Israel attacks Syria

Israel attacks Syria

Israel Steps Up Attacks On Syria

Without Trial, Without Charge | What Is Administrative Detention? (7 min)

Ursula von Der Leyen’s Racist Comment on Arabs (5 min)

BREAKING NEWS – Arab League readmits Syria as relations with Bashar Assad normalize (6 min)

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Israel Steal Lebanon’s Gas

Israel Steal Lebanon’s Gas

Epic rant by Richard…..language warning.   But he is right. 

EU and Israel Steal Lebanon’s Gas to Punish Putin? (13 min)

Unhinged: Israel Threatens to Bomb Assad’s Palace if… (7 mins)

 Now from the Israeli side:

Israel to Replace Russian Gas to Europe; U.S. Envoy Urges Lebanon to Compromise TV7Israel News 15.06 (12 min)

U.S. seeks Mideast architecture vs Iran; Israel-Saudi ties expected to improve TV7 Israel News 16.06  (12 min)