Never Forget

Never Forget

I will never forget the lies.  I will never forget that they made and released a GOF bio-weapon.   I will never forget that vaccines (transfections) are killing people.  I will never forget how they blamed the unvaccinated.  I will never forget how they bullied and mandated.  I will never forget how they divided families.  I will never forget the dead and dying.  We are not going away.

I called correctly at the very start.   No one listened.  There are thousands like me and we are not going away.


Nurse Campbell turns from the dark-side

Nurse Campbell turns from the dark-side

Pity you didn’t listen to the “conspiracy theorists” and “cookers” from the beginning eh?  Turns out those “anti-vaxxers” were correct after all.  You encouraged everyone to get vaccinated and boosted and now comes the wave of death and long covid.  I wonder what could have caused that?    And now they are trying to strike your videos down (lolz).  Like you said,   ” I have worded things wrongly”  , you mean you told the truth?   I still have not figured out whether you were misguided or part of the psyop.  No matter…you lost my trust anyway.

Record excess deaths in Europe (14 min)

US, Mass disabling event (13 min)

Africa, low vaccination, covid over (18 min)


On the other hand I trust Walter who has (more often than not) called in correctly with his research.

Get ready to starve

Get ready to starve

A good stream by Dr Kevin McCairn covering a number of topics.  I have embedded the stream starting at about 37-38 minutes because the intro is about 13 min and Kevin had technical difficulties with twitter etc and general housekeeping.  A good stream and analysis of Jordan Peterson’s warning.  The comment by COVID advisor Ashish Jha 𝙄𝙣 𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙤𝙬𝙣 𝙬𝙤𝙧𝙙𝙨… “I really believe this is why God gave us two arms — one for the flu shot and the other one for the COVID shot!”…..  is utterly disgusting (see my tweet).  These people think they are untouchable and they are about to starve and freeze us into submission.  Looks like the Deagle predictions regarding population in 2025 were correct.  More than 50% drop in many countries (the USA by 70%).  All the large population  decreases happen in Western countries.  The enemy you are fighting is within the gates.

Russia Accuses USA Of Relocating Ukrainian Bio-Warfare Labs, The New York Times Rushes In To Prov… (2:13)


You’re Going to See a Lot of Starvation!!! | Jordan Peterson 2022 (7 min)

Enjoy your Flight

Enjoy your Flight

I would not be so worried about International flights on major carriers because they have co-pilots and if you believe the movies even the stewardess can land the plane (lolz).

FAA Whistleblower EXPOSES the truth in vaccine mandates for pilots | Redacted with Clayton Morris (14 min)

Who needs a runway?

Just hope that you don’t live near a flight path.  A lot of little planes dropping out of the air lately.


Kev’s Excellent Adventure

Kev’s Excellent Adventure

Kevin’s channel has been taken down for graphic nudity and sex (lolz) …I must have missed it.   Last time he asked them for an example they showed a clip of him getting out of his chair (lolz).  That Susan What-shit-ski is something else.  I am listening to this mega stream in the background. 

Deconstructing Thomas Cowan’s Latest Psychobabble To Run From Virus Challenge (4:25)
Starts at 13 min


Vaccine Cover up

Vaccine cover up


This is very good and very clever.  The headline of the video blames the excess deaths on the vaccines but the video itself emphasizes the lockdowns.  Not only that but it emphasizes that Trump warned about the cure being worse than the sickness even though Trump took credit for the warp speed vaccine.  Do you see it?   Do you see the slight of hand?   They are all guilty. Did the lockdowns cause damage?   Yes, of course they did….but they want to shift all the blame onto lockdowns.  Look over there….

My prediction is that war is imminent.  They know the worm is turning in the West and they are being exposed so get ready for the next disaster.  They will not allow you time to think.

You need to be critical of everything….even alt Media…

We CAN’T let them get away with this vaccine cover-up | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris (25 min)


Dems blame Trump

Dems Blame Trump

This is funny…they are all turning against each other now.  Apparently it is all the fault of Trump pushing the Warp speed vaccine. Even Trump will not go against Pharma but his base knows better.  With Trump it is a matter of ego….he wants to take credit for the “vaccine”.  Alex Jones is right.  Trump should have come out and say he was pressured and regrets rushing it out.

Alex Jones just EXPOSED the truth about Trump and vaccines | Redacted with Clayton Morris (12 min)


Trust the science

Trust the Science

They took Dr McCairn down and terminated his YouTube account half way the live stream.  They have already removed two PayPal accounts.  They do not like the fact that he is actually testing the vaccines and challenging the narrative.  So far he has found no Phosphorus in the Moderna samples but has found copper (?).  Dr McCairn has found phosphorus in the Pfizer samples. Phosphorus is an indicator that DNA or RNA is present.  The absence of phosphor in some samples is highly suspect.  Dr Kevin McCairn wants to run other tests (including sequencing) on fresh samples. Ideally he would like to run some primate studies to see if he can induce amyloid and/or fibrin and invoke symptoms like myocarditis etc.  Does anyone have a spare $100k? (lolz). That said, millionaires like Steve Kirsh are offering million dollar rewards to disprove the virus but not funding the actual science necessary to investigate what is actually in the vaccines.

On the other hand bad guys like Dr Deepak Kaushi are literally given millions and millions in grants to do monkey studies to prove the safety and efficacy of the vaccines and they have been caught fabricating results.  Under investigation for fraud. This is malfeasance on a grand scale and still the sheep line up for their “jabs”.

My website is also highlighted in this live-stream and the article that I did yesterday….

Down the Rabbit Hole: Cognitive Infiltration

I have uploaded a copy to Odysee. I will embed the WTYL version when it becomes available.

Trust the Science (3:09)

Rough Running Order

00:00 Intro
09:00 Start
29:00 Covid martyrs
33:00 Channel removed
34:00 Conspiracy theories
40:00 My article live streamed. Down the rabbit hole:Cognitive infiltration
01:15 Arkmedic (Jikki leaks) on the monkey guy
01:17 Tim Truth on the Dr Deepak Kaushi fraud
02:33 Copper (found in Moderna vaxx but no phosphor?)
02:39 Nanostructure lecture
02:50 Monkey studies Deepak