Circling the Drain

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Circling the Drain

Not only are we circling the drain faster and faster but Elon is now holding the sink (lolz).

George Carlin (five years ago)-2 min

Not watched any of these videos yet but I will watch them all.  I take on board John Brisson’s warnings regarding Jason Bemas but my approach is to take in all the info and verify.

ELON MUSK | Neo-Newton Fools America to Bring Forth TECHNOCRACY via TWITTER (1:51)

All Hail Lord Elon King Of Twitter And SPACE WARFARE! (28 min)

“What Can We Learn from the New Chief Twit?” John Cullen Investigates, w/ host J. Goodman (24 min)


Streak Of Light Over The Southwest Sky Came From SpaceX launch – Confirmed By Leah In Pagosa Springs (9 min)