Imperial Overreach

Imperial Overreach

Slithering Into World War III (4 min)

US Aggression & Manifest Destiny in the Indo-Pacific, w/ Prof. Ken Hammond (51 min)


Video: Students Force Police Off Campus! (8 min)


Rus Storms Kharkov Towns, Syrsky Troops Encircled, Ukr Crimea Strike; Putin Xi Forge Rus China Ties (1:25 min)

Xi-Putin multipolar hug. Elensky blames world for Kharkov. New Caledonia uprising (37 min)

Robert Fico, Slovak patriot (24 min)

Russian forces are STUNNED by what they just found in Ukraine!!? | Redacted with Clayton Morris (10 min)


Set up to Fail

Set up to Fail

Another Citizen Party video.  The reason I posted this is because I realized that the closing of rural bank branches is not just about the banks making more profits.  It is a deliberate strategy to destroy rural communities and businesses so that everyone is concentrated in the big cities.  It is deliberate Urbanization.  They want everyone in 15 minute cities thus fulfilling Agenda 21.  It seems that Australia has been chosen as a test case because we only have a few large coastal cities.  They are already ramping up the censorship.

CITIZENS REPORT 18/4/2024 – ‘We’re being set up to fail!’ / WW3:How long can we teeter on the brink? (55 min)

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 07:12 Topic 1: ‘We’re being set up to fail!’
  • 32:58 Topic 2: WWIII: How long can we teeter on the brink?
  • 54:10 End Credits


Finger on the Trigger

Finger on the Trigger

I think that they will be foolish enough to pull the trigger.  Netanyahu knows that he has lost Gaza and he is desperate.

All Nations Prepare with Israel’s Finger on the Trigger (8 min)

Are Russia and China Doing Enough for Palestine? (3 min)


Iran Strikes Back

Iran Strikes Back

I only caught the back end of the live stream. Starts at about 16 minutes. Dr McCairn speaks with Sufyan  who lives in the M.E.


Z.0.GGER Wars: Iran Strikes Back (2:55 min)

Iran Strikes Israeli Base with Hypersonic Missiles (6 min)

The Iranian Threat

The Iranian Threat

Assassination Attempt on Syrian President Bashar Al Assad (1 min)

US Marine Officer Scott Ritter reveals the TRUTH about the Iran Israel War that’s starting now (16 min)


Yair Pinto: Israel Prepares for Iran WAR & Rafah Offensive to FINISH Hamas | Stakelbeck Tonight (9 min)

Say Hello To My Little Friend

Say Hello To My Little Friend

Russia has drawn its red lines and warned NATO about boots on the ground in Ukraine.  The West is determined to provoke WW3. 


NATO mission in Ukraine. Medvedev warns NATO. Biden warns Netanyahu. Macron, Russia targets Olympics (26 min)

West Panic Rus Breaks Chasov Yar, Rus Heads Total War Victory; US Blames China, Biden Xi Talks Fail (1:27 min)


Israel’s Strike on Iran’s Embassy & How the US Seeks to Trigger a Wider War (38 min)

🔴 History: Why Israel Wants to Undermine Syria | Syriana Analysis w/ Kevork Almassian (1:15 min)


INTEL Roundtable w/ Johnson & McGovern: Is/Was WWIII Pre-Planned? (28 min)



Biden has destroyed Ukraine

Biden has destroyed Ukraine

Biden is a busy man.  It is a wonder that he finds time to destroy Ukraine between announcing Trans -visibility day and hunting for Oyster eggs.  I don’t know how he even finds time to lick his ice cream cones

Jeffrey Sachs: Biden Has DESTROYED Ukraine, More Funding Would Be INSANE (14 min)

The Bloom | Ukrainian Line is Collapsing | Encirclement Of Bilohorivka | Military Summary 2024.04.02 (27 min)


Israel Strikes Iran Generals; Kharkov Empties No Power; Rus Reaches Chasov Yar, Tonenka Breakthrough (1:20 min)

Airstrike Iran consulate, WCKitchen. Drone reaches Tatarstan. Kharkov exodus. Siege of Crimea begins (32 min)

Israel and America Are at War with Iran, Russia and China (7 min)

Russia issues ultimatum to Ukraine (26 min)

USA doing business in China while stopping its Allies from Trading with China (12 min)

Israel strategic and moral failure

Israel strategic and moral failure

Israel is losing.  No matter what happens next, Israel has lost in a strategic and moral sense which is why they are trying to expand the war and drag the USA in.  The Israeli state was formed by cooperation between the Nazis and the Zionist and we still have Jews and Nazis cooperating (in Ukraine).


Both the Nazis and the Zionists had the same supremacist ideology. How Ironic that the Jews (who were willing to sacrifice their own people to achieve geopolitical goals) have once again sacrificed their own (Oct 7) and are now committing a genocide.  This is an excellent Analysis.

Highly recommended:  


Steven Ben-Nun is a Jewish Christian

Ukraine Hits Russia with Drone 1,300 Kilometers Deep (5 min)

🔴 Is Israel Drawing The US Into War in the Middle East? | Syriana Analysis w/ Andrew Hammond (48 min)

“Israel wants USA to attack Iran, dragging us into war.” Col. Douglas MacGregor | Redacted News (16 min)

Israel attacks Iran Consulate, british aid worker killed, Uk sanctions China, ISIS, Russian response (30 min)

Politician Calls For “Hiroshima” Solution To Gaza (14 min)