Pharma Stooges

Pharma Stooges

These people think we don’t know what happened.Β  We know everyone who was involved with this operation. There will be a reckoning. These are the “official” figures but a lot has been swept under the rug:

A lot of the data is obfuscated or hidden, but you can’t hide the excess deaths and last I heard it was going from 17% to 23%. That is a lot of extra people dying and they are not dying from Covid.

We are already starting to see the social consequences:

Vaccine Adverse Reactions

Vaccine Adverse Reactions

This is a very good video in which Brian discuses with Debbie (a previous critical care RN) the Adverse Reactions using the official reports.

The reports can be sourced here:

Vaccine Analysis Profile – Pfizer/BioNTech

Vaccine Analysis Profile – Oxford University/AstraZeneca

Vaccine Analytics Profile – brand unspecified

Β The full UK column article can be found here:

And now for the roadmap modelling