Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung volcano has sent a cloud of hot ash up to 5 kilometres into the air in its first big eruption since Aug last year 😱🌋 Sinabung Volcano Volcanic Ash Advisory: HIGH LEVEL ERUPTION TO FL500 OBS VA DTG: 13/1935Z to 40000 ft (12200 m) Sinabung volcano (Northern Sumatra, Indonesia): strong eruption earlier today, ash to at least 30,000 ft altitude, hot avalanche travels 4000 m Sinabung Volcano Volcanic Ash Advisory: HIGH LEVEL ERUPTION TO FL35O MOV NW OBS VA DTG: 14/1220Z to 35000 ft (10700 m) Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung spews smoke and volcanic materials Kp Index…

Volcanoes Daily | 5/14/21 – Two Volcanoes in Guatemala Erupting + Sinabung in Indonesia Erupts

Guatemala’s Pacaya and Fuego volcanos both erupt in the last 24 hours with moderate ash plumes and smoke. Sinabung in western Indonesia has a moderate to large eruption as well. Nevados de Chillan in central Chile continues it’s increased activity compared to the previous five months.


Two Solar Eruptions, Earthquake Uptick, Climate Surprises | S0 News May.14.2021

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