Evil Panda

Evil Panda

China is Now Using EVIL PANDAS to Hide Something VERY BAD – Episode #179 (2:27 min)

Xi’s ‘Growing Concern For China’s Economy’ | US-China: Information War | C919 (12 min)

Highway to Hell

Highway to Hell

I think he could be right.  Pedal to the metal no left turns. Are we there yet?

Summer Operation | The Russians Destroyed Another Bridge In Kupiansk. Military Summary For 2023.8.31 (18 min)

Tucker, US-Russia war. Borrell, 40K troops ready. Pskov, Kremlin silent. Kishida, safe & delicious (44 min)

Rus Advances Kupiansk, Bakhmut; Ukr Gives Up Rabotino, Fails Verbove, Mobilisation; Xi Skips G20 (1:19)

Ukraine’s Western Sponsors Running Out of Ammo & Out of Time (37 min)


BREAKING! Ukraine launches DEVASTATING attack on Donetsk, civilians killed | Redacted News (12 min)

Zion and Sino

Zion and Sino

This happened in the last two weeks and this video from Steven Ben Noon is two days old but I checked this out and the information is sound. Articles started appearing at the end of June. Biden and the Democrats have been supporting the ongoing left-wing protests against the right-wing Netanyahu government about the appointment of judges etc. So Bibi getting cozy with China  could be a shot across the bows against the Biden admin.  A dangerous game to play. Largest protests in six months, all across Israel, against Bibi-and-gang’s judicial coup attempt 

Netanyahu State Visit to China to Sign BRICS (6 min)

Amos Yaldin is  a General (ret.); Executive Director of The Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) 2011-2021 . Former head of Israel Defence Intelligence.https://twitter.com/YadlinAmos

Here is a Jewish take on Bibi’s move (not watched it yet):

Netanyahu’s Upcoming Visit to China – Strategic Analysis | The Caroline Glick Show (1:05)

Cluster Bombs

Cluster Bombs

US Cluster Bombs Will Create Ukrainian Casualties For Decades ( 2 min)

Biden; US low on ammo, US clusters are safe. Elensky curse, Rutte fragile. Slovakia soviet cars. U/1 (33 min)

US Admits Out of Ammo, Provides Cluster Shells; Xi Tells Military Prepare for War, Yellen in Beijing (1:18 min)

Trade without USD. BRICS currency (backed by gold) coming soon (22 min)

Orban, no victory for Ukraine

Orban, no victory for Ukraine

US weapons in Russia, fuzzy pics. Orban, no victory for Ukraine. Borrell, Belgorod or Belgrade. U/1 (38 min)

Terrible damage – The Russians are now extremely angry with us (23 min)

Russia Defeats Belgorod Suicide Mission, Claims 50K Ukr KIA Bakhmut, Mulls Offensive; Xi, Russian PM (1:20)


A view of the alternative propaganda with my comment below:

How Ukraine turned Russia’s Bakhmut trap on its head | Defence in Depth (9 min)

I thoroughly enjoyed your propaganda. Beaten by a hot dog stand owner and a convict. Very funny. Do people actually believe you? You lost and Ukraine threw EVERYTHING at Bakhmut. Beaten by thugs with guns (lolz). Then you got Azov Nazis to invade Belgorod in a suicide mission in order to distract in the news cycle. Ukraine lost anywhere up to 200,000 men. The Russian strategy worked drawing Ukraine into the meat grinder. That is why the EU is recruiting in Africa and offering citizenship for anyone who fights in Ukraine. The West even blew up Nordstream. You have sold your soul to the neocons and lost your moral compass. Ukraine has been destroyed by the neocons (just like they destroyed the Middle East) not by Russia. You won't win this war with your lies. Definitely not a fan of Putin but you lot make me sick.


We don’t want Peace

We don’t want Peace

Instead of peace we are going to send depleted uranium shells and cluster bombs.  We want to poison the incredibly fertile black soil of Ukraine and maim as many civilians as possible. We want our wrath to be felt for generations.

Sunak, one step closer to nukes. Hungary, no to ICC, Borrell & NATO. Elensky, call me, maybe. U/1 (35 min)

UK sending depleted uranium to UKR, ICC hypocrisy and reasons for arrest warrant, Xi & Putin meeting (27 min)

Peace In Ukraine Is “Unacceptable” Says Biden Spokesman (7 min)

Putin and China just dealt a KNOCKOUT blow to the west with this move | Redacted News (26 min)

The US freaks out over New World Order shaped by Xi Jinping & Vladimir Putin