Kremlin drone NOT false flag

Kremlin drone NOT false flag

Ukrainian delegate punches Russian counterpart after he rips down flag at conference (1 min)

Prigozhin angry. FT, Kremlin drone NOT false flag. EU infrastructure funds diverted to Kiev. U/1 (38 min)

LIVE CHAT: part 1 Brian Berletic – Kremlin attack, Is Philippines & South Korea Next Ukraine? (40 min)

Military shake up after Prigozhin video (28 min)

Wagner To WITHDRAW FROM BAKHMUT Following Ammo Row. NATO Tanks Threaten Transnistria. (11 min)

Ukr 3% Bakhmut, Prigozhin Wagner Withdraw 10 May; Zelensky Tours Europe; Putin Security Council Meet (55 min)


Trench Warfare in Europe

Trench Warfare in Europe

These are scenes from WW1 – trenches full of mud and dead bodies, constant heavy artillery fire.  It is as though we wound the clock back. This will escalate and lead to wider global war. The neocons and Europe will not back down and the USA must curb the power of the rising dragon.  On a side note, lovely to see that the Russians are using private contractors like the West does (lolz).   Looks like these groups are fighting among themselves.  There must be a lot of money in war with all these PMCs (Private Military Contractors).  The dogs of war.  Just wondering if I should start my own?  Dad’s army PMC to strike fear into the hearts of globalists.  Joking aside, what is happening in the heart of Europe is disgraceful and could have been avoided.

Brink Of Collapse – Ukraine War Map Analysis / News Update (23 min)



On the Verge

On the Verge

We are on the verge of the abyss.  They are about to unleash chaos.

Lavrov multilateralism. Politico, Biden fears failed offensive. WaPo, US blocked Moscow attack. U/1 (33 min)

‘Huge Biological Risk’ After Sudan Fighters Occupy Laboratory Housing Measles, Polio and Cholera (2 min)

Sevastopol Attacked. Wagner Will “NO LONGER TAKE PRISONERS” after Fighter Executed.(9min)

Biden-Harris 2024. Fox News fires Tucker Carlson (14 min)



Russian pilots pee on US drone

Russian pilots pee on US drone


Skillful Russian pilots pee on US drone & down it.Russia recovered it,ready to be reverse engineered

Reaper drone. Graham, shoot down Russian jets. Joly, regime change Putin. Assad in Moscow. U/1 (33 min)

The U.S. pushing for WW3 using ANYTHING they can find | Redacted with Clayton Morris (27 min)

Russia Brings Down US Reaper Drone, Claims Big Advances Bakhmut, Kupiansk; US MSM Blames Zelensky (1:10)


We will fight with shovels

We will fight with shovels

You know the situation must be desperate when the British come out with such pathetic propaganda.  Apparently the Russians are running out of ammo and need to fight hand to hand. That is called projection.The Ukrainians are putting up a good fight but they are no match for Russia. They are running out of men and out of ammunition.  They fire 3,000 rounds a day vs Russia’s 20,000 a day. For every Russian killed 7 Ukrainians die.  Why are they still lying?  Reality will impinge itself soon.  Russia is in no hurry and has not even deployed their main forces in Bakhmut.  They are leaving it the private Wagner group.

UK DoD Claims Russians Fighting with “Shovels” – Ukraine Losing Bakhmut, Low on Artillery Shells (26 min)


Ukraine suffering huge losses in Bakhmut, China increases defence budget, Scholtz, G20 India, lavrov


Surprise Visit

Surprise Visit

Apparently Biden paid a surprise visit to Zelensky In Ukraine and went walkabout with the air raid sirens blaring.  The Duran notes that Biden required Russian permission to visit Kiev and Monkeywrex thinks the visit was staged with a body double. Anything is possible nowadays.

Biden visits Kiev, with Putin’s permission (26 min)


SITREP 2.20.23 – DISCOVERED – Unidentified Submersible Object Base (31 min)


The West IS REVOLTING! Protests In Washington, Munich and Finland “NO TO WW3”! 20 min)

OH SH*T, This is energy ARMAGEDDON, Putin says war is now close | Redacted with Clayton Morris (15 min)

Biden Empty Handed in Kiev, Russia Advances Bakhmut; Borrell Begs Ammo; Leaders Shun West in Munich (1:09)

Let’s talk about peace (18 min)