Boris Johnson Commando

Boris Johnson Commando

Hang on, Ukraine tried to do WHAT to these nuclear inspectors? | Redacted with Clayton Morris (15 min)

Britain May Need IMF Loan As Europe And The UK Head Towards Economic Meltdown and Socialism (12 min)

Europe’s self inflicted destruction (4 min)

Russia Claims Repelled Ukraine Commando Attack Zaporozhie NPP; Ukraine Fails to Advance in Kherson (50 min)

2019 RAND Paper Warned US of Failure During Ukraine Conflict (25 min)

Zelensky the evil clown

Zelensky the evil clown

Zelensky Steamrolls Workers To Pave Way For Mass Privatization (10 min)

A comment under the video:

I will try to explain. The Trade Union Federation of Ukraine inherited considerable real estate from the Soviet trade unions. At the beginning of 2014, the Federation owned 266 real estate objects, including 30 health and medical institutions, 56 excursion and tourist organizations and 15 hotels. What does it mean? During USSR era Trade unions paid from 60 to 100% of the price of the workers resorts and so-called sanitoriums where they could go together with their families who bought the "voucher" with the discount. This way the workers could have a really good vacations and sometimes with treatments which were paid by the trade unions. In turn all workers paid minuscular amount of money for the memberships in the trade unions. These sanatoriums performed a very high quality service s and were located in very good buildings surrounded by the nice territories. Now this the "Most Democratic" Government of Ukraine will steal them from people to sell to the foreign buyers who will use it either as their palaces or some other way. Nice democratic ruling.

My response:

So who paid for it all? The Union members? Will the state (Zelensky) refund the members? Criminal behavior very similar to when Russia was broken up and given to Oligarchs. Why doesn't he just skip it all and just reintroduce slavery? Why give any incentives? All you need is a whip and debtors prison. Zelenskey the Comedian. Not so funny now is he? Maybe he should go back to playing the piano with his penis.


Zaporozhie NPP disconnected from Ukraine grid. 20% of electric supply lost (19 min)

“Europe Miscalculated and Will Pay the Price” | ft. Scott Ritter (4 min)

Russia Tightens after Ukraine Counterattacks Fail; Zaporozhie NPP Disconnected from Ukraine Grid (42 min)