monolith not diversity. Nature abhors mono-cultures.   Imagine if all dog breeds  were the same, or all flowers etc.  Of course, the elite will maintain their separateness. Endogamy explains   the prevalence of genetic defects among such in-groups.

Ultimate control comes with food rationing – this is what project Salus is about.  See the article below.  They are destroying food supply chains in advance of the Grand Solar Minimum because this will give them additional leverage over populations.

Back to the Past

This is not Back to the Future but back to the past.  A feudal system with overlords and a peasant surf class. The serf class will be reduced to the bare minimum to keep the economy functioning which will be run by AI and enhanced (transhuman) “gods”.   Much of the work will be done by robots.


Grand Solar Minimum

 Control the food control the people

Bean counting



UK Column News – 27th July 2020

UK Column News – 27th July 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today’s UK Column News.

START – Compulsory face masks and a new anti-obesity drive
Teachers’ unions call for compulsory face masks for schoolchildren…
What is really driving the Covid mask policy…? 
As Covid infections fall away to almost nothing, masks become compulsory…?
Government’s creeping regulations are taking more and more power over people…
Asthma UK produces revised mask advice, lacking in factual information
UK Column viewer email regarding the danger of masks
Official mask advice is reckless at minimum – still no risk assessments provided
15:26 – My Last Will and Testament: Covid threat to last for ever…?
Chaos continues: Vietnam evacuates 80,000 from city after 3 positive Covid-19(84) cases
CV testing is creating much of the hype and furore surrounding the ‘pandemic’
UKC viewer email regarding Covid-19 and high level NHS opinion on Covid…
20:56 – NHS to benefit from £13.4 billion debt write-off…? Where is the money coming from…?
David Scott writes to the Scottish government with NHS debt write-off questions
October 2018: SNP to write off £150 million of debt from Scotland’s hospitals
Precious metal: gold hits a new record high in UK and USA as Dollar freefall accelerates
Jim Grant (Grant’s Interest Rate Observer): a most curious juxtaposition 
ZeroHedge: is the ‘monetary moment’ sparking a loss of faith in FIAT…?
A new historical time is upon us: what will happen next…?
All of this is happening under the smokescreen of Covid…
West Sussex County Council: an ‘Economy Reset Plan’ is in the offing
The ‘great reset’ is coming down to the local level – more ‘climate change’ agenda ahead
BBC: Covid agenda pushed hard but virtually nothing on the state of economy
BoE Chief Economist Andrew Haldane: there had been a V-shaped bounceback
40:55 – Defence Secretary Wallace: we are putting Space at the heart of Britain’s defence
Russiagate Fake News: Steele dossier now completely debunked
47:03 – BBC: what the heroin industry can teach us about solar power
Almost 80% of Afghan opium now comes from the South-West, including Helmand
BBC report suggests opium production is part of the ‘green’ economy
Afghan opium production virtually stopped in 2001 under the Taliban…
53:27 – Free to Disagree campaign launches in Scotland
Hate Crimes Bill makes it possible for people to be prosecuted over remarks made at the dinner table
Still no definition of ‘hate’…
Book recommendation: The Politics of Heroin by Alfred W. McCoy





UK Column News – 24th July 2020

UK Column News – 24th July 2020


Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today’s UK Column News.

START – CoronaVirus: new face covering rules (recommendations) come into force in England
Confusing messages: Lidl’s statement – do not refuse entry to customers not wearing covering…
Twitter mask fans use the term ‘new face mask law’ to imply it is a legal requirement
Brexit divisiveness is now amplified with friction between mask users and non-users
21 Wire: American Appeasement – poll finds 72% support mask mandates punishable by fine or jail time
BBC propaganda: how to wear a mask…
Mask madness: a look at some apparently ‘appropriate’ masks
USA: California sees a surge in armed robberies as criminals use CV face masks to hold up stores
SAS-trained security expert: CV face masks could be used by terrorists to hide their identity
Pro-mask advocates seem to be largely on the left of the political spectrum as with Brexit remainers
25:36 – Coroni is confused: employees seem immune while customers are in danger…
CV national response: different laws in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
New ‘local lockdowns’ mean different ‘laws’ in counties and cities = the end of Common Law
Covid-19 Law Lab: collecting legal documents from the Covid-19 response (globally)
National sovereignty…? Globalists are taking advantage of this crisis to increase their control…
What’s coming this winter: UK to vaccinate thirty million people during flu season this year
Matt Hancock: Prime Minister announces £3 billion to ‘protect the NHS’
Chris Whitty: having the (flu) vaccine protects you and helps reduce transmission to others
Ramping up the flu vaccine allows many other respiratory diseases to increase
Flu vaccine has been pushed for years with no reduction in numbers
UK herd immunity: Prof. Sunetra Gupta (Oxford University) questions the CV narrative
Antibody testing for CoronaVirus is not the whole story…
Wonder vaccine panacea: AstraZeneca’s vaccine generated immune response in 1000 patients
The MainStream Media narrative: immunity can only come from a vaccine
AstraZeneca CoronaVirus vaccine trials are taking place in Brazil
Prof. Gupta: we are closing ourselves off not just to the disease, but to other aspects of being human
The Telegraph: (CV) lockdown may cost 200,000 lives, government report shows
Government is taking huge risks at the public’s expense
41:50 – UK Column viewers send serious CoronaVirus questions to their MPs
What was Coroni doing before the lockdown began…?
Suffolk MP Dan Poulter skirts his questions and suggests some may be libellous…
The Telegraph: viral second wave fear will drive us into another lockdown
Telegraph article: Imperial College’s research needs to be particularly scrutinised
Media should put its energies into probing the dishonesty of politicians & assertions of scientists
49:14 – Ex-NSA Bill Binney’s press conference now available on YouTube