VDPV2 Vaccine derived Polio virus

VDPV2 Vaccine derived Polio virus

People who were “vaccinated” abroad brought “wild type” back to UK.

Polio vac for all London children (17 min)


What is a vaccine-derived poliovirus?
A vaccine-derived poliovirus (VDPV) is a strain related to the weakened live poliovirus contained in oral polio vaccine (OPV). If allowed to circulate in under- or unimmunized populations for long enough, or replicate in an immunodeficient individual, the weakened virus can revert to a form that causes illness and paralysis.
My comment under the video:
So the Polio Vaccine abroad did not work and gave kids polio (kicked off twitter for saying that) the solution is therefore more polio vaccines (but this time it is safe I promise). What is the definition of insanity again? Sorry, but the medical establishment forfeited trust. Use quarantine and testing on people coming from Polio "vaccine" regions. Treat the sewerage water properly. Hands off the kids. Your damn "vaccines" have done enough damage. WE WARNED YOU TWO YEARS AGO ABOUT COVID AND ALL YOU DID WAS PROMOTE THE USELESS TOXIC VACCINE. Shame.

They blame it on low immunization rates in poor countries and/or immune-suppression.  Nothing to do with malnutrition and bad sanitary conditions. Nothing to do with the immune system being suppressed by HIV.   Nothing to do with third world countries being used as testing grounds for vaccines.  There is a lot of “fact checked” information out there telling us that Bill Gates did not cause childhood paralysis in India with his vaccines but there were certainly concerns...and now we have the virus re-attenuating and becoming pathogenic again. Maybe those claims were not so outlandish after all.

mRNA vaccine for Polio?

Who is to say that they will not experiment with the mRNA vaccines that they are developing?  Do you trust them?   Would you trust them?  This is interesting (for the full article see tweet):

Since the 1950s there have been two safe and effective vaccines against poliomyelitis:

inactivated (killed) polio vaccine – known as IPV or Salk – which is made from wild strains and administered by injection live attenuated (weakened) oral polio vaccine – OPV or Sabin – which is given by mouth OPV has been used in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative to reduce polio cases by more than 99% and to restrict poliovirus circulation to a handful of countries.

But it is a live virus vaccine which can evolve over time into more virulent strains. Because of this many countries – including the UK – have switched to IPV. IPV gives excellent immunity against poliomyelitis but is less effective than OPV in preventing infection and transmission, so both vaccines are needed to successfully eradicate the disease.

Confidence in biological medicines…. First, we have developed new strains of poliovirus (that fills me with confidence) ………These strains are now licensed to a major vaccine producer (now I really feel reassured, Lolz) Oh look …poliovirus virus-like particles (VLPs). Do you mean exosomes? (lolz).  I have an idea….why don’t you modify it like you did with the coronavirus?

"We have modified domain V to make it genetically stable by removing
all U-G base-pairs. Any single mutation in base-paired stems will
weaken this structure and generate a more attenuated virus".


After convincing everyone to get jabbed with the Covid vaccine which even he now admits does not offer protection and has long term consequences he is now using his position of trust to leverage a new vaccination campaign to cover the failure of an old vaccination campaign (lolz).  He is nothing but a controlled shill who throws the odd crumb to the public when the evidence becomes overwhelming and undeniable.  After all the excess death and harm caused why should we trust you?   They are using bio-warfare against us (AIDS, covid, monkeypox,polio etc, etc) and weaponized narratives. Not this time.