Western Hypocrisy

Western Hypocrisy

It is a bit bad when Russia and Iran are showing themselves to be reasonable and restrained and the West is demonstrating that they are nutters, liars and psychopaths.


Cameron hypocrisy. Ukraine-Russia Black Sea deal. Macron, Olympics truce. Little ditty, Jake & Biden (37 min)

Israel Strike Coming, Ukr Troops Encircled Berdychi, Budanov Panics, Ukr War West’s Suez Moment (1:27 min)

It’s OVER for Ukraine and Zelensky can’t hide it ANYMORE | Redacted w Natali and Clayton Morris


Prof. Jeffrey Sachs : Is the West Tired of Ukraine? (34 min)

Anya Parampil: No Moral Equivalency — Israel and Iran. (27 min)

🔴 Iran’s Retaliation: Implications of the Attack on Israel | Syriana Analysis W/ Mohammad Marandi (53 min)

Biden has destroyed Ukraine

Biden has destroyed Ukraine

Biden is a busy man.  It is a wonder that he finds time to destroy Ukraine between announcing Trans -visibility day and hunting for Oyster eggs.  I don’t know how he even finds time to lick his ice cream cones

Jeffrey Sachs: Biden Has DESTROYED Ukraine, More Funding Would Be INSANE (14 min)

The Bloom | Ukrainian Line is Collapsing | Encirclement Of Bilohorivka | Military Summary 2024.04.02 (27 min)


Israel Strikes Iran Generals; Kharkov Empties No Power; Rus Reaches Chasov Yar, Tonenka Breakthrough (1:20 min)

Airstrike Iran consulate, WCKitchen. Drone reaches Tatarstan. Kharkov exodus. Siege of Crimea begins (32 min)

Israel and America Are at War with Iran, Russia and China (7 min)

Russia issues ultimatum to Ukraine (26 min)

USA doing business in China while stopping its Allies from Trading with China (12 min)

Ukraine did it

Ukraine did it

Ukraine is a Nazi terrorist state run by Jews.  It blew up the gas pipeline of Germany and has an online kill list. I am calling it.  Done by Ukraine with support by MI6 and CIA.

Killing innocent people is what they do.  Nasty.

Support for Putin within Russia was already high….now he will have a mandate to do whatever he wants with 100% backing of the Russian people. 

INTEL Roundtable w/ Johnson & McGovern: Roundup on Ukraine and Gaza (28 min)

Lunatics in charge

Lunatics in charge

I watched all these videos.  The West is a disgrace, soaked in blood and hypocritical.   The fate of Gonzalo Lira is a tragedy.  It reminds me of Julian Assange. The West is run by liars, propagandists and murderers.   What about Russia and China?  I am sure they have their fair share as well but to pretend that the West has some sort of moral ascendancy is a joke.  I hope the Houthis kick butt and I hope that clown Zelensky gets chased out of Ukraine and as for Sunak and Biden. What a pair of degenerates.


This Will Definitely Backfire On The United States! (18 min)


‘Lunatics have taken over!’ | Neil Oliver on air strikes in Yemen, Britain’s borders and more (12 min)


Ukraine DEMANDS women join the war and orders 50,000 ladies uniforms in last ditch effort | Redacted (5 min)

Houthis Defiant After 2nd US Strike, Threaten Action; Rus Missile Strike Hammers Ukr, NYT Ukr Losing (1:11 min)


Gonzalo Lira. Lagarde, Trump threat to EU. Sunak, as long as it takes. Medvedev warns UK (31 min)

Game Over

Game Over

Ukraine is finished (4 min)

UN Article 99. Nikki, name 3 provinces. The Putin isolated. Ursula, most powerful. U/1 (42 min)

Project Ukraine Unravels: Senate No Funds, Ukr Troops Avdeyevka Want Retreat; UAE, Saudi Hero Putin (1:17 min)


The Fall | The Russians Captured Leopard 2a4 | All Eyes On Bakhmut Front. Military Summary 2023.12.7 (27 min)

Biden’s Ukraine BLACKMAILING scam EXPOSED! Says Putin will invade Europe | Redacted News (24 min)

Ukraine defeat, Gaza slaughter

Ukraine defeat, Gaza slaughter

Very good interview with Prof. Sachs (who is Jewish by the way). Mass killing supported by the USA.  Genocide. 

Putin tried to kill me five times

Putin tried to kill me five times

One of the assassination attempts has been caught on camera:

The Return of the Pink Panther (3/10) Movie CLIP – Freezer Ambush (1975) HD (4 min)


Gaza 4 day ceasefire. The Sun, Putin tried to kill me 5 times. Shoigu, 13.7K November losses. U/1 (43 min)


Ukr Avdeyevka Collapsing: Shoigu: Rus Arms Output Multiplies; Gaza 4-Day Pause; BRICS Troops Gaza (1:24 min)


Russian economy investment boom, industrial surge (16 min)


“Ukraine’s ARMY is about to Collapse and it’s OVER” Fmr. Marine Scott Ritter | Redacted News (20 min)

Col. Douglas Macgregor: Will Israeli War on Gaza Soon be Regional? (29 min)