Plotkin: A Plot against your kin

Plotkin: A Plot against your kin

This is a nine hour deposition officially recorded in a court setting. Not evryone has time to view all nine hours but it is interesting to just dip in (time stamps below). These people are psychopaths (that much is clear). Stanley Alan Plotkin (born May 12, 1932) is a Jewish- American physician who works as a consultant to vaccine manufacturers. The deposition is a family court proceeding in which the parents disagreed as to the vaccination plan for the child during a custody dispute. Plotkin is acting as an expert witness. Dr. Stanley Plotkin, known as the “Godfather of vaccines,” in a disposition on January 11, 2018, admitted to using the tissue from 76 aborted fetuses for ONE study, all of which were three months or older and normally developed. He also admitted to using orphans to study experimental vaccines as well as mentally handicapped individuals and the babies of mothers in prison.

Plotkin was born and raised in New York City, the son of Jewish parents. Why am I not surprised?  He comes across as repulsive and it really is a plot against your kin.

Stanley Plotkin Deposition – Full Audio/Video

The World’s Most Respected Vaccine Expert exposed.

Time stamps:

  • 1:21:00 I don’t do it for the money
  • 1:24:00 Would you remember if you were paid 6 million dollars?
  • 2:44:00 Rotavirus conflict of interest
  • 2:50:30 Working Group ACIP discussions
  • 2:53:00 There’s a gavel with my name on it
  • 3:17:00 Is 5 days long enough?
  • 3:32:00 There was no placebo group?
  • 3:45:20 The package insert for MMR2
  • 3:59:20 “Serious Adverse Events”
  • 4:24:20 The GARDASIL/saline Placebo Contol
  • 4:48:00 “Double-blind works if you want to be certain, but…”
  • 5:33:00 Do vaccines cause autism?
  • 5:43:00 Shouldn’t you wait?
  • 6:05:00 We’ve been asking for 30 years
  • 6:09:00 The only placebo vs. vaccine study results
  • 6:58:00 A letter to HHS
  • 7:05:30 What kind of antigens are in vaccines?
  • 7:11:33 Calf serum, guinea pig cells, and cow’s milk
  • 7:39:20 Does Alum bind to cells?
  • 7:43:10 How many fetus’ have you worked with?
  • 7:50:40 Did you used orphans to test an experimental disease 13 years AFTER the Nuremberg Code?
  • 7:54:02 The letter to the editor of Ethics of Human Experimentation – “Its unlike Nazi philosophy”
  • 7:56:00 The 1959 experiments on over 1 million locals under Colonial Rule in the Congo has no samples left
  • 8:02:50 Do you take issues with Religious beliefs?
  • 8:12:00 Since you’re so interested in my income…
  • 8:18:30 Are you asking me if I’m launching AIDS?!
  • 8:27:00 Pertussis transmission and the Warfel studies
  • 8:31:00 How do you define an Anti-Vaxer?
  • 8:47:30 Harvard’s Study of VAERS Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System finds less than 1% are reported

Covid Vaccine deaths

A published peer reviewed article was retracted…..because…..because? Because they don’t like the truth.

Public Sanitation

Public sanitation and decent food did the heavy lifting not vaccines.  You cannot jab your way to good health.   Do you honestly think injecting heavy metals, synthetic DNA and polymers is going to make you healthy?

German Health Minister

The Culling

Now Sascha Stone and this “tribunal” may well be controlled opposition to guide us into the New Age and the “Great Awakening” (Problem,Reaction,solution) but what is being said here is true.  Trust no one.

This is in German use the settings for auto English translation. They are starting to admit.  Starting.  And they are starting to distance themselves and shift blame.  It is going to be far worse than they admit. FAR WORSE.   But don’t you worry, they have an mRNA cure for cancer.


One out of every 10,000 mRNA injections are causing vaccine injury. That’s 1 in 10,000 SHOTS, not PEOPLE. if the average vaxxed person gets 3 shots, that’s about 1 in every 3000 PEOPLE who are vax injured. A STAGGERING admission on live TV. – he is challenged by the interviewer on why he tweeted that the shots are essentially free of side effects. He calls that a “failed” tweet and says he misspoke. – he admits that the govt has been ignoring the vax injured and now he’s trying to get funds approved to set up treatment programs for them. – he admits that the pharma companies have made an exorbitant amount of $, and have zero liability for any injuries. And that the contracts signed by the German govt place all liability on the govt. and he says it would “be a nice gesture” if the pharma companies would donate some of their windfall profits towards a fund to treat the vax injured. – he distanced himself from the issue by claiming that he came on board as health minister AFTER the contracts with the pharma companies were signed so it wasn’t his call.

Noticias Repretel: Servicios de urgencias del San Juan de Dios están saturados

Emergency services of San Juan de Dios are saturated
Many patients entered the compound with heart problems.
The director of the San Juan de Dios Hospital, María Eugenia Villalta, affirmed that this type of event is an unusual situation and that at the moment they are only receiving patients in red condition.

This is in Spanish reporting on Costa Rica’s first hospital

However jab damages keep rising and here one of the countries biggest hospitals ER collapsed due to cardiac events non covid related. We also have like 5-6 people dying of cardiac events (and rising,) per day, 71% raise in heart attacks, 33% raise in diabetes deaths, similar number with hypertension, raise in cancer in young people, raise in maternal deaths,infant mortality (which had been going down for decades) and last year the lowest births in a decade. And the national statistics is giving skewed information based on projections but the actual raw data from maternity in hospitals is lower, at least 15 000 less births

They can’t hide it anymore

They can no longer hide the deaths so they will blame “long covid”  or “other variants”  and there is probably some truth in that. However, that does not let them off the hook either because who released the virus?  However, the bulk of the deaths come from the vaccines as countries that are unvaccinated (like Haiti) have low deaths (74 per million) wheras the other half of the Island (the Dominican Republic) that is wealthier and has tourism has 376 deaths per million and Australia is somewhere near 1,000 deaths.  Those are the official figures…official reported by governments as “Covid” deaths.    You can bet your boots it is actually much, much higher and they are hiding the Cause of Death (COD) and not doing autopsies in many cases. If someone dies of a heart attack was it Covid….was it the vaccine….was it neither?   Without rigorous systems it is easy to manipulate the COD.  We are being killed and made infertile.  Wake the hell up.  Smell the coffee.




They are all anecdotes and all the “evidence” is anecdotal until it isn’t anymore.

Anecdotals (1:22)

What about all the dead babies?  More anecdotes?


Here is her sub-stack:

Covid Deaths Before and After Vaccination Campaign

Covid Deaths Before and After Vaccination Campaign

I have copied this from Dead Man Talking by Joel Smalley @
and placed it on my own Odysee channel.  I intend to add my own comments when I get around to it.  The only thing I changed was the background music because my screen-capture picked up too much noise.

Covid Deaths Before and After Vaccination Campaign (9 min)

These are the comments that Joel left in response to questions –

Each country post-vax starts on the day they started their campaign. The comparison is therefore between COVID deaths since first COVID death and first COVID death after the start of the campaign. Yes, of course, each country had a different campaign start date but day 1 post-vax is always day 1 if you respect that. 687 days is the longest period since the first country started their jab campaign.

If vaccines were safe and effective, as I said in the title, you would see the post vax deaths to be lower than pre-vax and you would expect the rate (the slope of the curve) to be lower. How does it look to you?

Don't get hung up on the detail, what does your intuition tell you? In a race to the top, which line is winning - gold or purple?

The only people who die of COVID had at least one, and mainly several other comorbidities. How on earth could vaccinating ever more healthy people change that death rate?

Well, they don't all report decent data and JHU hasn't bothered to clean it up either. Only so much I can do!! And I don;t want to be accused of manipulating anything so I just left it as is...

s it says, COVID deaths before and after the vaccination campaigns. No idea who is vaccinated or not. But, if the vaccine was effective you would see a systematic reduction in COVID deaths after countries start their vaccination campaigns. And, if you believe everything they tell you, you would also see even more dramatic improvements in COVID mortality in high vax countries than low ones. Is that what you see?

It doesn't. People seem to forget, as a starting point, we should expect less deaths following a pandemic, much, much less. There is pull forward effect (depletion of susceptible population), attenuation of the virus / herd immunity, better treatments, etc. There is substantially more evidence supporting an INCREASE in mortality as a result of the jab campaign, not the other way round.

Zero is both the day covid started and the day vaccination started. Two different days but represented on the same chart. It's basically two charts in one.

 I will be adding some of my own observations when I find time they will go Here:




This article is also very relevant to the above:





EVIL Media


Free Funerals

Free Funerals

Get in while you have a chance (lolz). Australia knows how to cure vaccine hesitancy.

Australia vaccine success

Australia vaccine success

This is what a successful vaccine campaign looks like:


You like your vaxx?

You like your vaxx?

You like your vaxx, you can keep your vaxx, but you better learn how to play guitar without fingers.

A good thing these events are  “rare” and have “nothing to do with the vaccine” (transfection)….now go and get your booster….and please give as many jabs as you can to your babies.

UK CV Family A Letter to my MP – EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE ON BNT (51 min)

But keep jabbing…keep boosting…don’t listen to those “other scientists” who have been warning you for two years.  Switch on the TV and soak up the news…the fear….and jab, jab, jab away….and don’t forget to protect (offer up) your babies. Just how stupid are you?

Tasmania: Hobart Lockdown

Tasmania: Hobart Lockdown

You still think this is about a virus?    Do you think complying with the Govt is going to stop this?   You think you can comply your way out of tyranny?  Or perhaps you are a Christian and you are deluding yourself that this has nothing to do with the Beast System.   This has everything to do with the Beast System and the longer you cooperate the worse it will get.

Stop feeding the Beast.   Come out of her my people.

Your Future

Your Future

This blog post is just a few tweets to let you know what is really going on because they do not tell you.   All those who think that after a few jabs they will be back to “normal” could not be more wrong.  You are deluding yourself.  And by cooperating you are making things worse.

There are (UK ) govt contracts for testing that only end on 29 February 2024. They are also planning on removing you from your home if you test positive and placed in quarantine facilities to prevent household transmission (this is done in Taiwan). Singapore does waste water testing and the result is used as justification to make all residents in a particular block get tested. Singapore, a govt scheme to ensure children have access to computers for home learning has raised privacy concerns over monitoring software installed on the devices. They are still in the experimental stages of these dystopian measures and yet you all believe the lies and play along?  Why?

Heathrow  Airport already looks like a concentration camp.


Exposing the one health cult

These people are insane.  Now they want to inject your children who have zero risk of covid.  But they also want to inject farm animals.  And wild animals. I am not kidding.  And they want to track and trace everything. Down to a coffee bean.  Are you awake yet?  They are taking over God’s creation and you are helping them.  They are wicked and they are mad. The security services, CIA etc are also involved.  Read the thread:


The score card in Australia in 2021

So far we have had 1 covid death (supposedly) in 26 million people and 303 vaccination deaths  (official govt figures but no doubt they are hiding vx deaths).


Six times more UK deaths if vaccinated

Once again these are the Official figures from Public Health England. Don’t look at the number of dead look at the percentage of deaths.  This is a trick they use because people are bad at math.  If you have 26 deaths out of 4K people this is much higher than 34 deaths out of 35k people.  And these are immediate linked deaths. Nothing about deaths after 28 days etc. 

Of course, they blame it on the elusive “Delta” virus formerly known as the “Indian virus” which always seems to strike the vaccinated just after they get jabbed.  Just how dumb are you?  A vaccine that offers no protection and does not stop transmission.  The “elite” are laughing at the sheep.   You know what comes next don’t you?  They blame the “un-vaccinated” (who are perfectly healthy) for spreading the ooga-booga delta virus. Straight out of the devils playbook.  And you will believe them.  Why?  Because you are frightened and faithless.

And we won’t get into the fact that no one dies anymore from influenza or pneumonia.  It just stopped happening. Must be the masks and the lockdowns…..although it did not stop the covid virus.   So, either covid is different to every other virus that ever existed or you are very dumb. Which is it?


Decision time

It is time you decide whose side you are on.  This is not going to go away ever.  Time to face up to reality. Staying in denial will not make it go away.  Cooperating with it will not make it go away.  Can it be stopped?   Without divine intervention I do not think so but since when is that a reason to do nothing and comply with evil?  Judgement is coming. Gird yourselves and get ready to witness.