Not dying for ZOG

Not dying for ZOG

“Israel Is Not Looking For Diplomacy, Here’s Why” (3 min)

Borrell, don’t forget about Ukraine. Elensky, 500 meters a day. Orban, EU bad parody of USSR. U/1 (31 min)

Israel Divisions, US No Plan, US Generals to Israel; China Peace Conf; Rus-Brazil Confer (1:33min)

Rishi Sunak’s time as UK PM is running out (21 min)

China Stocks Plummet To Record Lows As Capital Flees | US-China Crisis In South China Sea

Erdogan backstabs Putin

Erdogan backstabs Putin

Erdogan backstabs Putin. Azovstal release, PR win Elensky. Odessa chess move? Yellen bows. U/1 (31 min)

Tobias wants UK (and NATO) boots on the ground in Ukraine (25 min)


Ukraine’s Offensive Suffering Heavy Losses, Azov Commanders Return (28 min)

Operation Day-D| Ukrainian Hopes For Success Have Vanished. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.07.10 (9 min)

Party Time

Party Time

This is what they told the public:


It was all a joke to them.  They mocked and laughed at us.  Matt Hancock was having an affair as was Neil Ferguson while everyone was locked down.  They made everyone applaud the NHS.  People are stupid sheep.

Party Time (12 min)


UK 1984, Boris Johnson and the privileges committee (18 min)

Bad week for Boris Johnson (18 min)




State of decay across the UK

State of decay across the UK (20 min)

Will the last person turn out the lights?  Boy am I glad that I got my pension out.  I knew it. They are swirling the drain now. How they have treated their people. A disgrace. What a joke they are now.  I loved living in the UK, good people but the “elite” have destroyed  the UK.


Don’t let them blame Russia

Don’t let them blame Russia

They will try to blame Russia for food shortages but it is deliberate.  They are trying to close farms in Holland one of the worlds biggest food (fruit and veg) suppliers and  they are shutting down fertilizer plants and power plants.


Food shortages in the UK – Alarming (7 min)