Eastern inscrutability vs Western lies

Eastern inscrutability vs Western lies

The West is looking increasingly cack-handed and untrustworthy.  The West would prefer to be feared rather than respected.  It is losing both fear and respect and we can see the global south-east  turning away.

Justin Trudeau PUT IN HIS PLACE by China’s Xi Jinping (10 min)

Xi said three things
1. Don’t leak to the press.
2. You lied, we didn’t talk about those things.
3. as Xi walked out of the camera, Xi said “very naive”

The Chinese are smart this was no accident….you can bet it was deliberately done in front of a camera and deliberately leaked. It is as if Xi was saying….we can play that game as well if you want to leak private conversations and lie. The West is increasingly losing the propaganda war and the moral high ground (if it ever had it). As for Turd-eau (about as popular as a turd at a pool party)….it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!

UN Caught Fabricating Russian Viagra R@pe Allegations (8 min)


God Bless You, Mr Polish Potato Farmer!

God Bless You, Mr Polish Potato Farmer! (5 min)

Comments by people:

1. A thermonuclear war didn't happen not because of an unknown Polish hero farmer, but because when push was about to come to shove NATO/US caved in. That's when the photos appeared, although the flight path of the S-300 missile was tracked by NATO radars from the very beginning.

2. I agree to an extent. I think that if the U.S./NATO really was ready to take on Russia, they would’ve gone ahead and responded. This is what Zelensky doesn’t understand. The West is weak, and its armies and weaponry are no longer what they used to be. They have been weakened and exhausted by non-wars in the Middle East and other places where they have been embarrassed by smaller militias.

The last days of the G20 (12 min)

Russia Launches Another Missile Strike, Kiev Doubles Down Polish Missile Strike; Xi Crushes Trudeau (53 min)



Xi Goes to Saudi Arabia

Xi Goes to Saudi Arabia

Russia Advances Deeper Into Bakhmut; China’s Xi Goes to Saudi Arabia, Discussing Alternatives to USD (51 min)

A Slap in the Face for Joe Biden (1 min)

EU prepares sanctions package aimed at banning Russian travel to EU member states (17 min)

CHINA Threatens MILITARY ACTION Against USA & Launches Missiles Over TAIWAN as WAR THREAT INCREASES (20 min)

Pro West agiprop:

Poke the bear and slap the Dragon

Poke the bear and slap the Dragon

The West is going all out to pick as many fights as it can. Just like Russia, China says that it is not bluffing. It seems that the West has expended any goodwill by being dishonest brokers. In the end all you have is your reputation and if you are seen as unreliable you lose all trust.

Xi to Biden, ‘You are playing with fire,’ as tensions over Pelosi’s Taiwan trip escalates (16 min)

How Biden plans to checkmate China (12 min)

Biden to the rescue (lolz).  A day late and a dollar short.  While I was watching the video I thought infrastructure plan (?) ….the USA can’t maintain its own crumbling infrastructure.  It is playing catch-up ten years late.  China and Russia have the advantage of geography and land corridors.  Moreover, China does try to “partner” with countries instead of loading on IMF debt.  I bet the “gender equity” part is a real winner! (lolz). No one trusts the West anymore and the infrastructure China is offering is ports and railroads not just technology. This is doomed to fail. You set up China as the global factory so that you could make more profits but now you realize you shot yourself in the foot.   P.S. Caspian report are propagandists for the West but they make excellent videos.  P.P.S Could they have not thought up a catchy name?  I mean Belt and Road is easy to remember but their alternative is instantly forgettable.  Says it all.

China’s support for Syria sets off alarms in Israel (24 min)

Oops….  Are Russia and China getting a bit upset with Israel?  Reading more and more of these stories.  Maybe they look at the USA and realize that thy don’t want to be stabbed in the back. Maybe they don’t want to be used or manipulated. 

Losing is in Vogue

Losing is in Vogue

Zelenskyy poses for Vogue as Ukraine loses more territory (14 min)

Zelensky Tells Americans “Inflation Is NOTHING” As Ukraine Shells Prison In ‘Counter-Offensive'(14 min)

Russia Gains Ground, Ukraine Pushed Back in Kherson, Xi Slams Biden over Taiwan in Tense 2 Hour Call (1:00)


Clueless Western leaders

Clueless Western leaders

Siemens, Nord Stream 1 exposes clueless Western leaders. Xi, Putin and SPIEF (15 min)

Putin: “No One With A Brain Believes ‘Putin’s Inflation'”- Inside Russia Report (3 min)

EU Leaders Empty Handed in Kiev, Gas Crisis Deepens in Europe, Putin & Xi Reaffirm Partnership (54 min)

Ukrainians Selling Weapons Supplied by the US & NATO on Darknet (21 min)

NATO IS LYING About Its Expansion (4 min)

Latest SARS & Ukraine

Latest SARS & Ukraine

A 2.5 hour stream about the situation in Ukraine as well as the latest SARS info. All the Jewish billionaires made a run for it back to Israel meanwhile the Jewish Comedian in charge of Ukraine encourage the goy to take up weapons against the Russians.  The Russians seized Chernobyl because they don’t want anyone making dirty bombs.


It is all Kabuki Theater

All that investment in Ukrainian bio-weapon labs for nothing.

Even Pooh -Bear won’t help Brandon.

JUST IN – Biden admin presented China with intelligence on Russia’s troop buildup in hopes Xi would step in.


They are all banker puppets

That nasty Putin hurting that lady (see below)

This woman survived a gas explosion, covid and then Putin fired a rocket at her.

Like Greg said in his last video Putin just saved the central banks.

Putin was a young global leader (WEF) 

Wag the Dog

In case the video does not show (2 min):


It is a big club and you ain’t in it.

The Alpha and Omega

The Alpha and Omega

What happens when we get the Omega variant?   The “vaccine trials” are not over until 2025.


It is funny that the WHO skipped Nu (as in New World Order) and Xi (as in pooh bear).

Gravitas LIVE | Wuhan virus back in new avatar | Omicron “More dangerous than delta” | Palki Sharma (46 min)

No need to watch the full show…skip to 6 min to see the Omicron report.  It is looking to me more and more like a psyop. We will reserve judgement until we see more data.