Pole Shift

Pole Shift

The 1500-Year Volcano Cycle | Part of the Earth Catastrophe (3 min)

Big Sunspots, Cosmic Revelation, Special Video | S0 News Jan.29.2022 (4 min)


Cosmic Shake-Up: https://www.manchester.ac.uk/discover… Honest Astrophysics: https://www.iac.es/en/outreach/news/n… Starship Galaxies: https://www.nasa.gov/image-feature/go…

Sun, Pole Shift, Volcanos, Climate Swings | S0 News Jan.28.2022 (4 min)


Laschamp Radiation Surge: https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.c… Magnetic Stop-Sign: https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/s… D-Os and Volcanos: https://cp.copernicus.org/preprints/c… Solar Risk in Magnetic Reversal: https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.c… Short Solar Cycles: https://web.archive.org/web/202106250… Florida Cold & Oranges: https://weather.com/news/weather/vide…

Massive Volcanic Plume Spreads Across the World and Half Way Into Space (12 min)

Divine Reset

Divine Reset

Let us hope that the Divine Reset happens soon.

"And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man: and every living soul died in the sea". (Rev 16:3)

Japan to announce Fukushima radioactive water release into sea


Soufrière St. Vincent Volcano Update: Another Vigorous Eruption This Morning – Ash Up To 35,000 ft

Soufrière St. Vincent volcano update: vigorous eruption sent ash up to 35,000 ft this morning https://bit.ly/2Rw75wO GEOS Satellite GEOCOLOR LOOP https://bit.ly/2Qi91rS NEW HUGE ERUPTION! La Soufriere Volcano Eruption the Caribbean Island (April 13, 2021) https://bit.ly/3g51J5J Live Stream St Vincent Volcano Eruption Alert Level 5 https://bit.ly/328yG9i Fagradalsfjall volcano (Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland): 5th and 6th eruptive fissures opened today https://bit.ly/3uQooH0

Suspicious Observers -see the YT page for show notes:

Volcanos, Magnetic Shift, Solar Forcing, Cosmo Fail | S0 News Apr.13.2021

Magnetic Rotation and Tilt of Earth, Electric Forcing | S0 News Apr.12.2021

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