Chinese spy balloon

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Chinese spy balloon

The whole thing stinks and is in my view very fishy.  We are being played again.

Ex-US defense chief says he’d shoot down Chinese spy balloon (10 min)

Pentagon’s Chinese spy balloon explanation is not adding up: Former…

This video is keyed into the time stamp to go directly to where he says that it is not adding up:

Comment from the Discord:

Alex Jones also said that there's huge balloons that are used for EMP strikes (but he said he doesn't know if that's the purpose of the balloons that are currently over America and Canada): . Anyway, EMPs are the perfect way to clear up our lebensraum for Neo China, because it doesn't even produce radiation. The people will just cannibalize each other after a few weeks. And Americans have so much guns that they'll just shoot each other to death so we don't even need to send in troops.