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What has happened in Maui is actually scary. Really, really scary what was done. It’s frightening. They Turned off the water. They Didn’t sound sirens. They Sent kids home alone. They prevented people from leaving! They Closed escape roads. Why won’t they let media in?

Not suspicious at all…..

BACKDRAFT: Maui Fire Facts and Fiction (1:37 min)

Burn Back Better (18 min)

Burn it down

Burn it down

Man made or natural?   You decide.



Maui Fires Death Toll Rises To 80 – Tarantula Migration – Antarctic Lies – Hunga Tonga Review (9 min)

Tonga Eruption Blasted Unprecedented Amount Of Water Into Stratosphere – MAY CAUSE GLOBAL WARMING?


Solar Maximum, Nova Discovery, Saturn Superstorms | S0 News Aug.12.2023 (3 min)

Divide and Conquer

Divide and Conquer

Say no to divide and conquer.

Using “white guilt” to take away everything.  It is a Jewish ploy and globalist manipulation. The same people who colonized everything and created a consumer economy based on obsolescence are blaming you for their crimes. They want you to believe that the bankers (Jews) are going to fix the world. All  that is needed is for you to loose everything including your bodily autonomy.  If you think this is about aboriginal rights you are damn stupid.

Do you think the establishment care about aborigines when they have allowed them to rot and appropriated millions of their so called aid money?   Don’t you think it at least a bit suspicious that the establishment has thrown itself behind this as one man and spent so much money on the campaign?  They care about the aborigines as much as they care about the Palestinians and soon they will have you behind a walled ghetto enduring constant surveillance. Just how dumb are you?  I think you had one jab too many.



Girt by WEF

Girt by WEF

The lyrics of the Australian anthem has us “girt by sea” with “girt” meaning something like surrounded. I think we are girt by WEF stooges.  I subscribed to a new channel (see video below). Language warning for pearl clutching (lolz).


Elon Musk Vs Smug Aussie Boss Lady (13 min)

The Cult of Brett Sutton (8 min)

Celebrating Genocide? (7 min)

Difficult to celebrate genocide? Not at all. Throw another sausage on the BBQ.🤣 Such nonsense. No sense of history and no nuance. Most of the people dumped on the shores of Australia were prisoners or dissidents (POMs). They did not chose to be here. Many were given land to farm after their sentences. Thousands of farmers were slaughtered by Aborigines. The violence did not just go one way. And the Aborigines were hunter gathers (and they fought among themselves). They were not builders or agriculturists. We are now in a banker reset. The division is deliberate and so is the use of Hegelian dialectic. We know what they want and it has nothing to do with improving the lives of aborigines.

AI Jesus and re-written Bible

AI Jesus and re-written Bible

This is probably exaggerated but nothing would surprise me now. I wonder what they are going to do with the rainbow covenant and Sodom?  (lolz)   Get more popcorn it is about to get wild.

WEF Orders Govt’s To BAN The Bible and Issue ‘Fact-Checked’ Version Without God

No need to pray as you can just ask AI Jesus:

They mock us daily (2 min)


BLINDING LIGHT SHOW – brought to you by Lucis Trust and Hank Kunneman (22 min)


BEAST SYSTEM! UN’s Vision of the Future Has An “Apex Body” And Biometric Digital ID To Rule Us All(5 min)