Gigaohm Biological (May 9)

Gigaohm Biological (May 9)

J.C. is back with a double helping since the house move. I watched 8 May and just started with the 9 May which begins with a Movie clip which I showed 2 years ago (but then I am a conspiracy theorist and the rest of the world is still catching up).

Gigaohm Biological (May 9)

2022 Mother’s Day Special (2:57)

Gullible Christians

Gullible Christians

Even if Christians do not understand science and even if they have gathered all their information from the TV and from conflicted, institutionalized, public figures by now they must realize that they are being lied to and gaslighted on a massive scale.

Hit the Rapture Index to determine how close we are (lolz).

Deluded Christians

Christians were warned about a strong delusion, and many have effectively deluded themselves over the vaccine question and regarding Russia.  The two issues are intimately linked because the war was launched [i] just as the covid narrative was collapsing. The release of the virus and the war in Ukraine are tools to crash the economic system which they want to replace with a centralized blockchain surveillance and control system.  Of course, the Apocalyptic “plague” (virus) scenario and the “Russia is Gog” scenario is well known in intelligence and banking/corporate circles and is a useful tool in psychological warfare to influence Christians.  Give people what they expect, and they will believe the lie.

Many Christians do not understand vaccine science [ii] or Geo-politics because it is filtered through the Mainstream Media and the Government. Never has propaganda been weaponized to such an extent and disseminated on so many platforms.  Even the alternative media is often controlled opposition.  So, a misunderstanding of science, technology and Geo-politics is expected.   However, a misunderstanding of Scripture is harder to justify.  Eschatological interpretations are rife with errors conflating the first century with end times and failing to contextualize primary prophecies (e.g., the reuse of Ezekiel[iii] in the Apocalypse).  All the monotheistic faiths believe in the appearance of a messiah type figure, [iv] and therefore a nominal 50% of the global population have eschatological expectations.  This makes religious beliefs of great interest to intelligence organisations and Deep State strategists and their psychological warfare and behavioural units as such beliefs are open to manipulation.

Shameful behavior

If anyone is confused or lacking insight, they should pray, and God will give freely. However, I have heard a great evil namely that unvaccinated nurses and teachers who worked unselfishly through the pandemic have lost their jobs.  Even where governments have not forced the mandate there are “Christian” schools who have insisted on sacking teachers and “Christian” hospitals who sacked nurses.  Not only does it not make sense on a scientific /epidemiological basis it is deeply disturbing un-Christlike behavior, and it is shameful.  You have been manipulated by fear and psychological conditioning. You ought to have known better.


I urge any Christian institutions who have behaved in this despicable manner to repent and re-employ your Christian brothers and sisters and beg their forgiveness. Repent; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will fight against thee with the sword of my mouth. 



[i] The war was launched preemptively by Russia because they knew Ukraine was about to invade Donbass and Crimea. Crimea has been a Russian warm water port for 300 years (annexed in 1783). Recently Russia intervened in Crimea at the behest of the Russian speaking people after the West organized the Maidan Coup of the legitimate Ukrainian Govt in 2014.  The West have broken all promises not to expand NATO and have placed unrelenting pressure on Russia.  The Ukrainian Govt has been shelling the Russian speaking Donbass region since 2014.  The Russians knew from their intelligence sources that the Ukraine was building up troops for an invasion and they lunched a preemptive strike in the hope to force Ukraine into negotiations.  That was never the case as the US-NATO coalition are hiding their bioweapons research and other corruption in Ukraine. They would rather support the NAZI Azov brigades and burn down the world. Besides which the coming economic collapse can now be blamed on Covid and Russia.

[ii] See my blog – which has information regarding the origin of the virus and the vaccines (transfections) and also current information on the Ukrainian war.

[iii] See my articles: An Intertextual Analysis of Ezekiel 38 (Part 1)   and Russia in Ezekiel 38: Critique of the traditional view (Part 2) and Ezekiel 38-39, Stylometric Analysis (Part 3)

[iv] Muslims believe that Jesus (the prophet) will appear as the end time judge.  According to Islam tradition, Jesus’s descent will be in the midst of wars fought by Al-Mahdi against Dajjal or false Messiah (Anti-Christ) and his followers. Religious Jews expect two messiahs…the “messiah of Joseph” (military) and the “messiah of David” (spiritual).

Hep in Children

Hep in Children

Is the hepatitis outbreak in children caused by the vaccines?  That is the question on everyone’s lips and I think it is too early to tell.  It is linked to adenovirus which is the J&J vaccine but apparently many unvaccinated children are getting it.  The second article (tweet) suggests that the kids that got it were breastfed by vaccinated mothers.  Perhaps some children were but not all because many were older children.

Maybe the kids were not vaccinated but were their parents? Did their parents or other close  contacts get an adenovirus “vaccine”? We know that “shedding” occurs when the spike-protein enters an exosome and creates a pseudo-virus. We also know that the virus itself is actually not one variant but a quasi-species swarm. In that swarm you will have viruses that can make you sick but cannot replicate and you will have others that are very transmissible but not dangerous and you may have some that are dangerous but not very transmissible. So you never have one virus (it is complicated) but a swarm and the most successful will be highly transmissible without killing the host. I suspect that constantly “vaccinating” (transfecting” people with the S-protein enhances the swarm and creates ADE. So it is entirely possible that kids are walking into clouds of viruses caused by the authorities insane push to vaccinate (transfect) every living thing and it is possible that their developing bodies are very susceptible. It is also entirely possible that the authorities are lying through their back teeth about the kids vaccination status. Whatever way you look at it they are GUILTY. They are guilty of making the GOF bioweapon and guilty of making and pushing an experimental treatment onto everyone. In every aspect of this they are guilty and now the innocent pay the price.



The vaccinated are Shedding Virus

I had an account removed about three months ago for saying this.  And you wonder why children are catching hepatitis?   Really?

Ambulance call outs in SA

Ambulance call outs in SA

I told you that I hear loads of sirens every day when I sit outside. I have never heard as many.  Now someone has done a freedom of information request and got all the call out data and done the statistics.  It truly is shocking and it can’t be lamed on Covid because this state hardly had any.  Therefore it is the vaccines.

The same blog does a fantastic job plotting the results from the Database of Adverse Event Notifications (DAEN) – medicines part of the TGA (The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration a bit like the American  FDA).


They are literally killing people.  It can no longer be hidden.

Gigaohm Biological Breakthrough(20 April)

Gigaohm Biological Breakthrough(20 April)

Highly Recommended

This stream by Jonathan Couey is highly recommend and so is the previous stream by Dr Kevin  McCairn under the Lab Chronicles tab.

Jonathan is on fire and on the verge of a big break-through.  He was contacted by someone important whose, “voice we would recognize”.   I wonder who that could be?  Perhaps the person he tweeted about recently?

Senator Robert F. Kennedy Jr. from Children’s Health Defense. Kennedy is a son of U.S. senator Robert F. Kennedy and a nephew of President John F. Kennedy. He saw them both slaughtered by the Deep State and is called an anti-vaxxer and conspiracy theorist by Wikipedia. No higher recommendation is possible (lolz).

J.C.  was also contacted by Senator Ronald Harold Johnson is an American accountant, businessman, and politician serving as the senior United States senator from Wisconsin. A Republican, Johnson was first elected to the U.S. Senate in 2010. Johnson chaired the Covid Opinion panel with a number of top doctors and scientists.

These are two of the subjects touched upon by Jonathan…..(shocking….shocking….)

Immunomythology Update: Gigaohm Biological High Resistance Low Noise Information Brief  (2:08)

Excess death tsunami

Excess death tsunami

It seems that data and the evidence of peoples own eyes does not make a difference. Here is the shocking evidence from the CDCs own website.In Absolute Numbers, These Excess Deaths are Mostly in People over 45-years of Age & Caucasian. These deaths are from Inflammo Thrombotic & Prion Diseases.

Follow the link and select Total Number above Average by cause. Keep going back and checking this number over the next few months and watch it shoot up.

These are EXCESS DEATHS…….deaths above normal…

And they are caused by Covid and by the vaccine (transfection)  and these people are guilty of causing both.  Guilty.  And they will pay.


Gigaohm Biological (13 April)

Gigaohm Biological (13 April)

A nearly three hour show by Dr. Jonathan Jay Couey bringing you sound biology. He has been on track  from the beginning. To paraphrase the words with which he ended the show… “Love your neighbor, family and friends…forgive them for being bamboozled. That is a very important message and he is correct. There is an all out onslaught from the Main Stream Media, big Pharma, science and the medical establishment to indoctrinate and confuse everyone.  They have abused our trust and lied about the biology.

This is an all out attack against humanity…and against God.  Very few have not been confused and whether you are vaccinated or unvaccinated we all risk the chance of disease or long-term harmful outcomes because of what they have done.

Gigaohm Biological 6 April (2:32)

Gigaohm Biological 6 April (2:32)

One to watch later – trouble keeping up.  But we will not be beaten nor will we be overwhelmed.  I aim to bring you the best and keep you informed.  We are in a psywar and only people who are not confused or afraid will survive. We have a reliable and trustworthy source.  Let God be True (LGBT) and every man a liar. Amen.

[FDA Vaccine Meeting and GEERT] The Gigaohm Biological High Resistance Low Noise Information Brief (2:32)


WOW….devastating testimony….devastating.

This is what Jay is talking about…..just found it….   sorry  wrong video….still looking…

Here it is and the section open to the Public begins at 5:16.   I think I will watch and Time Stamp the video (when I get time). Full video 8 hours 46 minutes.

Open Public Hearing Session FDA April 6, 2022

And you know what?  All the evidence and testimony made no difference…go get your shot.

Public section starts here: