Putin tried to kill me five times

Putin tried to kill me five times

One of the assassination attempts has been caught on camera:

The Return of the Pink Panther (3/10) Movie CLIP – Freezer Ambush (1975) HD (4 min)

Gaza 4 day ceasefire. The Sun, Putin tried to kill me 5 times. Shoigu, 13.7K November losses. U/1 (43 min)


Ukr Avdeyevka Collapsing: Shoigu: Rus Arms Output Multiplies; Gaza 4-Day Pause; BRICS Troops Gaza (1:24 min)


Russian economy investment boom, industrial surge (16 min)


“Ukraine’s ARMY is about to Collapse and it’s OVER” Fmr. Marine Scott Ritter | Redacted News (20 min)

Col. Douglas Macgregor: Will Israeli War on Gaza Soon be Regional? (29 min)

Geostrategic update

Geostrategic update

US/EU float negotiations with Russia. Elensky ready to visit Israel. Croatia FM kisses Annalena. U/1 (31 min)

Biden in Bind, Netanyahu Rejects Gaza Pause, Ambulances Bombed; Ukr War Lost, US Wants Kiev Talks (1:17 min)

Zelensky TERRIFIED Ukraine Is Being Abandoned For Israel! (15 min)

Last Night Was the Worst Night by Far. Gaza. 9 years back. (4 min)

Voices Israel Wants to Silence

Steven Ben-Nun is a Jewish Christian and Daniel Cohen is also Jewish.


War is Peace

War is Peace

US massive military buildup. Biden threatens Iran. EU visa for Russians to overthrow Putin. U/1 (36 min)

Israeli Military UPSET Israeli Hostages Are Being Released! Wait, Wut?!?! (13 min)

The Fall | Ukraine Can’t Cope With Russian Offensive. Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.10.26 (19 min)

Newsom Meets Xi Jinping As Biden Warns China: Don’t Start War | Hong Kong | US-China (9 min)

WW3 Primer

WW3 Primer

They are doing their best to kick off WW3. Got to hand it to them. They are persistent.

“This Is Genocide”: FULL Interview with Palestine’s Ambassador on Israel & Gaza (39 min)

Arab States Reject Gaza Population Expulsion; Putin Netanyahu Talks; US Secretly Gives Ukr ATACMS (1:31min)

The Fall | World War 3 Is Just Around The Corner | Disaster At Verbove. Military Summary 2023.10.17 (24 min)

Russia and China diplomacy for war off-ramp. Isolated Biden goes to Israel (45 min)

Yellen, US can support 2 wars. Biden to Israel. Putin talks to Netanyahu. Second front concerns. U/1 (27 min)

US Proxy Wars: Israel Gears Up for Gaza Incursion as Initiative Passes to Russia in Ukraine (44 min)

Straight Talk

Straight Talk

Straight Talk with Hungarian FM Peter Szijjarto | Ukraine-Russia Conflict | India-Hungary | WION (14 min)

Trudeau, $650M to Elensky. Black Sea HQ strike. Bakhmut, Tokmak on foot. Lavrov-Szijjarto meet. U/1 (45 min)

“They will have to leave or be killed” Armenia REVOLUTION unfolds, calls for new government (17 min)

Trudeau’s Skripal moment, ruins relations with India (20 min)

The Gonzalo Lira Operation?

The Gonzalo Lira Operation?

This video makes a good case for Gonzalo Lira being an SBU operation to collect meta data on opponents.  Well in that case I am on their list.  That does not mean that his critique of Ukraine is not correct because it was.  

Gonzalo Lira Why I stand with Scott Ritter and Eva Bartlett- new circumstantial evidence