Aussie Cossack Show

Aussie Cossack Show

The “Cossack” is wanted by the police and is broadcasting from the Russian Consulate (In Sydney I think).  I know it is propaganda but then it is all propaganda and psychological operations.  Nevertheless, the show is pretty good and you need the info (agitprop) from both sides.   In any case watch the bit about the two bodyguards at the start of the video.


The Aussie Cossack Show – Russia & China Tell The West To F**k Off!

From Russia with Love

From Russia with Love

The bromance that has Blinken bapping in his pants (lolz)


We could send Bond to fix this but he is undergoing a sex change operation (lolz).


Putin; EU vassals, Kharkov cordon sanitaire. Elensky, US help to strike Russia. Kirby & the hug (28 min)

Kiev Panic, Demands Hundreds Patriots, F16s; Rus Sumy Offensive; Rus More Volchansk; Ukr 70% Losses (1:31min)



Imperial Overreach

Imperial Overreach

Slithering Into World War III (4 min)

US Aggression & Manifest Destiny in the Indo-Pacific, w/ Prof. Ken Hammond (51 min)


Video: Students Force Police Off Campus! (8 min)


Rus Storms Kharkov Towns, Syrsky Troops Encircled, Ukr Crimea Strike; Putin Xi Forge Rus China Ties (1:25 min)

Xi-Putin multipolar hug. Elensky blames world for Kharkov. New Caledonia uprising (37 min)

Robert Fico, Slovak patriot (24 min)

Russian forces are STUNNED by what they just found in Ukraine!!? | Redacted with Clayton Morris (10 min)


Let the Weak say, I am Strong

Let the Weak say, I m Strong

Rus Kharkov Advance, US Passes Ukr Project NATO, Desperate Zelensky Exiles Zaluzhny, Fires Security (1:17 min)

Orban, Xi and multipolar world. NATO neutralize Kaliningrad. GOP impeach Biden. Europe day (35 min)

Scott Ritter: NATO is Panicking, Ukraine is Collapsing, America is Sleepwalking ! ( 2 min)

Ukraine Approaching Complete Collapse and NATO in Panic | Scott Ritter (1:10 min)

Zelensky yesterdays man

Zelensky yesterdays man

Looks like Zelensky will soon be able to take of his green T-shirt and retire to his UK mansion (if he survives).

Putin stays. Zelensky goes? (28 min)

Elensky gift to Putin foiled. Xi, China stands with Serbia. Russia blocks Rumble. Germany bans Z&V (41 min)

Huge Rus Missile Strike, Rus Advance Ocheretino, Kupiansk; More Ukr Troops Disobey, Zelensky Attempt (1:12 min)


Final Warning

Final Warning

Russia’s final warning to Macron and Cameron (46 min)

Col. Douglas Macgregor : Do Israel + Ukraine = WWIII? (36 min)

Rus Calls West Bluff; Threatens Strikes UK; Warns France Nukes; Massive West Climbdown No Troops Ukr (1:21min)

Russia’s ultimatum to France & UK. Macron, Xi…& Ursula. Putin inauguration. US to ICC, arrest Xi (43 min)

🔴 Chris Hedges: Israel’s Master Plan For Gaza Is Horrifying | Syriana Analysis(6 min)


Freedumb and Democrazy in Ukraine

Freedumb and Democrazy in Ukraine

Aaron Maté : Ten Years of US in Ukraine (31 min)

West Panic, Shoigu: Offensive Underway, Trap Ukr Chasov Yar, Ocheretino; Rus Shows West Weapons (1:24 min)

ICC rules for me… Xi to Serbia & Hungary, meeting Macron. Canada Parliament chaos. Who is Ursula? (29 min)

Britain’s “Newest” Tank: Challenger 3, Failing to Learn Lessons from Ukraine (24 min)


Ukraine Disaster

Ukraine Disaster

You know who to thank.

Ukr Disaster: Ocheretino; Krasnogorovka Falling, Politico: War Lost, Xi Scolds Scholz, Make Peace (1:30 min)

Mike Johnson, wartime Speaker. Elensky; No money, game over. Scholz wants Xi to stop Ukraine war (36 min)

What Zelensky is doing now should TERRIFY all Ukrainians, this is madness | Redacted News (18 min)

Desperate and Reckless

Desperate and Reckless

Medvedev, no hiding for Macron. WSJ; Macron gets tough with Putin. Elensky needs 25 Patriots (31 min)

Rus Fighting Inside, Outflanking Chasov Yar; France Threats Rus Enter Ukr, Rus Says No; Lavrov China (1:22 min)

Ukraine’s Ammunition Crisis Persists as Western Desperation Grows (37 min)

Biden calls Netanyahu. Biden calls Xi Jinping (16 min)

Front Line collapse

Front Line collapse

Ukraine faces front line collapse. France Lecornu calls Shoigu. MTG to Tucker, Mike Johnson changed (37 min)

Shoigu Steamrolls French MoD in Tense Call, Macron Upset; Rus Restates Demand; Ukr Crisis Chasov Yar (1:20 mins)


Biden calls Xi, Yellen goes to China to Beg again, USA Asks S.Korea to stop selling chips to China (16 min)

Kosovo is about to become the next Ukraine, and Serbia is FURIOUS | Redacted News (14 min)