Notification: Whistleblower PsyOp

Notification: Whistleblower PsyOp

Something smells fishy about the NZ Whistle blower.  The consensus is that the data is reliable but that it is being set up as a deterrence against other whistleblowers coming forward.  Even if that is the case it could backfire on them badly and it smacks of desperation.  If that is the case it is a panic move. We will keep an eye on them.

NZ Whistleblower

NZ Whistleblower

New Zealand has removed a high-level administrator, who oversaw the entire government database from his position, after he went public with the proof that between 17-24% of people that took the Pfizer/Moderna shots were dead in one year!

Sometimes even AJ has good info.

Alex Jones lays out smoking gun of global depopulation. Ladies & gentlemen, we caught them red-handed! Top investigative journalist Steve Kirsch joins the broadcast to break down this huge revelation down and much more!

I forgot how much grifting AJ does (lolz) or how “religious” he has become  (lolz) even a Zionist like AJ has spoken out against Israel.

Emergency Information! Tune In NOW! High-Level Government Whistleblower Confirms Covid Vax Killing Millions! — FRIDAY 12/01/23 (2:09 min)

Bio and Conventional Warfare

Bio and Conventional Warfare

This was live when I put it up (still listening to it).  A Whistleblower has come forward but they are probably “cooling the mark”.  Kevin and Charles are coming to the conclusion that it is probably supra national rather than just nation state actors.

LIVE – Charles Rixey: Bio & Conventional Warfare Latest (Live)


This is Western (Ukrainian) propaganda.

How Ukraine Plans to DESTROY the Russian Fleet in Crimea

Assange and the pedo

Assange and the pedo

Completely disgusting.  Tell me again who the good guys are.  Australia stand up to America?  Better watch out they might bomb your gas pipelines.

Warmongers CONFRONTED By Journalist At National Press Club Event (26 min)

Can Australia Finally STAND UP to The US? | Assange Extradition (7 min)

Deadly Protocols

Deadly Protocols

This is not going away.  They want you to forget about it and move on. The problem is that there cannot be forgiveness without accountability. People died and have been injured for life. Criminal acts have been perpetrated. Lives have been ruined and they want you to forget about it.

Ep 176.1: The Rick Bright April 2020 whistleblower complaint (Remdesivir) against Kadlec (2:59)



Gigaohm Biological (18 Mar)

Gigaohm Biological (18 Mar)

I read the original article in the British Medical Journal (BMJ):

Covid-19: Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial

At one point the whistleblower says that,“You cannot rationalize facts that are based on emotion”. They used fear and peer pressure. They constantly gaslighted.  The whole problem is money and greed (she says).

BMJ Whistleblower Brook Jackson LIVE: Gigaohm Biological High Resistance Low Noise Information Brief (1:27)

Website and documents

I Am Brook Jackson

Brook Jackson Lawsuit Documents

Veritas exposes the Vaxx

Veritas exposes the Vaxx

Brendon says:

It's been up for an hour...if it stays KNOW the narrative has changed.

The narrative is changing. Two directors at the FDA resigned over boosters.  The JVIC in the UK recommend  not vaccinating children.  The UK govt went against the advice.  I am telling you now.  You should have listened.  You should have refused. A lot of vaccinated people will get sick.

PART 1: Federal Govt HHS Whistleblower Goes Public With Secret Recordings “Vaccine is Full of Sh*t” (13 min)

This is what Brendon’s commentary:

Won’t this be interesting? If James O’Keefe stays up, and I suspect he will, we’ll know the Covid narrative has changed and the US is out of Eurasia. Mission accomplished.
They’re exposing the vaccine – allegedly – not the fact Covid exists and is most likely a bio weapon released by China with the permission of the UK European banking elites.

Note you’ll get bogus encryption warnings about the site. It’s being advertised on You Tube.

If Covid as a narrative has expended it’s usefulness, it will show in the US quickly. However, as the break up of the US along vaccine and political and racial lines is yet to be done…it would make sense to keep it going while Europe transitions and opens its markets, borders and cafes. Especially to China. Which brings it back to precious posts on Australia slapping France in the face and going with the US on a new nuclear sub deal.

The Magical Unicorn has had some things to say on the current state of the Chinese economy and the Evergrande debacle. He sees it as an internal restructuring of the Chinese economy making it stronger as real estate is transfered directly to the CCP and China central bank. Smart Cities anyone? You’ll own nothing and be happy.

It’s all an experiment on “others” so far. The people “over there”. Until the US military step in…it will be in America like a Wuhan virus real soon.

November…watch out.

If it goes to plan, China “shudders”. Riots on street. Chaos. And then…calm. The great and noble CCP and Winnie The Pooh, feeling the pain of the Chinese middle class savers and strivers step in…un restrained Capitalism bad…Maoist Communist Centralised Command and Control good. Like shirt skirts and platted slacks, Centralized Command and Control is in this year and in China…it works! Stability! Look and learn America! Sweden smiles. Klaus is ecstatic. Shudders of orgasmic delight flow through Kissinger and Associates. AOC runs for President. Che Guevara t-shirts sell out. Huey Louis and the News re-release Hip To Be Square re-titled “Hip To Be CCP”. Children in Seattle begin to burn the city down to save it from capitalism. Mothers and fathers try to confiscate Apple IPhone’s and IPad’s to instill discipline but Troysky glasses wearing 19 year olds know best. Bob Dillion makes a comeback.

Get out your pop corn.


Facebook whistleblower

Facebook Whistleblower

Facebook is fast becoming censorship central.  It does not matter if what you post is factual, scientifically valid and peer reviewed etc.  All that matters is if it fits the narrative. Facebook has become the ministry of truth.  The other platforms are getting just as bad.

What I found amusing is that the whistleblower states that what they openly discuss in the office – regarding health and vaccinations etc….they would not be allowed to post on FB. He says that at least 25% of FB staff are not happy with the censorship.