Brendon Premiere Afghanistan

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Brendon Premiere Afghanistan

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As a Patreon member I can already view this but it goes live on YouTube within the next 38 hrs.  I will update this page when it goes live….



Both Glenn Greenwald and Michael Moore – one on Fox and one on MSNBC – mouth the same rhetoric on Afghanistan. What are they missing? What is everyone missing? Except Steve Bannon? Where is the rhetoric on Wall Street? Davos? Michael Moore actually praises Biden. I also note the current love of ‘The Cliche Left’ for then President Eisenhower. Why? Because they know there is a large pile of VERY peeved veterans in America who want to know how America and the rest of the world got from A to B. Forget that, just know with the end of America’s wars, she will now be focusing on giant infrastructure projects. Especially Smart Cities and empowering people by imprisoning them in cleverly disguised FEMA camps, with fast 5G and free porn. If the worst case hysteria on vaccines comes true – then having everyone locked up will be very handy. Glenn Greenwald: The Afghan war was a lie for years… Exclusive: Michael Moore on Biden Ending War In Afghanistan | MSNBC, The Beat With Ari Melber… A New Sustainable City For 5 Million To Be Built ‘From Scratch’ In US Desert… I have only ever seen Steve Bannon tell ‘almost’ the entire story.