The Green Dream

The Green Dream

The future is bright.  We will all be living the dream in 15 minute cities eating bugs. No need for oil products or things like meat. All climate change is caused by CO2.  The gas that is necessary for plant life is just like turning the thermostat up or down.

Living The Green Dream (5 min)


Dust Dampens Electromagnetism | ADVANCED DISASTER PHYSICS (2 min)

Dangerous Flooding and 2-5 Feet Of Snow For Cali – 5.1 Mag Quake Oklahoma – Kīlauea Seismic Swarm (14 min)

Iceland’s Newest Volcanic Island; The Eruption of Surtsey (4 min)

A Major Volcanic Eruption is Likely at Kilauea; A First in 50 Years (4 min)

2/02/2024 — Live Earthquake Update — Large M5.1 strikes Oklahoma — Largest in years (33 min)


New Volcanic Threat On Iceland

New Volcanic Threat On Iceland

New Volcanic Threat On Iceland – Michigan Residents Stunned By Record Hailstorm – Fake Climate News (13 min)


America is Planning to Control the Weather & They’re NOT Alone (19 min)

It is not heat that is being kept out but radiation. We are undergoing a magnetic excursion and our weak shield is allowing cosmic radiation and EMF to “charge” our earth resulting in seismic and volcanic activity. They have been geoengineering for decades. They are using it to force people into urban centers. And by the way the grade of jet fuel has changed. They are not just water condensation.

Armageddon Hail

Armageddon Hail

7.2 Mag Earthquake Fiji – Massive 5 inch Hail Arkansas – Fruit Armageddon – Tropical Arctic?(11 min)

Solar Watch, Major Cycles, Big Storm | S0 News June.15.2023 (3 min)

We didn’t start the fire

We didn’t start the fire


Canadian Wildfire Smoke Disrupts U.S. Air Travel -Mayon Volcano Pyroclastic Flow -Aliens Have Landed (8 min)

Prepare for Wildfire Risk to Explode to “Above Normal” In Upper Midwest and Northeast US States (4 min)

UK has a Chief science adviser to warn us its warm (3 min)

Valentina Zharkova – Heartbeat of the Sun – Terrestrial Volcanic Eruptions Links With Solar Activity

Dark Days Indeed (10 min)


The Sun Declares War on Earth (4 min)

Liquid Sun, Earth Wobble and Rotation, Magnetic Plants | S0 News June.9.2023 (3 min)








Volcanic Planet

Volcanic Planet


Solar Flares Increasing, Volcanic Planet, Sun & Earthquakes | S0 News May.18.2023 (3 min)


Powerful M6.4 Earthquake Guatemala – Significant El Niño Event – Smoke Forecast – Sodom & Gomorrah (10 min)


5/18/2023 — Large M6.4 earthquake strikes below Mexico / Guatemala — Major unrest across the board (1:07)

Nevado del Ruiz Eruption Warning

Nevado del Ruiz Eruption Warning

Nevado del Ruiz Eruption Warning – Tornadoes Rock The Florida Panhandle – Spring Flooding Increases (15 min)

The Ice and the Truth (5 min)

Filament Eruption, Moon Fail, Earthquakes | S0 News Apr.28.2023 (3 min)

4/28/2023 — LARGE DEEP EARTHQUAKE — M6.6 down below West Pacific — Solar Storm effect on schedule (49 min)

Potential Impact on Our World as Civilization Cycles Repeat (57 min)


Bad weather,falling satellites

Bad weather,falling satellites

600lb Satellite Plummets To Earth, Chance Of Hitting Humans -Severe Weather Threat, Winter Continues (20 min)


Spectacular Solar Tornado Eruption, Great News, Magnetic Field (4 min)


4/20/2023 — Deep Earthquake Unrest — Spread of new activity due — EAST COAST USA rare M4.5 (1:02)



Escalating Magnetic Anomaly

Escalating Magnetic Anomaly

I find it interesting that this video appeared today it seems to me (maybe I am wrong) that there seems to be less restrictions on what can be posted.  Is this deliberate?   Have they decided to leak it out slowly to acclimatize (pun intended) the public or are they going to use the fear and uncertainty to drive the next narrative?   This is a very good summary for anyone coming in fresh to the topic. If you have not watched it yet I highly recommend Diamond’s video on the Frozen Mammoth and solar eruptions (

NASA Just Announced That They Are Monitoring a Huge Escalating Anomaly In Earth’s Magnetic Field (17 min)


Here is an article about the increase in muons (cosmic particles) due to our weakened magnetic field (I wrote this some time back).  It had tweets showing plot traces from the Mawson station in Antarctica but unfortunately the work is lost because the pre-Elon Twitter suspended that account. Anyway, the videos and links still work if anyone wants to investigate further.


Here is an interesting video by Diamond. Note that Australia just recorded its lowest summer temperature ever.

Láscar Volcano Erupts To 37.000ft – Mauna Loa Eruption Ends – Snow Forecast For All 50 States! (16 min)

Diamond has all his links under the video (click watch on YouTube and look at the Show Notes).  I thought this one on asteroid impact was great fear porn (lolz):

This Interactive Tool Lets you Simulate Asteroid Impacts Anywhere on Earth

And talking about asteroids this is a very useful tool:


How all these changes will challenge our brain and mental health (not watched this yet);

The Psych Element | Advice for the End of the World (12 min)


Not watched this yet but I have been keeping my eye on that lake (giant caldera) in NZ that has recently seen a swarm of minor earthquakes.  Something is waking up.  Is this an extension of the Tonga Trench connecting with Tonga-Hunga that blew sky high.  Remember that other volcano (White Island?) at the top of the North Island (the bay in the shape of a catchers glove) that blew up and killed those tourists.

The Next Solar Uptick, New Zealand Risk | S0 News Dec.11.2022 (3 min)

Volcanic Haze

Volcanic Haze

Volcanic Haze Begins to Block Sunlight Across the Planet ! (13 min)


11/29/2022 — Large volcanic fissures (cracks) open on the North Side of Mauna Loa in Hawaii (12 min)


History is shaped by catastrophe

History is shaped by catastrophe

These two videos are fascinating.


The Mystery Of The Village That Beat The Black Death | Riddle Of The Plague Survivors | Chronicle (48 min)

CCR5 Δ32 mutation is a common deletion of 32 nucleotides resulting in a frameshift and non-functional receptor. Its prevalence in European population ranges between 4 and 16% (frequency of homozygotes is 1%). It stops white blood cells getting infected.