Global Warming

Global Warming

Hail Pummels Chicago- Blizzard Conditions For Northern Plains – Shift To El Niño – Venus’s Volcanoes (10 min)


The Channel below does click-bait fear porn but their videos are good and Yellowstone Park is spectacular. Nature at its best.  The fact that cracks appear and that there is geothermal activity is a good thing. It relieves the pressure.  I would be more worried if nothing happened.  Interesting fact mentioned in the video was the caldera Taupō  in NZ erupted 26K years ago and Toba in Sumatra, Indonesia about 76K years ago (74-76).  This fits the 26K great year precession cycle and roughly three times (=78) the cycle.

NASA Just Announced A 100ft Wide Fissure-Crack Just Opened Up Yellowstone Volcano in 24hrs (18 min)

Arctic Outbreak

Arctic Outbreak

Dangerous Arctic Outbreak To Impact Much Of The Lower 48 – Blizzard Warnings – Happy Solstice!(10 min)

The Largest Volcano Is FINALLY Exploding and Cracking Up The Earth (27 min)

Ignore the doom porn title because Yellowstone is relatively safe. Diamond from Magnetic Reversal and Oppenheimer Ranch says that the geysers and small releases alleviate pressure build up. If I remember correctly he said that the scientists were not worried about an imminent eruption.   I recommend this video because it is fascinating and Yellowstone is truly beautiful and unique.

The video also mentioned the eruption of other super volcanoes such as Taupō Volcano in New Zealand that last erupted 26,000 years ago and before that we had the devastating blast from Toba about 74,000 years ago which caused a human bottleneck (they reckon the global population went down to 8,000 people if I remember correctly).  Taupō recently had a 5.7M earthquake and had a VEI 6 explosion 1,500 years ago

Notice anything??   The GREAT YEAR has a cycle of 26,000 (see: years and 74,000 is roughly 3×26. It looks like these super volcanoes blow at the end of the precession cycle and we are at the end of such a cycle.


Warnings and nanobots

Warnings and nanobots

A video by Mike Morales from weather warfare.  Some very interesting articles are reviewed. Particularly liked the one on nanobots….scary stuff. A warning has been issued for Yellowstone….seems USGS have been watching Dutchsinse….they suspect that something big is coming?   The amount of chemtrailing above the USA is ridiculous.   However, no mater how hard they keep trying to control the weather….they will not be able.   It is become more extreme anyway as we enter GSM.



Nova Shells, Polar Fields of the Galactic Current Sheet | S0 News Oct.3.2020

This is interesting for what we learn about the Galactic Current Sheet.



Tectonic Tremors

Tectonic Tremors




Watch the tweet video (very good)




Volcanic Activity



Translation (Google translate):

Record of eruption of Mount Merapi on March 28, 2020 at 05:21 WIB
from the south and southeast #Merapi.Keep calm and stay Merapi
residents, the community can move as usual outside the radius of
3 km from the peak of Merapi.


The following website has a lot more information: Watchers News See also the report on Solar Radiation


Volcanic Activity Report





Among other things this video looks at the Russian earthquake of 25 March. I recommend watching some of the other Suspicious0bservers videos. In the video below they mention Earthquake Prediction Net which looks very intersting (still exploring it) and comes with this video (which I still have to watch myself).


M7.5 Earthquake, Tornado, The Heliosphere | S0 News Mar.25.2020