Can We TRUST Russell Brand?

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Can We TRUST Russell Brand?

This is a good expose but goes of the deep end at 47 minutes.Β  I won’t give the ending away but it certainly is unusual.

About Russell….all I can say is “I told you so”. I think he is rolling out the next level of control. The only thing we have not had so far is the alien invasion. Perhaps they are already here in the form of bankers (lolz)

Told you so… giving Homo Deus a kiss or should that just be Homo (lolz)?

Can We TRUST Russell Brand? Is He a Freemason / Illuminati Puppet? (58 min)

Can Russell Brand be trusted? Is he really who he says he is? A revolutionary, a spiritually enlightened soul just trying to uplift and empower humanity? A man using his celebrity status to bring much needed attention to the world's problems?

Or is there more than meets the eye with Russell Brand?

Could he really be a Freemason? An Illuminati / New World Order controlled opposition puppet? Or even a Reptilian shape-shifter?