Biden and Fauci tank

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Biden and Fauci tank

This is Steve Bannon’s WAR ROOM which  I thought was pretty good for taking the temperature of America.  Seems like even Democrats are turning against Fauci and Biden.  Bannon was at one point Trump’s campaign manager and he has even called out Kissinger as having blood on his hands.   While it is true that Steve Bannon is a Christian-Zionist some have tried to connect him with Alexander Dugan which I think is doubtful.  This website is apolitical and does not support either left or right but although I do not trust Trump and the political right in the USA it is quite apparent that the left is stark raving mad.  This episode is a good temperature gauge.

Episode 1,558 – News Nation Poll Says Americans Have Turned Backs on Biden and Fauci (48 min)

Rumble — We discuss breaking news from Covid to the economy.

Our guests are: Marjorie Taylor Greene, Dr. Peter Navarro, Dr. Robert Malone, Steve Cortes

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Aired On: 1/13/2022


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