Gigaohm Biological (26 May)

Gigaohm Biological (26 May)

Good show but disappointed at Jonathan’s analysis of the debate which had me sending out these tweets to JC and Kevin.

1./ The emphasis on coronavirus being novel is semantics. Covid shares at least 60% of its genome with other coronaviruses therefore it cannot be novel. On the other hand the FCS was engineered which does make it novel.

2./ We understand from the systemic Amyloidogenesis and other thrombo-inflammatory effects that this is not a normal coronavirus. It is not a cold or influenzas. It is not the body "detoxing" via exosomes (Kaufman).

3./ How can you take people seriously who argue that there is no virome only a biome? (Bailey) The "viruses do not exist crowd" are part of a psyop (wittingly or unwittingly) even when their critique on particular experiments may carry some validity.

4./ As to sequencing etc we have sequenced the human genome and many other genomes. We now have computational biology and with super computing can model protein folding, electrostatic charge, binding strength etc.

5./ Such is the basis of Trevor Bedford's work comparing sampling date to the number of amino acid changes in spike S1 subunit.

6./ The military has spent millions on coronaviruses - looking for them and enhancing them. These programs (SVCP) have run for decades. To say that viruses are "not real" is denialism. To make money from peoples ignorance and fear is despicable.

7./ They are doing harm and muddying the waters. They divide the resistance camp by promoting a false position.

Gigaohm Biological High Resistance Low Noise Information Brief: The Immunology Wars (3:21)

Rough Running Order

00:00 Intro

19:00 Amylodosis Section

Jessica Rose: Modified spike protein RNA injection-induced Amyloidosis?


38:00 Associative Interactions among Zinc, Apolipoprotein E, and Amyloid-β in the Amyloid Pathology

45:00 Analysis of Debate between Dr Kevin McCairn and Dr Bailey hosted by Tim Truth.

01:33 Vincent Racaniello from TWiV (This Week in Virusrses otherwise known as The Wuhan Institute of Virology) gives a n eacceptance speech (lecture) after recieving an award in Germany. It is pure propaganda.

03:05 Texas shooting

Gigaohm Biological 28 (Nov)

Gigaohm Biological 28 (Nov)

Johnathan takes apart a TwiV video (This Week in Viruses or as I call it The Wuhan Institute of Virology).  They are just lying and gaslighting.  They sit there like the three stooges.  Rancid Yellow looks like Mo with his haircut.   The bow-tie guy has a thousand yard zombie stare.  And then there is the highly qualified pediatrician Sallie Permar telling us that myocarditis is far worse in kids that catch covid.  They end up needing heart-lung transplants.   Really?  Really?  Those are outright lies.  I sent her a friendly tweet asking if she could tell me how many thousands of children who had covid (without co-morbidity) had heart-lung transplants.  She said that on PBS News-hour.  These people disgust me.  I do not expect to get an answer.

I can and will (when I find time) upload Johnathan’s videos to Bitchute because they only remain on Twitch for a limited period.

Gigaohm Biological (2:14)

 Psychological War

We are in a Psychological War.  They are lying and using fear.  Wake up as many people as you can.  This will not stop and eventually they will make the kids sick.  If we keep vaccinating the children will get sick.  The continued evolutionary pressure will force increased pathogenicity …if it doesn’t they will release another strain.  Hold the line. 



TWiV stands for This Week in Viruses a You Tube program in which Vincent Racaniello discusses viruses with other guests. Vincent Racaniello is part of the Proximal Origins crew. He has scoffed at the notion of lab leeks yet here he is at an NIH (National Institute of Health) meeting where they discuss lab safety.   TwiV should be renamed The Wuhan Institute Virologist with reference to Rancid Yellow (lolz)

Rancid Yellow TWiV (20 mins)


They made bio-weapons(1 hr 17 mins)

All the articles and scientific papers can be found in the tweets below the video.

Gigaohm Biological (Sept 2)

Gigaohm Biological (Sept 2)

Another great video and this time J.C. has managed to cure the flicker. Looks like he has a good set up. The video starts with a clip of of Joe Rogan talking about American Exceptionalism and freedom. I would argue that the American project was corrupted internally very early on. The so called “cultural machine” is Jewish (Hollywood) and the capitalism was completely undermined by Jewish banking.  Once the Federal Reserve got their hands on banking it was over….all you are seeing is the inevitable outcome.

He promises to have Walter Chestnut and Jesse on his show for  interviews which I look forward to as I follow both on Twitter.  A substantial crew of well informed people is linking up and that is good to see.  I have embedded the video but follow the link if you want to read the live-stream comments.

The show has a very good discussion  about Live Attenuated Vaccines (LAV). In this context it is interesting that China launched clinical trials of long lasting HIV vaccines as the S2 protein on Sars CoV was recognized as early as 2004 as having similarities with HIV-1 gp41. It is interesting to note that HIV in China started spreading with intravenous drug users injecting. So much about the HIV narrative is suspicious. Apparently it originated in Africa with someone eating bush meat (did they eat a bat?).

The letter to the unvaccinated is discussed:

Then J.C. discusses a clip from This Week in Virology (TWiV) with Vincent Racaniello et al. TWIV admits that antibodies are not a correlate of immunity which is what J.C. has been repeating all along.  Watch out for what I call the “word soup” or “semantics” that I spotted at the same times as J.C. and he is right they are clowns. Kevin calls Vincent Racaniello… Vincent Rancid. They are clowns who covered up the lab origin and are pushing these gene therapies on kids. They are part of the woke crowd doing untold damage. A rainbow turd holding clown.





Here is my allegory. Think of the T cells as different groups of soldiers. Some are infantry, some are rangers, some are marines, some are intelligence officers (memory T cells). They go in and fight the enemy. The marines might lose but the rangers might be more successful. After the battle the clean up crew (antibodies) arrive to bury the dead and clear the field. How do you know if any future wars will be successful? Especially if the enemy is able to learn from their defeat and make changes (buy new amour and explosive ammo)?

Looking for the clean-up crew (antibodies) will not tell you that. They are the clean -up crew. What do they know? You have to ask the intelligence officers (memory T cells). They learnt from the encounter and went back to base to formulate a future attack strategy. The next time the enemy invades they will drop the hammer. They can even anticipate what new arms the enemy might produce. They will not be taken by surprise next time around. All divisions will go for the weak points. You don’t ask the dumb clean up crew. All they do is remove body parts from the field both from the enemy and from their own side. All you can tell from the clean up crew is that a battle has been fought. You cannot predict the outcome of future wars because their is no correlate of immunity…it tells you NOTHING. It might be cheap and easy to ask the clean up crew but it is pointless. You need to get special permission to enter the secret bunker and talk with the intelligence officers and such clearance is difficult and expensive to obtain. So we won’t bother. We will ask the clean-up crew who are approachable and chatty. We will pretend that we are good arm chair generals by listening to clueless schmucks. TWiV = Totally Witless Information Vaticinations