Transplanting Alzheimer’s

Transplanting Alzheimer’s

Who would have thought that you can transplant amyloid and prion disease?  Actually, Dr Kevin McCairn warned about the incoming prion disease onslaught.  Four  footballers collapsed on the field this month.  Suffering from heart disease and brain thrombosis.  Doctors are baffled…I tell ya….baffled…    They recommend getting another six shots of Jab juice to prevent this happening (lolz).    If you have not figured out yet that you are under attack, then you are really stupid. Viruses aren’t real, Prions aren’t real, the Vaccine is safe and effective.


Z.0.G Ethics? Rich Kids Excused From Z.0.G Wars, & Transplanting Alzheimer’s Through Stem Cells (2:17 min)

Starts after the intro @16 mins and the science starts roughly @1:16

Australian ZOG control

Australian ZOG control

And they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him? (Rev 13:4 )

It does not matter which country, all the Western five eye countries are captured by ZOG. Both the left and the right are controlled. They made a deal with the devil and they can never leave…

Mirrors on the ceiling
The pink champagne on ice
And she said, "We are all just prisoners here
Of our own device"
And in the master's chambers
They gathered for the feast
They stab it with their steely knives
But they just can't kill the beast

The beast seems indestructible…

The tweet below is now “protected”  but every step of the “hate laws” is pushed by the Jews to stop any criticism…

This is a good account to follow for Australians…


Meanwhile in Queensland…ready for the great taking…

Queenslanders can no longer prove property ownership using a Land Title certificate, even if they have one. [Forwarded from Ali Orm] This should be a big issue before the election especially in Queensland as it affects ALL property owners but hasn’t got any media coverage and not sure if other states have or will do the same. Queenslanders can no longer prove property ownership using a Land Title certificate, even if they have one. All land title certificates were cancelled by the by a new section (215 ) that was inserted into The Land, Explosives and Other Legislation amendment Act 2019 Queensland which not makes Land title Certificates legally void. The new Section 215 in the Land Title Act 1994 states: Certification of title cease to be instruments: (1) On the commencement, a certificate of title- a) Ceases to be an instrument under this Act; and b) Ceases to be evidence, conclusive or otherwise, of the indefeasible title for the lot for which it was issue. The amendment takes all the evidential power away from landowners and gives it to the state. The state could alter your records, illegally, or a hacker could and you have not way of proving ownership unless your ownership rights were reinstated by a Court. This amendment allows the State to prevent you from selling or buying property unless you comply with additional terms related to digital identify certification. The Amendment was passed in Parliament on 06 April 2022. The only secure legal record of owning your home now lies with one of three corporations Pexar, who processes all Queensland land title deeds using conversancy lawyers who pass them onto Pexar to digitalise. So apart from solicitors proof, Queenslanders hold no proof or paperwork of ownership, where are their details legally held? The Queensland Government owes debts to China, so have used land titles as collateral, which are being converted into USA bonds.


The UK captured by ZOG

The UK captured by ZOG

Talpiot boys everywhere…

The company responsible for verifying people’s ID on X is called “AU10TIX”.

an #Israeli company founded by members of Shin Bet’s unit 8200!

Shin Bet is Israel’s main internal intelligence directorate and provides up to 90% of intelligence material to the state.

Lowkey EXPOSES Israel’s Secret Role in Britain (8 min)

The rise and fall of British power (22 min)



It looks like George Galloway is controlled opposition. I always suspected gorgeous George and at one point I stopped following him on Twitter because he was pro-vax but when I looked just now I could only find him being very anti-vaxx. I think they cleaned the internet. I know it is true because I called him a sell-out on twitter and George Go-away.😂 Then I found a video from Feb 16 2021 in which he shills for pharma (see below).

Isn’t it interesting that both Trump and George supported the “military” vaccination but with caveats…….. “….it should not be mandated…” so they left themselves a get out clause and they are now either anti (like George) or they simply don’t talk about it (Trump). They are all on the same side.

Airstrip One was George Orwell’s depiction of the UK as a a trans Atlantic American base.  However, the Anglo-Zionists are the the left-over from the marriage between the old East India Company and the Zionists and ZOG runs both the UK and the USA.


War From Hamas To Iran

War From Hamas To Iran

A discussion hosted by Dr McCairn featuring Ryan Dawson and Doovid among others. Dawson has a reasonable geopolitical analysis but believes it is OK to insult 2.3 billion Christians as brainwashed morons. Not a very good strategy in my opinion. And as a historian he is very incurious and I have criticized his reductionist and unsophisticated approach in the article bronze age religion as far as Dovid is concerned it is difficult for any Jew who holds the views of Abraham Isaac Kook (the first Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of British Mandatory Palestine) to stabilize the situation. In line with many orthodox interpreters of the Jewish religion, Kook believed that there was a fundamental difference between Jews and Gentiles. The difference between a Jewish and a Gentile soul was greater than the difference between the soul of a Gentile and an animal. If you believe that you are dealing with lesser animals you have a problem because no one is going to listen to you the same if you believe that 2.3 billion people are morons. My view all along is that the fundamental problem is one of unreformed human nature that we all share. Dawson’s comment on temple restoration as eschatological trigger was dismissive in the sense that absence of any consequences would be justified by Christians as a delay and this would be extended out indefinitely. This charge is not new and the scoffers and mockers said the same about Christ’s prophecy concerning the parousia (his coming in Judgement) in 2 Peter 3:4 which came to fruition 42 years (6×7) after his Passover crucifixion to the day (according to Josephus) with the destruction of the last fortress (Masada) the temple having been destroyed approximately three years previously as prophesied (Matt 24:2; Rev 6:13-17). To the early Hebrews, Taurus the Bull was the first constellation in their zodiac and consequently it was represented by the first letter in their alphabet, Aleph. Schematically we have already transitioned from Taurus (strength,fertility) to the Ram (Aires-sacrifice)…..













The Ram in a Thicket is a pair of figures excavated at Ur, in southern Iraq, which date from about 2600–2400 BC. Compare the ram caught in a plant of Sabec (LXX) in Gen 22:13 (cf. Sabbachthani in Matt 27:46) This was followed by the Fish (Pisces-Christianity) and now we are transitioning to the Water Pourer (Aquarius):

 "He shall pour the water out of his buckets, and his seed shall be in many waters, and his king shall be higher than Agag, and his kingdom shall be exalted" (Num 24:7).












So we are at the end of this Precession Cycle.

Ryan Dawson: War From Hamas To Iran – The Next ZOG Forever War? (3:34 min)

Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness

Just turned into this Live show….

The son of a Muslim Hamas leader on Fox News a homosexual (obviously honey trapped by Mossad) talking about “Christ Consciousness” and how he appreciates the Christian values of “forgiveness” and that is why Israel should starve babies to death in Gaza.  This is disgusting and stupid but American Christian Zionists will probably suck it up.  People are so damn stupid.

LIVE – Latest Glow-Op Goy-Slop: Transparent Knives & Amorphous Doll Heads, Deconstructing ZOG Speech