Blinken, Israel needs a plan. Bulgaria blocks Zakharova. Ukraine on defense. THE PUTIN winning. U/1 (40 min)

The Fall | The Russians Captured Marinka And Timkovka. Military Summary And Analysis For 2023.12.01 (27 min)

Zelensky Admits Counteroffensive Defeat, Hints Mobilisation; Shoigu Ukr Lost 125K Troops 6 months (1:07 min)

Putin says Russian history is continuous. Hints at Ukraine endpoint (25 min)

“We need 20,000 men per month to survive!” Ukraine’s top General admits DEFEAT | Redacted (8 min)

Operation Trojan Horse – SITREP 12.1.23 (30 min)

Why Afghanistan is still at war (21 min)

Geostrategic update

Geostrategic update

US/EU float negotiations with Russia. Elensky ready to visit Israel. Croatia FM kisses Annalena. U/1 (31 min)

Biden in Bind, Netanyahu Rejects Gaza Pause, Ambulances Bombed; Ukr War Lost, US Wants Kiev Talks (1:17 min)

Zelensky TERRIFIED Ukraine Is Being Abandoned For Israel! (15 min)

Last Night Was the Worst Night by Far. Gaza. 9 years back. (4 min)

Voices Israel Wants to Silence

Steven Ben-Nun is a Jewish Christian and Daniel Cohen is also Jewish.


Ground Offensive in Gaza

Ground Offensive in Gaza

Israel Gaza Offensive, Biden Doubts, No Plan; Zelensky Zaluzhny Quarrel, Rus Tightens Grip Avdeyevka (1:29 min)

Blinken, peacekeepers in Gaza. Houthis war. Jabalia refugee camp. Austin, $44B for Ukraine. U/1 (26 min)

The Fall | Political Crisis In Kiev | Russian Steamroller Is Moving West. Military Summary 2023.11.1 (27 min)

Israeli Ground Operations Begin in Gaza as Wider US-led Regional War Looms (34 mins)

WHAT?!?! CIA Responsible for OCTOBER 7th in Israel?? (16 min)

DISASTER: War Declared On Israel As Congress Fights Over Money (World War 3)

“We Need To DESTROY Gaza” – Fmr Israeli Ambassador To Italy (9 min)


Gaza encirclement

Gaza encirclement

Gaza encirclement. EU approves asset theft. TIME, Elensky is delusional. Russia No.1 military. U/1 (40 min)

Israel Operation Gaza; UN BRICS versus US; Zelensky Deluded, Ukr Defeated, Ukr Troops Demoralised (1:28 min)

“We won’t stop attacking Israel” Houthi military leader claims as Gaza invasion begins | Redacted (7 min)

So What Is Zionism Exactly? w/ Dan Cohen (10 min)

Give us a job guvnor

Give us a job guvnor

Lolz, lolz,lolz  maybe Sean Penn can give him another Oscar.  I hope they tell him to put a suit on for his next job interview. Not going to get a job in that stupid green T-shirt (lolz).




Zelensky panics as attention and resources shift to Israel (21 min)

Elensky solidarity tour. IMF, UKR raise taxes. NYT, Russian economy beats US/EU. Gaza corridor. U/1 (40 min)

US Out of Ammo Israel, Ukr; Israel Delays, Blockade continues; Saudi Iran Talks, BRICS Peace Plan (1;22)


Offensive Stalemate

Offensive Stalemate

Stoltenberg surprises Elensky. NYT, offensive stalemate. BBC simps for Trudeau. EU Fico fear. U/1 (35 min)

NYT Ukr No Gains, Budanov: Continuing on Foot; German MSM: Rus Army Stronger; France Out of Niger (1:09 min)

The Fall | The Russians Are Gaining Momentum In The Bakhmut Direction. Military Summary 2023.9.29 (18 min)

Trudeau & Zelensky VICIOUSLY Heckled By Canadians (6 min)

Canada Minds Applauding Ukrainian Nazis but Not Arming Them (3 min)

October Surprise? SITREP 9.29.23 (29 min)




Straight Talk

Straight Talk

Straight Talk with Hungarian FM Peter Szijjarto | Ukraine-Russia Conflict | India-Hungary | WION (14 min)

Trudeau, $650M to Elensky. Black Sea HQ strike. Bakhmut, Tokmak on foot. Lavrov-Szijjarto meet. U/1 (45 min)

“They will have to leave or be killed” Armenia REVOLUTION unfolds, calls for new government (17 min)

Trudeau’s Skripal moment, ruins relations with India (20 min)