Zelensky yesterdays man

Zelensky yesterdays man

Looks like Zelensky will soon be able to take of his green T-shirt and retire to his UK mansion (if he survives).

Putin stays. Zelensky goes? (28 min)

Elensky gift to Putin foiled. Xi, China stands with Serbia. Russia blocks Rumble. Germany bans Z&V (41 min)

Huge Rus Missile Strike, Rus Advance Ocheretino, Kupiansk; More Ukr Troops Disobey, Zelensky Attempt (1:12 min)


I don’t want war to end

I don’t want war to end

Borrell, I don’t want war to end. Biden ends Ukraine talk. Cameron ditches Macron. Joe-bi Wan Kenobi (29 min)

Panic Zelensky Any Cost Defence; Chasov Yar Crumbles, Biden Blames China, Saudi No Rus Asset Theft (1:30 min)


ICC (Int’l Criminal Court) is finished (20 min)


Running out of time,money and ammo

Running out of time,money and ammo

Trump; No money, no NATO protection. EU leaders threatened Orban. Boris, don’t believe Tucker (19 min)

Zelensky Sacks Generals, Fighting Avdeyevka, Chasov Yar Evacuated; US Confirms Shell Output Crisis (1:18 min)

German political obsession with Ukraine reaches dangerous levels (29 min)

Why US Artillery Shell Production Isn’t Enough & Why Other Munitions Will Fall Far Shorter Still (27 min)


Boris, Trudeau, Scholz meltdown

Boris, Trudeau, Scholz meltdown

It is funny to see all these morons meltdown.  Boris the clown, black face Trudeau and Scholz the eye patch pirate.  Supposedly these people run the world.  Not only are they incompetent idiots and liars, they are also dangerous.

Boris, Trudeau, Scholz meltdown. Biden, $61B criminal neglect. Syrsky, hold on to Avdiivka (28 min)


Ukr Crumbles: Avdeyevka Cauldron, Sinkovka, Bakhmut, No AD From March, Zelensky Syrsky Protests Grow (1:14 min)

Zelensky finally fires Zaluzhny (22 min)

The World Needs to Wake Up | Scott Ritter (1:14 min)

“Sanctioning Russia Is Killing The U.S Dollar!” – Putin Tells Tucker Carlson (16 min)

Tucker GRILLS Putin About Freeing Imprisoned U.S. Journalist! (15 min)



Milei sucks up to Zelensky

Milei sucks up to Zelensky

El Loco – the mad “right winger” is a Zionist tool who loves Zelensky.  People are being so gamed.  They hope for some “deliverance” but they are all corrupt and compromised.

Elensky hugs Milei, confronts Orban, travels to meet Biden. MTG, Gaetz, Vance; no money to Ukraine (41 min)


Biden Summons Zelensky, Criticism Zelensky Grows, Rus Officials Rule Out Kiev Talks, Hint Annexation (1:16 min)


Isolated Putin (20 min)










Zelensky is HATED in Ukraine

Zelensky is HATED in Ukraine

The Putin 2024. Pay oligarchs or fight Russia. TATTERS 3.5% growth. Blinken stiff neck. U/1 (39 min)


Putin Standing 2024 Elections, Says West Financial System Ending; Lloyd Austen Talks War With Russia (1:19 min)


“Zelensky is HATED in Ukraine and is being REPLACED” says Ex-CIA Agent | Redacted w Clayton Morris (14 min)


Russia-NATO Domino theory to secure Ukraine money (36 min)


The Fall | X101/555 Cruise Missiles Entered The Game. Blackout Is Coming. Military Summary 2023.12.8 (22 min)




Blinken, Israel needs a plan. Bulgaria blocks Zakharova. Ukraine on defense. THE PUTIN winning. U/1 (40 min)

The Fall | The Russians Captured Marinka And Timkovka. Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.12.01 (27 min)

Zelensky Admits Counteroffensive Defeat, Hints Mobilisation; Shoigu Ukr Lost 125K Troops 6 months (1:07 min)

Putin says Russian history is continuous. Hints at Ukraine endpoint (25 min)

“We need 20,000 men per month to survive!” Ukraine’s top General admits DEFEAT | Redacted (8 min)

Operation Trojan Horse – SITREP 12.1.23 (30 min)

Why Afghanistan is still at war (21 min)