Climate terrorism

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Climate terrorism

This people are nutters.  In some countries the radicals are slashing SUV tyres and tipping out milk in supermarkets.  But it will get worse as these retarded leftists do the bidding of the bankers.   Big Green is as bad as Big Oil.  None of them care about the environment, it is about control.  This “environmentalist” TV presenter is just a useful idiot. As Voltaire said, “If you can make them believe absurdities, you can make them commit atrocities!”

Call For Climate Terrorism (2 min)


Ophelia pain….

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Crestone Radio LIVESTREAM with Jeff Winslett, Leah Shaper and Diamond – Climate Alarmist Lunacy (41 min)


Strengthen Your Protective Energy Fields (4 min)

Triple Solar Storm Coming, Tropical Storm Alert, Top News | S0 News Sep.22.2023 (4 min)