The Shift has begun

The Shift has begun

Pole Shift 6000 Years Ago (4 min)

Pole Shift 6000 Years Ago & Now, Bad News for Iceland | S0 News Jun.27.2024 (3 min)

Electric Discharge Volcano Lightning (2 min)

Told you so….

Catastrophic Flooding McCook Lake, South Dakota – Despite Claims, No Heat Record This June – Boeing (18 min)

The Shift Has Begun That Everyone Sees (12 min)

(MIAC 511) Three Events Are Now In Play Across The Globe

Saturn Unbalanced

Saturn Unbalanced


Julian Assange Is Free At Last – Deadly Midwest Flooding Continues – Mount Rainier Threat (20 min)

Are We About to Lose a Key Tool? (3:00 min)

Scariest Volcano, Saturn Unbalanced, Solar Data Outage | S0 News Jun.25.2024 (3 min)

Javier Vinós: The Sun and Climate: An Intimate Relationship | Tom Nelson Pod #226 (1:02 min)


The Volcano Inside a Major City; Pilot Butte (5 min)


Why is Venus so hot?

Why is Venus so hot?



Solar System Shift – Updates (3 min)

Solar Eruptions, Earth Got Zapped, Ocean Collapse Coming | S0 News Jun.18.2024 (4 min)

Why Is Venus So Hot?

Home Reef Volcano Eruption Update; Fresh Lava Creates New Land (5 min)






Excursion and Extinctions

Excursions and Extinctions

Magnetic Excursions – Mass Extinctions – Evolutionary Leaps (56 min)

G2 Geomagnetic Storm Watch – S2 Radiation Storm Ongoing – Heat Continues In The Southwest U.S. (10 min)

This Week in Volcano News; Hawaii’s Kilauea Erupts, Lewotobi Activity Increase (5 min)

The hurricane tears off the roofs of houses! Winds of 160 km/h cause panic (2 min)

Huge Eruption

Huge Eruption

I had to stop myself making a dad joke.

Huge Eruption On The Sun M9.7 – Large Hail, Damaging Winds & Tornadoes – Space Elevators To Mars (11 min)

Solar Eruption Coming – First Storm Forecast (2 min)

Iceland Volcano Eruption Update; A 100+ Foot Tall Cone Forms, Blue Gas Plume (4 min)

What Was Found on American Quarters Will Open Eyes ! (13 min)

The climate cult

The climate cult

SOLAR STORMS | Earth Vulnerability & Impact (9 min)

Space Weather, SPHERE, Volcano, Geoelectric | S0 News Mar.5.2024 (3 min)

Over 10 Feet Of Snow Tahoe Brings Snowfall Totals Above Average – Fernandina Volcano, New Eruption (11 min)


Brian Sussman: Climate Cult | Tom Nelson Pod #199 (1: 09 min)

Solar Flare Impacts

Solar Flare Impacts

Cannibal CME Geomagnetic Storm Watch – Snowing In Texas – San Luis Valley Seed Exchange (5 min)


Solar Flare, Impacts Expected, Bad Volcano Article, Solar Forcing | S0 News Feb.11.2024 (3 min)


Earth Facing Solar Quiet – Solar Cycle 25 Analysis – EMP/Solar Flare Preparedness – Megalith Culture (56 min)


Fake Graphs And Maps (6 min)