Common Knowledge in Australia

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Common Knowledge in Australia

We are reaching the stage of common knowledge in Australia.


Graham and John speak with Professor Gigi Foster… (1 hour)

Good interview but I am always suspicious especially after she praised Javier Gerardo Milei of Argentina because he has cut so much bureaucracy.  As chance would have it the previous Dayz of Noah stream was just talking about Milei  cutting bureaucracy and replacing it with Artificial Intelligence.  The elite would love that and governance by AI will be pushed by the likes of Musk and Trump.  It is more efficient and unbiased (sic).  It will get rid of corruption and incompetence (as long as we don’t get AI hallucinations).  This is the “right-hand” Masonic dialectic as opposed to the left-hand dialectic.  In the end they want the same things but have a different way of getting there.  Besides which,   Milei is a rabid Zionist as is Trump. There are no good options we are being gamed.  The fact that the good Prof is still allowed on the hallowed ground of the ABC (lolz) is in my view sus.  How many of the opposition are right-hand (socially conservative) Free Masons?  Almost all of them.  They are externalizing the hierarchy and revealing to us how corrupted everything is.  Then they will offer the solution.  The cure will be worse the the disease.

Genetically Modified Organism (GMO)

The use of mRNA transfections (vaccines) as genetic therapies was always the intention as they had 230 projects in the development pipeline and the whole fourth industrial revolution is based on this technology.  The problem is that manipulation at the genetic level falls under GMO legislation so they brought in Justice Helen Rofe who is bought and paid for by Pfizer.

She has had a constitutional complaint brought against her.