AI-Powered Tyranny

AI-Powered Tyranny

Very Good. Highly Recommended.



  • 0:00 – Intro
  • 1:26 – Clown world spirals closer to WWIII
  • 12:13 – Divide and conquer through “pick a side”
  • 19:25 – “Israel’s 9/11″
  • 24:19 – Neocons trying to regain base
  • 28:21 – Financial crisis
  • 33:18 – CBDCs and financial cancelation
  • 38:17 – Luongo’s theory
  • 40:36 – Ending anonymity
  • 43:18 – Big tech vs freedom tech
  • 50:40 – AI
  • 1:07:43 – Christian Zionism
  • 1:21:36 – Keep your mind through the clown world
  • 1:31:04 – AI religion
  • 1:40:43 – Bitcoin is a revolution against the cyber/banking regime
  • 1:46:47 – Wrapping


What is the End Game?

What is the End Game?

I have added Matt Ehret as a tag so that I can highlight his work. Matthew J.L. Ehret is a journalist, lecturer and founder of the Canadian Patriot Review ( and the Rising Tide Foundation. He is an author with Strategic Culture, The Duran, Fort Russ, LA Review of Books- China Channel, and has also been published on Asia Times, Global Times, Oriental Review, Sott, and Zero Hedge. He has authored three volumes of the book series “Untold History of Canada” (available on He is Senior Fellow at American University in Moscow, Founder of Canadian Patriot Review, Rising Tide Foundation and author of Untold History of Canada series.  Hopefully I will feature more of his interesting videos.


Mel K & Matt Ehret | What is the End Game? Who Benefits? The Insanity of Opting for WWIII | 10-27-23 (1:56 min)


Learn more about Matt Ehret and his work:
1) The Forgotten Jewish-Christian-Muslim Alliance and China’s Silk Road
2) Putting the Jewish Conspiracy into Perspective
3) Who Really Created the Middle East Terror Apparatus?
4) Charlemagne and the Ecumenical Principle (online book) by Pierre Beaudry
Matt and Cynthia’s books:
We The People must stand strong, stay united, resolute, calm and focus on the mission – God Wins!

Countdown to Armageddon

Countdown to Armageddon

They need a huge false flag in the USA to justify attacking….
Hamas? Hezbollah? Iran? China? Fill in the blanks but first they want to genocide Gaza.

United States on Terrorist Alert – SITREP 10.25.23 (48 min)

Oops, Israel is hogging all the light and Kiev is jealous.

Israel, Kiev Panic; Israel: UN SecGen Resign; China Russia Gain Ground UN; Kiev Avdeyevka Crisis (1:02)

Macron is going to put his big boy pants on and fight Hamas (lolz) the world is nuts.

Haley demands UN Guterres resign. Macron’s plan to fight Hamas. Elensky delusions of grandeur. U/1 (35 min)

We burnt German babies and civilians to death when we fire bombed Dresden so why can’t we collectively punish Gaza?

Using U.S. WW2 War Crimes To Justify Current War Crimes BackFires!

The war in Ukraine is still ongoing and Russia is still winning even though you hear nothing about it.

The Fall | HUGE Ammo Depot Was Blown Up In Khmelnytskyi | Nuclear Tests. Military Summary 2023.10.25 (23 min)

WW3 Primer

WW3 Primer

They are doing their best to kick off WW3. Got to hand it to them. They are persistent.

“This Is Genocide”: FULL Interview with Palestine’s Ambassador on Israel & Gaza (39 min)

Arab States Reject Gaza Population Expulsion; Putin Netanyahu Talks; US Secretly Gives Ukr ATACMS (1:31min)

The Fall | World War 3 Is Just Around The Corner | Disaster At Verbove. Military Summary 2023.10.17 (24 min)

Russia and China diplomacy for war off-ramp. Isolated Biden goes to Israel (45 min)

Yellen, US can support 2 wars. Biden to Israel. Putin talks to Netanyahu. Second front concerns. U/1 (27 min)

US Proxy Wars: Israel Gears Up for Gaza Incursion as Initiative Passes to Russia in Ukraine (44 min)

Neocons want war

Neocons want war

They all so badly want the Gog-Magog war and the rebuilding of the Temple because it fits their geopolitical ideology.  So many Christians will be fooled. 

EU/UK swap out Ukraine flag. Haaretz blames Bibi. Iran denies involvement. Neocons want war. U/1 (44 min)


Hamas Attack Will Lead to WW3 (52 min)

Western Psycho’s

Western Psycho’s

Graham, $70B to Ukraine. Slovakia, EU cries Russia. Wallace, mobilize youths. Halfwits push WW3. U/1 (31 min)


Fico wins Slovakia elections. EU is preparing its attack (17 min)

“Women must report for duty!” Ukraine desperately calling girls to fight | Redacted News (18 min)