WW3 starts in Ukraine

WW3 starts in Ukraine

Why World War III may start in Ukraine (17 min)

The “Battle of Bakhmut” + Russia’s GLONASS-Guided Glide Bombs (24 min)

Borrell upset with UN. Kiev Lavra arrest. Shoigu, ammo production surge. 8 new brigades. U/1 (31 min)

End of the dollar by this year? Saudi Join SCO and buy Chinese Stealth, Brazil ASEAN trade in Yuan (40 min)

The crumbling of international law w/ Rein Müllerson, Alexander Mercouris and Glenn Diesen (1:53)

$Dollar Death$

$Dollar Death$

This guy argues the opposite but conveniently forgets that the dollar has already lost 99% of its value and if China no longer accepts the dollar as payment from the US then where is America going to buy its cheap manufactured goods? His arguments about the Eurodollar and offshore dollar are meaningless if holders default on their debts and/or payments and turn to China instead. The currency is backed by Saudi oil, with them investing their profits in US treasuries.  What happens when they no longer do that?  Then the dollar is only backed by force.


ANZ Bank Goes FULL STEAM AHEAD w/ ‘Central Bank Digital Currency’ Program, Prepare For Social Credit (1 min)

Are we approaching the END of US DOLLAR hegemony (24 min)

It Begins! End of US Dollar’s Reserve Status Starts As China Strikes Deals with Brazil, Saudi Arabia (4 min)

Rising Dragon

Rising Dragon

What happens when your country allows a Jewish bank to print your money and when you export all your manufacturing capacity? What happens when your military power is used to back your currency and that currency (Ponzi scheme) fails?  War is just politics by other means.  No wonder the USA is worried:

South America turning into China’s backyard (10 min)


Saudi Arabia & Iran Sign MAJOR PEACE DEAL w/ China’s Help (9 min)

Iran-Saudi Deal Cements China as a Regional Power (3 min)

Another 3 Billion $ to Ukraine

Another 3 Billion $ to Ukraine

Another 3 Billion$ to Ukraine.  I am sure they will spend it wisely.

Ukraine’s Offensive Coincides with US $3 Billion+ Aid Package – Russian Ops in Ukraine Sep. 9, 2022 (17 min)

China Agrees to Pay for Russian Gas in Roubles & Yuan (9 min)

Ukraine Reportedly Ends Kherson Offensive, Switches to Kharkov; Putin Blames EU for Gas Crisis (51 min)

Global Reset

A speech from BOE governor Mark Carney









Analysis of a very important speech by the governor of the bank of England Mark Carney and an introduction to Dear Leader.


















New World OrderPDF download


Three  analytical articles on the China trade war: