Bare Minimum To Being Human (10 min)

vi Hyman vs. Piers Morgan | #GrandTheftWorld 183 (Clip)-14 min


Yemen Give 25 Hostages to Hamas (13 min)

Remember When Israel Claimed Southern Gaza Was Safe? Look At It Now (16 min)

How Israel Planned the Ethnic Cleansing of Arabs 100 Years Ago (11 min)

Hezbollah Turn Israeli Settlement Into Blazing Inferno (18 min)


Phil Giraldi : How Washington Protects Israel. (29 min)

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs : Zelensky Out of Office, Netanyahu Out of Options. (30 min)



Should not have made a deal with the synagogue of Satan….

Israel HUMILIATED as Iraq and Hezbollah Strike Oil Refineries, Ports, and Drones (16 min)

40 rockets launched from Lebanon towards Golan Heights (2 min)

Gaza Doctors Wear Civilian Clothes to Avoid Being Targeted by IDF (10 min)

Abby Martin on Gaza, Ukraine & Working at Russia Today | Ash Sarkar meets Abby Martin (1:02 min)


Brother War and Genocide

Brother War and Genocide

Tell me again that we are good guys…..

Zelensky put on his cleanest green T-shirt and would like to talk to Russia.  I thought he passed a law forbidding talking with Russia?  He obviously wants to delay the inevitable with a ceasefire.  Russia is no longer listening. Zelensky will soon have a Kinzahl up his bum.

Huh?  I thought Russia was just a gas station with nukes?  Germany banned the export of washing machines to Russia because they were using chips out the washers for military use (lolz).  They had so little ammo they were fighting with shovels?  The absolute garbage that people believe.

Terrifying! Putin Visits New Tu-160M Bomber Factory (8 min)

Russia Sends WARSHIPS To The Red Sea! (9 min)


Elensky, ready to talk 2022 borders. Lavrov, Macron WW3 distraction. Ukraine, cancel Bulgakov (40 min)

Rus Prepares Blackout East Ukr, 2 Ukr Towns Falling, Ukr Troops In Trap; Zelensky Syrsky Interviews (1:20 min)

The Bloom | Russian Promotion Along The Entire Donetsk Front | Blackout | Military Summary (22 min)

Kyle Anzalone : Ukraine on Life Support (24 min)

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson : The State Dept Lies for Israel (26 min)

Bombing Spree

Bombing Spree


US Bombing Spree Won’t Reverse Decline of US Primacy in Middle East (31 min)

U.S. attempts ‘shock and awe’ in Iraq/Syria but fails to deter Resistance – Seyed Mohammad Marandi (1:03 min)

US Sending Troops to Syria (8 min)


Matt Hoh: Gaza, Israel and Shifting Balances of Power (31 min)


Middle East Mayhem

Middle East Mayhem

Maybe you should not have destroyed the twin towers in order to provoke all those Middle Eastern wars. It is all coming home to roost now. We see you and know how evil you are. Judgement is coming.


3 US Soldiers Killed in Iran-Backed Drone Attack in Jordan – LIVE B… (1:32 min)