Bombing Spree

Bombing Spree


US Bombing Spree Won’t Reverse Decline of US Primacy in Middle East (31 min)

U.S. attempts ‘shock and awe’ in Iraq/Syria but fails to deter Resistance – Seyed Mohammad Marandi (1:03 min)

US Sending Troops to Syria (8 min)


Matt Hoh: Gaza, Israel and Shifting Balances of Power (31 min)


Middle East Mayhem

Middle East Mayhem

Maybe you should not have destroyed the twin towers in order to provoke all those Middle Eastern wars. It is all coming home to roost now. We see you and know how evil you are. Judgement is coming.


3 US Soldiers Killed in Iran-Backed Drone Attack in Jordan – LIVE B… (1:32 min)

Yemeni Resistance

Yemeni Resistance

Yemen’s Houthis Are HUMILIATING Biden!(19 min)


U.S. Fails To Halt Houthi Attacks? Big Explosion Strikes Ship Near …(3 min)

Houthis Secretly Helped By USA’s Key Arab Ally? | World @ War (6 min)


Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer: Is US Military Prepared for Middle East War? (32 min)

Scott Ritter: Iran Is Mobilizing An Unprecedented Large Army, Regio…(36 min)

Middle East Chaos

Middle East Chaos

U.S. Spokesman WON’T Condemn Israeli Explosion Of Gaza University (9 min)

US/UK, Yemen air strikes. Elensky, 6 Russian regions decree. Tusk in Kiev. Churchill origin story (33 min)


US-British Strikes on Yemen Seek to Provoke Wider War with Iran (25 min)

Israeli Assassination of five Iranian military advisors in central Damascus (6 min)

US airstrikes in Iraq target Iranian-backed proxy group Kataib Hezbollah | LiveNOW from FOX (15 min)

Israel Makes An Offer — A 2-Month Ceasefire For Return Of Hostages (16 min)


Gaza Contagion

Gaza Contagion

If they don’t stop the genocide in Gaza soon it will lead to a global war.

How Palestinians in Gaza are staying afloat | The West Asia Post (4 min)

Scott Ritter: If Russia joins Red Sea in support Houthi, Iran Hezbollah best chance to end Israel US (1:17 min)

Lary Johnson: Houthis’ Warning- US Navy Faces Destruction in Red Sea if Yemen is Bombed! (36 min)

Douglas MacGregor: Turkey will fight in Gaza in April, conflict will escalate into global war (39 min)

Lunatics in charge

Lunatics in charge

I watched all these videos.  The West is a disgrace, soaked in blood and hypocritical.   The fate of Gonzalo Lira is a tragedy.  It reminds me of Julian Assange. The West is run by liars, propagandists and murderers.   What about Russia and China?  I am sure they have their fair share as well but to pretend that the West has some sort of moral ascendancy is a joke.  I hope the Houthis kick butt and I hope that clown Zelensky gets chased out of Ukraine and as for Sunak and Biden. What a pair of degenerates.


This Will Definitely Backfire On The United States! (18 min)


‘Lunatics have taken over!’ | Neil Oliver on air strikes in Yemen, Britain’s borders and more (12 min)


Ukraine DEMANDS women join the war and orders 50,000 ladies uniforms in last ditch effort | Redacted (5 min)

Houthis Defiant After 2nd US Strike, Threaten Action; Rus Missile Strike Hammers Ukr, NYT Ukr Losing (1:11 min)


Gonzalo Lira. Lagarde, Trump threat to EU. Sunak, as long as it takes. Medvedev warns UK (31 min)