Mene Mene

Mene Mene

Their days are numbered, they have been weighed in the balance and found wanting (Dan 5:25).

Boris’ days as UK PM are numbered, Putin regime change plan backfires (24 min)

String of Ukrainian Defeats, Putin Open for Talks as UK’s Johnson ABOUT TO FALL (25 min)

Kiev’s Forces Counterattack From Flanks, While Russian Advance Stuck In Donbass (6 june)

Losing On Donbass Front Lines, Kiev Launches Diplomatic Battle

Artillery Battles Rage In Southern Ukraine (Russian Artillery Special Report) 12 min

Patrick is embedded with the Russian Army In Kherson Region (therefore pro-Russian propaganda) and In this report the Russian Army Fires Artillery On Ukrainian Army Positions In Dnipropetrovsk Region Of Ukraine. They walk me though the process and explain how they know the shells will be hitting Ukrainian military targets and how it is not possible for them to hit civilians.

The Snowball Effect

The Snowball Effect

He could have called it the avalanche effect.  Russia will win this war on the ground but it could be turned into a strategic defeat if the Zelensky Govt refuses to negotiate thus forcing Russia to conquer the whole of Ukraine dragging in Poland and NATO.  This is what Kissinger warned (and dirt bag that he is, he is right).  It seems that the madmen in charge are determined to have nuclear war.

The Snowball Effect by Jacob Dreizin (24 min)

Russia Moves into Severodonetsk, Ukraine Suffers Heavy Losses in Kherson, EU Split on Russia Oil Ban (32 min)

Denmark To Be CUT OFF From Gas. Russia Announces DEBT FOR ROUBLES scheme – Inside Russia Report (8 min)

No US Long-Range Rockets For Kyiv l Putin’s Troops Storm Severodonetsk l Mass Graves In Mariupol (6:47)

Is the Ukraine psyop already wearing off (Part 1) ( 9min)

WEF Oligarchs and NeuroSARS

WEF Oligarchs and NeuroSARS

updated 1.1 (WTYL version added)

Another excellent stream (3:23)  which touches on a number of subjects including the important paper on Neuropilin-1   (SARS-CoV-2 Infects Peripheral and Central Neurons of Mice Before Viremia, Facilitated by Neuropilin-1). This demonstrates that what Dr Kevin McCairn said at least 18 months ago is correct.  SARS-Cov_2 and the Spike protein attack the Central Nervous System (CNS) and the brain. 

WEF Oligarchs Cooming For Your Carbon & Latest NeuroSARS, Kaufman Keeps Lying (3:23)

If you are having problems here is the WTYL version:


Running order (rough times) and links

00:00 Meme intro
13:00 Start
18:00 Comment on Terrain theory non-existence of viruses debate
36:00 Intro Kevin’s career, We Talk You Listen (WTYL) platform
31:00 May 31 st and 1 st June lab booking Ramen spec
43:00 Monkeypox Outbreak
45:00 Gender distribution

46:00 Recombinant Poxvirus Based Vaccine against Sars-CoV-2 Virus
56:00 Obama agiprop

01:02 warmongers

1:03The Jew always comes thru

01:10 Brownstone The WHO Treaty
01.15 Carbon footprint

01:19 Orthopox viruses
01:27 Beware the Horse pox virus
01:29 Bourla increase vaaxx compliance

01:34 Bill Gates

01:37 Covid a profitable product

01:40 Salvador Ramos tranny shooting
01:42 Australia Excess Death

01:43 Moderna Pipeline
01:47 WTYL platform
01:49 Study compares excess mortality in Massachusetts
01:51 Judy Mikowitz rant (interruption)
01:52 Back to excess mortality
01:54 JAMA study
01.55 long covid neurologic symptoms
01.56 Study
02:00 Studies find breakthrough SARS-CoV-2 Infections are more likely in cancer and Alzheimer’s patients
02:01 SARS-CoV-2 Infects Peripheral and Central Neurons of Mice Before Viremia, Facilitated by Neuropilin-1
02:03 Memes break Jewish Dr Paul Cottrell grifter selling products
02:07 Neuropilin paper continued
02:23 Interruption-the Jew always comes thru.

02:30 Break One step memes

02:36 Restart Neuropilin paper continued
03:06 My meme (Tishbite) and chat
03:11 Kaufman lying about his qualifications

Azovstal Falls

Azovstal Falls

It’s over for Azov & Ukraine at Azovstal In Mariupol? (3 min)

Azov Battalion SURRENDERS in Mariupol (15 min)

Zelensky claims to have RESCUED Azov defenders – Inside Russia Report (14 min)

Azovstal Surrenders as Russia Continues Offensive in Donbass (33 min)

Azovstal, UK Media calls it an ‘evacuation’ w/Gonzalo Lira (Live)






Mooaar Sanctions!

Mooaar Sanctions!

Inflation continues to rise, as EU Greens & Neocons want more sanctions (18 min)

Gonzalo Lira – Ihor Kolomoisky (the guy who made Zelensky President) is in trouble

Gonzalo Lira published this video on 8 may 2022 in which he explains why Ihor Kolomoisky is in trouble in UK where he is now living. For those who don’t know, Ihor Kolomoisky is a Ukrainian/Israeli/Cypriot oligarch who : – made Zelensky President (hired him while he was a nobody comedian and made him popular and trusted by the Ukraine people using his medias)
– financed the neo-nazis in Ukraine- owns, in his financial empire, Burisma, the holding who was paying Hunter Biden (known to be, at the period, a nothing good drug addict with zero experience in anything) a 1 million $ per year for a no show job (in fact just to indirectly bride his father Joe Biden who was then vice president of the USA under Obama)
Considering all the dirt he knows about the corruption in Ukraine, including of the Biden family, and about the neo-nazis in Ukraine, and so on, it wouldn’t be very surprising if he would “commit suicide”, Jeffrey Epstein style, or have an “accident”.