Planet Defies Death

Planet Defies Death

Strong Earthquake Swarm In Katla Volcano, Iceland – 58 Earthquakes And Counting (4 min)

Planet Defies Death, Magnetic Field Behavior | S0 News June.30.2023 (3 min)

Crop Yields Down Planet Wide (All Major Growing Regions)-15 min

Doom porn from Future Unity….

This is not due to man made climate change but due to volcanic activity underwater and is caused by space weather as is the ongoing magnetic excursion see the link….(

NASA: “North Americas Worst Disaster in 300 Years About To Happen in 2023!”(18 min)

Manufacturing shortages

Manufacturing shortages

At a time when we are facing unprecedented natural changes which will lead  to crop failures they have decided to deliberately disrupt the global food supply.  That is like pouring petrol on your home after it has caught fire through a lightening strike.  If you know that  a huge lightening storm is coming then you would set up lightening rods and use fire retardant materials.  You would not soak everything in petrol.  Unless you want the house to burn down and the owners to die.  

How Your Food Will Be Managed From This Date Forward It’s Happening! (17 min)

What’s Happening in the S. Hemisphere Will Affect Us All (13 min)

Manufactured Food Scarcity

Manufactured Food Scarcity


A large scale event that is manufactured -food shortage and collapse. They have to trick us to think it is our idea

Manufactured Food Scarcity and Reactions Are Next (1/2) –  30 min

With supply chains clearly not able to deliver goods on time as was the case for the last 50 years, in 2022 food will be the item that becomes scarce, but that will spook society. Forget microchip shortages that may or may not recover in 2023-2024 so we can produce electronic goods again, reduced food equals hyperinflation and societal breakdown beginnings. Ryder Lee joins David DuByne again.

Here locally in rural area Florida we had 2 small town feed stores mysteriously catch fire, shortly after some big AG fertilizer plant in the state also had a fire...the first 10 seconds of this video has me seriously wondering now, as these 3 events happened within a day of each other, in cities not exactly near by. Anybody else experiencing things like this out of place and too coincidental?


How Will Farms be Protected from Flash Mobs (2/2) -21 min

Food Production

Food Production

Global Food Production will be anywhere near where it has been over the last five years. There are now fertilizer, herbicide, equipment and labor shortages coupled with rising diesel and food prices. These events will amplify in 2022 ending in rationing and life changing choices moving forward.

How Food Production and Prices Will Change in 2022 (15 min)

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Getting Real

Getting Real

It is starting to get real and the next few years will see an acceleration and people are still asleep.  It is truly remarkable.  The ordinary person has access to top notch information and many cannot connect the dots.  Yes, we are being lied to and gaslighted…but really?   What a sad state humanity is in. Watch these videos and see how they are constantly lying.  Covid is a massive distraction and control measure.  Think of it as their way of crisis control.  This is how they do it:

1. Making people scared

2. Lying and gaslighting

3. Control measures

These videos are very good and recommended watch them all.

Researchers Predicting “Low-To-No Snow” For Northern Rockies And Other Ranges Are Suspect At Best…(9 min)

Researchers Predicting “low-to-no snow” for Northern Rockies, Albedo Map = Northern Hemisphere Snow cover Fall Northern Hemisphere Snow Extent US Blizzard Frequency 1960-=2014 Precipitation Extremes in The Midwest Climate Change Indicators: Snow Cover Total Snowmass For The Northern Hemisphere

Official Magnetic Field Update, Cosmos, Electroquakes | S0 News Dec.18.2021 (5 min)

Today’s Featured Links: The Geomagnetic Field:… Pole Shift & Weak Spot:… Pre-Quake Geomagnetic:… Pre-Quake Atmospheric Chemistry:… Dark Energy Challenge:… Challenging LCDM: Gravitomagnetism:

Food Supply Issues and Flash Mob Control (David Morgan 1/2) (27 min)

David Morgan of the and David DuByne from ADAPT 2030 discuss energy shortages rocking the planet with gas, coal and electricity shortfalls cascading to greenhouse and mining shutdowns as supply chain gridlock and massive inflation lead to food insecurity and eventual rationing. This is what to expect in 2022 and 2023.

12/18/2021 — Global Earthquake Update on current seismic unrest — Don’t be scared, be prepared (1:13)

2022 Life Cost Forecast

2022 Life Cost Forecast

Changes in 2022 will be vast, what can we expect with fertilizer/urea shortages across the planet decreasing global crop yields @ 10%+ , then what when people hit the streets. More control in access to food. March 2022 is when second magnetic field intensifies with Earth entering until unlocking 2024 Oct. Its now or never to get ready.

2022 Life Cost Forecast (15 min)


All by Design

All by Design

They have not lost control, it is not a mistake.  They are inflating (=stealing) on purpose. Granted that very rapid natural climate change is starting but they are front running the problem.  The idea seems to be that they are using a controlled collapse to suck out the remaining wealth before nature wipes the slate clean.

The Fed. Made A Mistake? They Are Trapped? They Lost Control? HOW ABOUT NO! This Is ALL By DESIGN.(15min)

When Prices Get High and People Get Angry (Bob Kudla 1/2) 28min