We didn’t start the fire

We didn’t start the fire


Canadian Wildfire Smoke Disrupts U.S. Air Travel -Mayon Volcano Pyroclastic Flow -Aliens Have Landed (8 min)

Prepare for Wildfire Risk to Explode to “Above Normal” In Upper Midwest and Northeast US States (4 min)

UK has a Chief science adviser to warn us its warm (3 min)

Valentina Zharkova – Heartbeat of the Sun – Terrestrial Volcanic Eruptions Links With Solar Activity

Dark Days Indeed (10 min)


The Sun Declares War on Earth (4 min)

Liquid Sun, Earth Wobble and Rotation, Magnetic Plants | S0 News June.9.2023 (3 min)








We are all DOOMED

We are all DOOMED

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that I don’t bring you the best doom and scaremongering out there.  Something big is coming but anyone that tells you that they know exactly how it will play out is wrong. Moreover, we need to have faith in God, the foresight to prepare and the courage not to allow these psychopaths to use the chaos to further their dystopian agenda.  Always remember that they are deliberately putting us under psychological stress. They want you afraid and they want you to call out to then to save you. The fact is that for all our “knowledge” we are very limited.

"He hath made everything beautiful in its time: also he hath set eternity in their heart, yet so that man cannot find out the work that God hath done from the beginning even to the end". (Ecclesiastes 3:11 American Standard Version, ASV)

An end is coming but it is not THE END it is a New Beginning.

Valentina Zharkova On: Scientific Integrity, Solar Activity, Grand Solar Minimum, Global Cooling (1:30)

 Perhaps we are entering into a GSM and perhaps a solar flare will actually halt the next ice age and kick-start the next era?

The Sun could destroy the earth in 2025 (2 min)

Creative Society Predicts The End of the World (8 min)

(MIAC 382) Anticipation of Being Pushed to the Limit (30 min)

Nice Weather

Nice Weather

Actually it is a nice day today and I will be doing more planting and gardening this afternoon.  All you can do is prepare, be thankful for every day and keep the faith.   Are we seeing the start of a mini-ice age?   A rapid warming?    A solar micro-nova?

Our weakening magnetic shield allows more cosmic radiation to penetrate, hence more seismic and volcanic activity.

10-15 Feet Of Snow Predicted For The NW – 40 million+ Under Severe Weather Threat – Mauna Loa Update (22 min)

11/29/2022 — Large M5.9 Earthquake and swarm at Alberta Canada Oil + Gas Ops & Mauna Loa Update (25 min)

The situation is made worse by the constant lying.

A Manufactured Disaster (5 min)

Will it get colder and stay cold?   The cold is far, far worse than warmth.  Ice-ages cause more droughts than warm periods.

Solar Storm Forecast, Tornados, Earthquakes, D-O Events | S0 News Nov.30.2022 (3 min)

Magnetic Pole Shift | Q and A Nov.30.2022 (6 min)


Not watched all the videos yet but I believe that it will get colder until the solar micro-nova kick starts a brief warming cycle.


GSM Science

GSM Science

As we know, just over a week ago NASA announced that we have entered Cycle 25 and they have more or less said that it will be like cycle 24 (which was already weak). However, if you read between the lines they seems to be suggesting that it will actually be weaker.   Watch ten minutes of this video from the timestamp onward:

NASA says SC 25 will be similar to SC 1 (1755)

Show Notes:





NASA seems to be towing the official line while dropping hints for the observant that it may actually be colder.  The predictions all vary slightly but are moving towards a sort of consensus in that they all see this period 2020 to 2030 as critical.  I have placed three slightly different viewpoints below if you want to review the material. It is always good to look at what others have said  and how their predictions hold up with time.  First is David DuByne creator of the ADAPT 2030 channel on YouTube discusses societal changes as our Earth shifts to a cooler climate as the Eddy Grand Solar Minimum intensifies, a 400-year cycle in our Sun which will affect crop production, the economy and everyone on our planet. This is a timeline for what you can expect from now to 2023. This planet cannot function without enough food. No Food , No Society

•Electric Universe
•Valentina Zarhkova Double Dynamo in the Sun and Magnetic Cancelling Waves
•VIDEO Valentina Zharkova Solar Magnetic Field and Earths Terrestrial Climate
•Global Famine predicted 2028-2032
•Plants are picking up on the electro-magnetic frequency changes from the Sun, they are going into conservation mode.
•Galactic Cross and cycles of time
•Timeline of cold to 2019-2025
•Intensity of solar cycle 25 & 26
•What happened to society in the Dalton and Maunder minimums
•Not enough gold for physical delivery in the London Metals Exchange
•31 AD Chinese records tell of a blocking of the Sun for three hours
•Cosmic Rays and Volcanic Activity Connection
•How Cosmic Rays Form Clouds
•Sea Ice Behaving Strangely
•Climate Change and Crop Losses
•Expected Population Migration during the Grand Solar Minimum

This video from Adapt 230 is from 28 Dec 2018

Suspicious Observers video from 6 Nov 2018:

Professor Valentina Zharkova: The Solar Magnet Field and the Terrestrial Climate Nov 2018


David DuByne (who I believe is a Christian from interviews that I saw elsewhere) says that we can stop or influence what is happening with our consciousness. This all sounds very airy fairy and Gaia , hippy stuff but actually he is correct.  From a religious perspective, repentance coupled with prayer and the Spirit will lift us to a higher plane of consciousness (the Great Awakening) and from a scientific perspective we are electromagnetically connected with everything through the Schumann resonance. So, we can rise above our mundane existence and we can influence the outcome if we trust in God.