Going for broke

Going for broke

Going for broke (21 min)

Putin just DESTROYED the WEF and NATO in this speech | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris (20 min)

Putin Dubbed “LEADER OF THE WORLD”. Grain Deal Fails. Aeroflot To Receive 339 Russian-Made Planes.(23 min)

KEEP CALM and Liz Truss is now UK PM (21 min)

Russia Stops Offensive in Kherson, Preparing Counterattack; Repels Ukraine Attacks in Kharkov Region (42 min)

😱 European UK, German Energy Cost EMERGENCY 😰 (8 min)

Boris Johnson Commando

Boris Johnson Commando

Hang on, Ukraine tried to do WHAT to these nuclear inspectors? | Redacted with Clayton Morris (15 min)

Britain May Need IMF Loan As Europe And The UK Head Towards Economic Meltdown and Socialism (12 min)

Europe’s self inflicted destruction (4 min)

Russia Claims Repelled Ukraine Commando Attack Zaporozhie NPP; Ukraine Fails to Advance in Kherson (50 min)

2019 RAND Paper Warned US of Failure During Ukraine Conflict (25 min)



RUSSIA Switches Off NORD STREAM Gas Supply Causing MAJOR CONCERNS in GERMANY (17 min)

Not watched this yet but remember Joe is very pro-west ex city of London finances probably recruited by intelligence agencies to put out propaganda:

UK blackouts are coming (3 min)

World on Fire

World on fire

They are determined to wreck the economy and make us beg for the beast system.

Japan, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Germany and UK. Global economic collapse (19 min)

Russia Destroys 2 HIMARS, UK’s Johnson Falling, China ignores Sanctions, Deepens Trade with Russia (55 min)

They just moved us one step closer to THE GREAT RESET (9 min)

Regime Change

Regime Change

Very good video showing the link between the Arab Spring which ruined the Middle East and Africa and Ukraine and (next?) Thailand…China etc.  All these “independent” media organisations and NGOs are funded by the USA and UK.  They are bringing “freedom” and “democracy”  all over the world.

Oslo Freedom Forum: US Proxies Train and Plan for the Next “Ukraine” (21 min)

The Oslo Freedom Forum serves as the latest iteration of the US State Department’s training ground for subversion around the globe – following in line US-sponsored unrest in Ukraine in 2014 and the so-called “Arab Spring” in 2011. Who is attending the Oslo Freedom Forum, what takes place there, and what is expected of attendees once they return to their respective nations? References:

Oslo Freedom Forum (OFF) – About: https://oslofreedomforum.com/about/ OFF – 2022 Sponsors: https://oslofreedomforum.com/sponsors/ Freedom Fund – Investors and Supporters: https://freedomfund.org/about/investors/ NYT – U.S. Groups Helped Nurture Arab Uprisings: https://www.nytimes.com/2011/04/15/wo… Prachatai – About: https://prachatai.com/english/about/p… iLaw – About: https://ilaw.or.th/about Nation – iLaw launches petition for charter rewrite: https://www.nationthailand.com/in-foc… Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR) – About: https://tlhr2014.com/en/about-us-2 US National Endowment for Democracy (NED) – Thailand 2014 (TLHR’s funding): http://web.archive.org/web/2015081002… Frontline Defenders – Arnon Nampa: https://www.frontlinedefenders.org/en… TIME – Meet the Lawyer Trying to Reform the Thai Monarchy: https://time.com/5890121/thai-king-th… OFF – Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit: https://oslofreedomforum.com/speakers… OFF – Democratization in Thailand: 100 Years of Struggle | Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit | 2020 OFF: https://youtu.be/FgrcBg80vws Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit (Facebook) – attendance of 2022 OFF: https://www.facebook.com/ThanathornOf… OFF – ​Netiwit Chotiphatphaisal: https://oslofreedomforum.com/speakers… Netiwit Chotiphatphaisal (Twitter) – announcing collaboration with US-funded Uyghur Human Rights Project: https://twitter.com/NetiwitC/status/1… US NED – UYGHUR HUMAN RIGHTS POLICY ACT BUILDS ON WORK OF NED GRANTEES (UHRP’s NED funding): https://www.ned.org/uyghur-human-righ…. OFF – Pravit Rojanaphruk: https://oslofreedomforum.com/speakers… Pravit R. (Twitter) – attending US NED-funded IPI World Congress: https://twitter.com/PravitR/status/14… IPI 2021 (documents Pravit R.’s attendence): https://ipi.media/journalism-takes-ce… Where to Find My Work: Visit The New Atlas Website: https://newatlas.report/ (backup site): https://landdestroyer.blogspot.com/ Odysee (YouTube alternative): https://odysee.com/@LandDestroyer:8 Rumble (YouTube alternative): https://rumble.com/c/c-1459863

What a mess

What a mess

Boris Johnson loses interest in UK as economy craters, war with Russia top priority (18 min)

Scott Ritter: “Ukraine Is More NATO Today Than It Has Ever Been” (3 min)

Polish Troops Spotted in East Ukraine, Ukrainian Refugee STEALS UK Womans Husband! (18 min)

Debunking the “Debunkers” – Ukrainian M777 Howitzers Attacked (8 min)

Ukraine Fires Incendiary(Phosphorus) shells On Civilian Homes says Residents (23 min)

Coronavirus Bill (HC Bill 122)

Coronavirus Bill (HC Bill 122)

I came across this as a set of tweets:

The U.K. govt new bill is terrifying – lawfully dissenting is our reproach under common law…Coronavirus Bill (HC Bill 122)

The Coronavirus Bill can be found here

The emergency Coronavirus Bill will be rushed through as LAW

Today sees the 2nd reading, if passed it will immediately proceed to 3rd and on. And contains the most draconian powers ever proposed in peace-time Britain.

New powers WILL affect OUR freedom and take away OUR rights – And this is how the main body, potentially translates as…

* Forced detention and isolation can be of anyone, including children, and for any amount of time.
KIDNAPPING with no accountability

* Authorities can FORCIBLY take biological samples from your body.
Human rights rights REMOVED

* There’s no clear access to legal rights from as-yet unidentified isolation facilities.
Financial crisis or remedies DENIED

* Powers last up to 2.5 years
Lockdown powers could prevent protests against measures.

* State surveillance safeguards weakened.
Track & Trace will be used as the equivalent of monitoring travel, and where ELECTRONIC TAG – Your mobile

Protections from forced detainment and treatment under Mental Health Act lowered.
If you put up any belligerence or defensive, the establishment can SHUT YOU DOWN and a permanent record placed against you

* Cremations can be enforced against personal and religious wishes.
TO DENY EVIDENCE of murder by lethal injection for no medical reason

* Changes to the Court system. The total REMOVAL of personal and civil rights, under Common Law
* Registration of deaths, will state Covid

* No inquests into suspicious deaths!
DENYING challenges the BS of dying from an ear ache justifys death by lethal injection

* No requirement for any medical certification for burials or cremations!
FAST TRACK cover up
It also indemnifies the Health Service should they fail for what ever reason to provide care.
They can literally murder, with no investigation

The most frightening part?

* Only ONE medical ‘officer’ is required to sign off COMPULSORY TREATMENT ORDER which means…

In the real world you can be forced to accept medication. Or held down and injected with whatever is seen fit

THAT is the biggest and worst threat to your own freedoms

Local Authorities will now be exempted from compliance with their duties under The Care Act 2014. Schedule 11

If someone dies in police custody or any type of custody they can simply dispose of the body without any paperwork medical exam or certification or inquest. If they test positive.