Zelensky Bad Day

Zelensky Bad Day

Zelensky Bad Day: Republicans Reject Ukr Funding, Marinka Falls, Rus Enters Avdeyevka; BRICS UN Gaza (1:18 min)

Elensky gets $200M military aid. Ukraine, as long as we can. Milei 360. CNN, 87% Russia troops lost (45 min)

Biden not briefed on attacks on ships in Middle East (13 min)

The Fall | Battle For Pobeda And Siversk| Unstoppable Russian Offensive. Military Summary 2023.12.13 (23 min)

Brutally Unrealistic | Scott Ritter (1:08min)

Countdown to Armageddon

Countdown to Armageddon

They need a huge false flag in the USA to justify attacking….
Hamas? Hezbollah? Iran? China? Fill in the blanks but first they want to genocide Gaza.

United States on Terrorist Alert – SITREP 10.25.23 (48 min)

Oops, Israel is hogging all the light and Kiev is jealous.

Israel, Kiev Panic; Israel: UN SecGen Resign; China Russia Gain Ground UN; Kiev Avdeyevka Crisis (1:02)

Macron is going to put his big boy pants on and fight Hamas (lolz) the world is nuts.

Haley demands UN Guterres resign. Macron’s plan to fight Hamas. Elensky delusions of grandeur. U/1 (35 min)

We burnt German babies and civilians to death when we fire bombed Dresden so why can’t we collectively punish Gaza?

Using U.S. WW2 War Crimes To Justify Current War Crimes BackFires!

The war in Ukraine is still ongoing and Russia is still winning even though you hear nothing about it.

The Fall | HUGE Ammo Depot Was Blown Up In Khmelnytskyi | Nuclear Tests. Military Summary 2023.10.25 (23 min)

Burn it down

Burn it down

Man made or natural?   You decide.



Maui Fires Death Toll Rises To 80 – Tarantula Migration – Antarctic Lies – Hunga Tonga Review (9 min)

Tonga Eruption Blasted Unprecedented Amount Of Water Into Stratosphere – MAY CAUSE GLOBAL WARMING?


Solar Maximum, Nova Discovery, Saturn Superstorms | S0 News Aug.12.2023 (3 min)

Australia losing sovereignty

Australia losing sovereignty


The next video is from 1991.  That is 32 years ago that Jeremy Lee  Warned but Few People Seem to Notice, Even Fewer Seem to Care. Listen Now and Tell Me How Much You Think Has Come to Pass in The Last 32 Years. If Only Every Australian Had Seen This, I Don’t Believe We Would Be Where We Are Today.

Brilliant Video. Concise, Logical, and Spelt Out in Layman’s Terms So, That Any, Every Person Can Understand This. Pinpoints Where, How, When, and Who.

It’s Very Sad to Think in So Many Ways We Have Done This to Ourselves. Yes, Government Have Orchestrated It and Sold Us All Out but It Was Our Apathy as A Nation as Australians That Allowed It All to Happen.

Jeremy Lee – The Plan, How We Got Here, NWO Australia!! (1:02)

Divide and Conquer

Divide and Conquer

Say no to divide and conquer.

Using “white guilt” to take away everything.  It is a Jewish ploy and globalist manipulation. The same people who colonized everything and created a consumer economy based on obsolescence are blaming you for their crimes. They want you to believe that the bankers (Jews) are going to fix the world. All  that is needed is for you to loose everything including your bodily autonomy.  If you think this is about aboriginal rights you are damn stupid.

Do you think the establishment care about aborigines when they have allowed them to rot and appropriated millions of their so called aid money?   Don’t you think it at least a bit suspicious that the establishment has thrown itself behind this as one man and spent so much money on the campaign?  They care about the aborigines as much as they care about the Palestinians and soon they will have you behind a walled ghetto enduring constant surveillance. Just how dumb are you?  I think you had one jab too many.



WW3 starts in Ukraine

WW3 starts in Ukraine

Why World War III may start in Ukraine (17 min)

The “Battle of Bakhmut” + Russia’s GLONASS-Guided Glide Bombs (24 min)

Borrell upset with UN. Kiev Lavra arrest. Shoigu, ammo production surge. 8 new brigades. U/1 (31 min)

End of the dollar by this year? Saudi Join SCO and buy Chinese Stealth, Brazil ASEAN trade in Yuan (40 min)

The crumbling of international law w/ Rein Müllerson, Alexander Mercouris and Glenn Diesen (1:53)

Eastern inscrutability vs Western lies

Eastern inscrutability vs Western lies

The West is looking increasingly cack-handed and untrustworthy.  The West would prefer to be feared rather than respected.  It is losing both fear and respect and we can see the global south-east  turning away.

Justin Trudeau PUT IN HIS PLACE by China’s Xi Jinping (10 min)

Xi said three things
1. Don’t leak to the press.
2. You lied, we didn’t talk about those things.
3. as Xi walked out of the camera, Xi said “very naive”

The Chinese are smart this was no accident….you can bet it was deliberately done in front of a camera and deliberately leaked. It is as if Xi was saying….we can play that game as well if you want to leak private conversations and lie. The West is increasingly losing the propaganda war and the moral high ground (if it ever had it). As for Turd-eau (about as popular as a turd at a pool party)….it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!

UN Caught Fabricating Russian Viagra R@pe Allegations (8 min)