Coming clean?

Coming clean?

Remember some time back when Trump was asked about global warming and he was derided for saying its going to get cooler?

Trump: "Its going to start getting cooler,  you just watch".

Reply: "I wish science agreed with you."

Trump: "I don't think science knows actually".

This website is not partisan and does not support any politicians as we believe that Trump and his backers have their own globalist agenda. Nevertheless, Trump was correct to resist the global warning narrative.  



Why Is This Information Being Released Now In 2021?

Artificial Intelligence has forecast Grand Solar Minimum level sunspot activity beginning now through 2050, this has made it through the main stream media. Interestingly, the same information was released in 2015 by Valentina Zharkova but denied and dismissed. Why is this solar activity information being released at this moment ? Is it to explain why all continents are experiencing crop damage and yield reductions from abnormal cold? My findings and thoughts are explained in the video. Thank you for watching.


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Rare subtropical storm takes shape in Atlantic Ocean… LA SOUFRIÈRE UPDATE: VOLCANIC ASH REACHES 44,000 FEET (13.4 KM)… PROFESSOR VALENTINA ZHARKOVA’S ‘EXPANDED’ ANALYSIS STILL CONFIRMS SUPER GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM (2020-2055)… Heartbeat of the Sun from Principal Component Analysis and prediction of solar activity on a millenium timescale Zharkova… Zharkova Oscillations of the baseline of solar magnetic field and solar irradiance on a millennial timescale… Weak solar cycle continues – the sun is spotless again… Does Machine Learning reconstruct missing sunspots and forecast a new solar minimum?… Automated Solar Activity Prediction: A hybrid computer platform using machine learning and solar imaging for automated prediction of solar flares https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.c… MIDWEST AND EASTERN VINEYARDS HIT BY HISTORIC SNOW AND FREEZE EVENTS… EUROPE BRACES FOR EXTREME MAY FREEZE… TOP-CITED DATASET REVEALS THAT OF 68 GLOBAL WARMING MODELS, EARTH’S OBSERVED TEMPERATURE IS BELOW 67 OF THEM… Winter arrives early as snow turns parts of Southern Africa into winter wonderland… WINTER ARRIVES EARLY ACROSS THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE… Winter arrives early as snow turns parts of Southern Africa into a wonderland… Coupled Model Intercomparison Projects…





Quakes,blasts and storms

Quakes,blasts and storms

Arctic outbreaks, major snowstorms may unfold thanks to polar vortex UAH Global Temperature Another shot of snow and wintry travel by Thursday morning Tuesday Winter Weather Advisory in effect for some, snow possible 18 inches of snow in the desert? Texas park warned visitors to stay away after deluge of snow WINTER CONDITIONS CLOSE PORTIONS OF I-25 NEAR CASPER, I-80 Up to 11 inches of snow in Colorado as snowstorm rolls through state SNOWFALL ANALYSIS FROM THE LAST 48 GFS Model US Total Snow GFS Model Europe Total Snow Norway landslide rescue teams find no signs of life Worldwide Volcano News Kilauea Eruption Update: Lava Lake Dome Fountain Emerges (Jan. 5, 2021) January 4, 2021, ~ Meteor ~ Popocatepetl Volcano, Mexico Solar Flares Set the Sun Quaking Submerged Sources of Transient Acoustic Emission from Solar Flares Secrets Behind Sunquakes Could Lurk Beneath the Solar Surface CURRENT EVENTScientists Create the First Living Robot, Made from Frog Stem Cells Imminent sudden stratospheric warming to occur, bringing increased risk of snow over coming weeks Polar Vortex breaking down now: Major Stratospheric Warming will impact weather all winter Massachusetts teacher says she is “very proud” to have removed Homer’s classic from school curriculum As World Teeters on Brink, Over 250 Scientists and Scholars Warn of Full-Fledged ‘Societal Collapse’ Rare Buried Sphinx Statue Discovered in Egypt South of the Pyramids THE UNIVERSE IS 13.77 BILLION YEARS OLD. PROBABLY. MAYBE A LITTLE LESS. WE’RE NOT SURE Oldest Human Fossils Outside Africa Push Back Our Timeline…Again Antiparasitic drug Ivermectin kills coronavirus in 48 hours

1/04/2021 — West Coast USA multiple M4.0+ from Idaho to San Andreas — CARIBBEAN volcanoes on alert

The Netherlands was warned in the last video and a small (M 2.5) quake struck near the border (see at 7 mins).

Two volcanoes are coming alive in the CARIBBEAN at the same time — both volcanoes have been quiet for decades — Pelee volcano, and St. Vincent’s La Soufriere Volcano. Professionals claim its “just chance” that both volcanoes are showing activity at the same time.… Not joking for real they’re trying to deny a relation between the two…….. Case closed. Have a nice day. Don’t ask any questions. lol