Escalating Magnetic Anomaly

Escalating Magnetic Anomaly

I find it interesting that this video appeared today it seems to me (maybe I am wrong) that there seems to be less restrictions on what can be posted.  Is this deliberate?   Have they decided to leak it out slowly to acclimatize (pun intended) the public or are they going to use the fear and uncertainty to drive the next narrative?   This is a very good summary for anyone coming in fresh to the topic. If you have not watched it yet I highly recommend Diamond’s video on the Frozen Mammoth and solar eruptions (

NASA Just Announced That They Are Monitoring a Huge Escalating Anomaly In Earth’s Magnetic Field (17 min)


Here is an article about the increase in muons (cosmic particles) due to our weakened magnetic field (I wrote this some time back).  It had tweets showing plot traces from the Mawson station in Antarctica but unfortunately the work is lost because the pre-Elon Twitter suspended that account. Anyway, the videos and links still work if anyone wants to investigate further.


Here is an interesting video by Diamond. Note that Australia just recorded its lowest summer temperature ever.

Láscar Volcano Erupts To 37.000ft – Mauna Loa Eruption Ends – Snow Forecast For All 50 States! (16 min)

Diamond has all his links under the video (click watch on YouTube and look at the Show Notes).  I thought this one on asteroid impact was great fear porn (lolz):

This Interactive Tool Lets you Simulate Asteroid Impacts Anywhere on Earth

And talking about asteroids this is a very useful tool:

Asteroid Arrivals Board


How all these changes will challenge our brain and mental health (not watched this yet);

The Psych Element | Advice for the End of the World (12 min)


Not watched this yet but I have been keeping my eye on that lake (giant caldera) in NZ that has recently seen a swarm of minor earthquakes.  Something is waking up.  Is this an extension of the Tonga Trench connecting with Tonga-Hunga that blew sky high.  Remember that other volcano (White Island?) at the top of the North Island (the bay in the shape of a catchers glove) that blew up and killed those tourists.

The Next Solar Uptick, New Zealand Risk | S0 News Dec.11.2022 (3 min)

Volcanic Haze

Volcanic Haze

Volcanic Haze Begins to Block Sunlight Across the Planet ! (13 min)


11/29/2022 — Large volcanic fissures (cracks) open on the North Side of Mauna Loa in Hawaii (12 min)


History is shaped by catastrophe

History is shaped by catastrophe

These two videos are fascinating.


The Mystery Of The Village That Beat The Black Death | Riddle Of The Plague Survivors | Chronicle (48 min)

CCR5 Δ32 mutation is a common deletion of 32 nucleotides resulting in a frameshift and non-functional receptor. Its prevalence in European population ranges between 4 and 16% (frequency of homozygotes is 1%). It stops white blood cells getting infected.

Cosmic duster

Cosmic duster

With all the Galactic dust coming our way and all the volcanic dust perhaps we need a cosmic duster.   It does make for pretty colors though.  The end of the world is going to look spectacular (lolz).

Antarctica Bathed In Dazzling Colors In The Afterglow Of The January Hunga Tonga Volcanic Eruption (5 min)

Solar Eruption Aimed at Earth, Galactic Dust | S0 News Jul.16.2022 (4 min)

Another Solar Flare, Dark Matter, Cascadia | S0 News Jul.15.2022 (3 min)

Millions of locusts are currently ravaging agricultural land in southern Russia, devouring crops and causing local authorities to sound the alarm in the Primorsko-Akhtarsky region near the Black Sea.

To summarize: No grains from Ukraine, biblical plagues of locusts destroy crops and hay in Russia… The great famine is no more history… It’s the future!


Semeru Volcano

Semeru Volcano

Semeru Volcano Volcanic Ash Advisory: HIGH LEVEL ERUPTION TO FL400 OBS VA DTG: 04/0925Z to 40000 ft (12200 m) Semeru volcano (East Java, Indonesia): massive eruption this afternoon sends hot avalanche to inhabited areas Grimsvötn volcano (Iceland): glacial flood peak expected on Sunday Grimsvotn Volcano Seismic Measurements Live…

Semeru Volcano Volcanic Ash Advisory: HIGH LEVEL ERUPTION TO 40000 ft (12200 m) – Grimsvötn Update (4 min)

Grimsvötn Volcano

Grimsvötn Volcano

Another BOOM

Grimsvötn Volcano: Subglacial Meltwater Flood Started As Glacier Subsides 23m – Ulawun Alert Raised (10 min)


Grimsvötn (Iceland): subglacial meltwater flood – top of glacier subsides The glacial flood (jökulhlaup) from Grímsvötn volcano has started Jökulhlaup Defined Grimsvötn Seismic Tremor Live Chart Grimsvotn Volcano Seismic Measurements Live Ulawun volcano (Papua New Guinea): seismic unrest, Volcanic Alert Level raised to Orange Ulawun Eruption History A volcano has erupted (2019) in Papua New Guinea, forcing 5000 residents to evacuate their homes Volcano eruptions caught on satelite camera 2019 06 26 Ulawun and Manam…


Quake-O-Meter on 4th of December: Interpretation: There is no significant variation in the number of quakes that occurred during the past 3 days.

What is coming?

What is coming?



Watch it……came to the same conclusion independently….


What is in Store For Humanity From Now to 2024 (Ryder Lee FULL) 1 hour 30 min

Ryder Lee from Raised By Giants and David DuByne from ADAPT 2030 and discuss a change of electromagnetic energies transitioning our world from now to 2024 and how this will affect humanity with the awakening happening now. Fertilizer shortages leading to lower crop yields and increased food prices to start 2022 and how these events will tug at the threads of society. Raised By Giants YT Channel… Raised by Giants FB


Here is solar system scope: