The Jewnited States of Weimerica

The Jewnited States of Weimerica



The descent into chaos and dictatorship is deliberate.  The antisemitism Bill that has just been passed will cause more resentment and antisemitism especially as most people know that the Jews run the show.  We are being played.  The riots were a PsyOp provoked and penetrated by agent provocateurs in order to get the bill passed.  In essence the bill says this:

1. The Jews did not kill Christ
2. They do not control media,finance or government
3 No Nazi memes about IDF
4 No Holocaust denial

Maybe it is meant to shut the public up so that the Zionists can enter Rafa and complete the slaughter without any push back. Maybe it is meant to encourage a surge of antisemitism.    Who knows?  All I know is that they are pushing racial hatred, gender hatred, division etc.  They want people fighting in the street when they collapse the financial system.  They also want war and small scale (tactical) nuclear engagement.

This all fits the techno-Gnostic agenda and the Hegelian dialectic.  They create the problem then offer the solution.  The problems are obviously race, gender,nations, climate change and corrupt governments.  If we can remove these “boundaries” (limitations) and be governed by Artificial Intelligence then we solve all the problems.  They are deconstructing God’s creation so that they can build it in their own image. They are also leveraging the natural cyclical climate change and ongoing magnetic excursion to their advantage.

The solution they offer will be everything governed by A.I. and everything on the blockchain tracking all carbon etc.  Some sort of CBDC and UBI.  A tokenised economy.  A one world religion. All races mixed.  No more nation states. Gender fluidity.  It sounds crazy but all the signs are there.  It is doubtful they can achieve that on a global scale but people will cry out for some sort of savior figure.  This could be when Orange Jesus (Trump) or another “messianic” figure steps in.

Trump (and Musk) supported vaccines and are both Zionists.  Trump wants to build a wall but it will be a “digital wall” with face scanning and ID to keep the “bad guys out” (and you locked up). Trump was “persuaded” by Lindsay Graham the gay ghoul to flip Johnson on paying $95 billions to Ukraine and Israel.   None of them are good guys.  They all want different versions of the same thing.  They want to use technology to ground their boot in your face forever.  How can any of these psychopaths build a better world?  They all represent either the right or left hand path of the Masonic-Gnostic-Kabbalistic world  parasite.  They are deceivers and liars.  Behold Satan transforms himself into an angel of light.  Make no bones about it this is a Spiritual war.


Turning Tables

Turning Tables

The table is turning against Israel.  Even one time leftist retards like Jon Stewart is speaking up as is Obama’s Defense Secretary. Watch the epic rant by Gerald Celente…..100% for his potty mouth (lolz).  Israel has lost.  I constantly tweet out to the hasbara trolls that they have done this to themselves.  Strategically and morally they have lost. Even Tucker Carlson has jumped on the band wagon.  You can only mow the grass for so long.  Then it grows back.

BRUTAL: Jon Stewart TORCHES US Support For Israel | The Kyle Kulinski Show (14 min)

Obama’s Defense Secretary CALLS OUT Israel’s War Crimes! (10 min)



🔴 This Tucker Carlson Interview BROKE The INTERNET | Syriana Analysis w/ Tim Anderson (48 min)


Israel Transgresses

Israel Transgresses

They crossed the line…


Haaretz: Israel passed a law to shut down Al Jazeera in the country. Its own citizens not permitted to watch but the world – including the @CIJ_ICJ – continues to see evidence of the atrocities it documents

Israel’s Bombing of Iran’s Embassy Marks HUGE Escalation (26 min)


US expresses concern about footage of Israeli executions at al-Shifa but slams Hamas (26 min)

Israel Targets Iranian Embassy Officials in Damascus (11 min)

Anya Parampil: Netanyahu’s Risky Gambles (32 min)

🔴 Benjamin Netanyahu: Whole World Is Against Us | Syriana Analysis (59 mins)

On RT to speak about Zionist attack on Damascus and assassination of IRGC General (3 min)

Biden Officials Resign In Protest! (7 min)

Witness against the Evil

Witness against the Evil

Truly shocking and evil.  They are depraved. These are War Crimes. The Doctors in Gaza have invented a new acronym. WCNSF = Wounded Child No Surviving Family (A new acronym invented by Doctors in Gaza). The drone footage starts at 42 mins.

BREAKING: Shocking Israeli Drone Footage Leaked, Yemen Deal with Russia-China & More! (2:53)
(Starts at 22 min timestamped to start immediately).

Unpacking Jared Kushner’s Remarks on “Gaza’s Waterfront Property” (1 min)

Channeling the Zionist genocidal forces in Gaza – Al Shifa Hospital under attack again. (9 min)

The UK captured by ZOG

The UK captured by ZOG

Talpiot boys everywhere…

The company responsible for verifying people’s ID on X is called “AU10TIX”.

an #Israeli company founded by members of Shin Bet’s unit 8200!

Shin Bet is Israel’s main internal intelligence directorate and provides up to 90% of intelligence material to the state.

Lowkey EXPOSES Israel’s Secret Role in Britain (8 min)

The rise and fall of British power (22 min)

The Lobby

The Lobby

‘Why Are We Still So Supportive Of Israel?’: Reporter Confronts Kirby About Gaza’s Starving (3 min)

If you want to know “Why” then watch the four part documentary below:

Here is a classic example of someone who is bought and paid for by the Zionist lobby.  He will never tell you the truth.  He is not paid to tell you the truth.

Ogles Repeats Bibi’s Tropes | Kids Toys As Israeli War Trophies | #GrandTheftWorld 172 (clip) -16 min

Hezbollah Fire Rockets at Israeli Forces Illegally Occupying Syria’s Golan Heights (22 min)


How Herzl Inspired Hitler | #GrandTheftWorld 172 (clip)-14 min

Arafat Assassinated | US Vetoes UN Ceasefire | #GrandTheftWorld 172 (clip)-20 min





The Death of Israel

The Death of Israel

A very good lecture…skip the intro @ 6:30 Talk by Chris Hedges.  My only objection is the uncritical adoption of the holocaust narrative which has been so propagandized and abused as to become almost useless.  Six million Jews did not die by gassing. They were not turned into lampshades and soap-bars. Their heads were not shrunk by Nazi head shrinkers.  If we are ever going to progress we must move beyond these false narratives.

Did thousands upon thousands of Jews die?  Yes, many died from typhoid, starvation or were worked to death.  Some were beaten and shot. Some were experimented on by the likes of Mengele but the Japanese did the same to the Chinese and Armenian Christians were genocided by Domneh Jews in Turkey (What-about-ism but it must be said). Human cruelty and wickedness is not limited to one race.  Moreover, the Zionist made agreements with the Nazis to transfer Jews to Palestine and the Zionists were happy to see their own people abused in order to achieve their goals.  Did the Jews suffer?   Yes…but not 6 million and not the way they depicted it.  To put it in perspective more than 100 million Europeans died in two Zionist  inspired World Wars and the Bolshevik revolution.  They do not get to play the victim anymore.  As they say in Poland….the Jew cries even as he stabs you to death.  They do not have a get out of jail free card to commit genocide.

Chris Hedges “The Death of Israel: How a Settler Colonial State Des… (1:19 min)




Kissinger. Musk, Hey Bob. NATO snubs Ukraine. Russia, huge stockpile. Annalena straight-talker. U/1 (45 min)

Scott Ritter: “Israel is horrific genocidal maniacal zionist country, H@mas Winning Battle for Gaza” (1 hour)

95% Of World’s Protests Are Pro-Palestine & AGAINST Israel! – Says Israeli Think Tank (7 min)